Okay, so I was thinking yesterday that it may be nice to do something for the end of the year to make it up to everyone who has tweeted repeatedly throughout the year to be mentioned in the RAW Review.  You all make it more entertaining to read, so why not give back to you?

So, here’s all you have to do: Vote for your favorite RAW Tweeter in the poll below, then click Vote.  The voting will end December 31st, and I’ll tally up the votes.  What do you get if you win, you ask?  I will buy you a t-shirt from WWEShop.Com!  I’ll announce the winner on my Twitter (@TheMizMagnet), and then the winner needs to DM me so their address and what shirt they want, and their size!  That’s all it takes!  I picked the names based on who I have seen tweet more than once.  SO!  Vote away!!

Who should be the RAW Tweeter of the Year?
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  1. I think this contest should be for the review WRITER of the year! We just do all the nonstop yapping, you're the ones that keep up with us! Ah, maybe next year. xP

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