I would have included this in my rant yesterday but I thought it would be distracting since it deals with another topic. My disappointment with the Knockout Division has caused me to latch onto the fan fiction booking bandwagon with TKO by FK9, that is how bad its become. Within the last year we have been subjected to first Madison Rayne, who for some reason was the longest reigning knockout title holder, hence her last name Rayne, I guess. I thought it stood for “raining down mediocrity for fan consumption”.

Well before I go off on a tangent I first have to remind folks how during her title run leading to the hand off to Mickie James, they (booking team) attempted to amp up her heel heat by having her defeat former Knockouts like Roxxi, ODB and Alissa Flash  by the way was very painful  to watch . Now iMPACT is going back to the well with Jackie Moore and (glutton for punishment (paycheck) ODB.

These past few weeks have watched the veteran Jackie Moore be taken to school by former wet dream turned “runt of the litter”. Why? For someone who  once had an illustrious career taking on the likes of Trish Stratus, Gail Kim,Victoria (now Tara),Lita, Molly Holly and Ivory been reduced to jobbing to a glamorized valet? She must really be in dire straights to take a paycheck from a company that now expects her to put over “limited sky”, and her now face turn since her former more talented partner is now a talking Zombie with lesbian ambition. I understand that the wrestling business is all about the money and never leaving the spot light if one can help it but how much did it cost iMPACT wrestling to buy Jackie’s self respect? $400? $600? maybe (doubtful) $800 an appearance? How much does self respect go for now a days?

I guess we will never know. But then that leads to the inclusion of ODB, and her return yet again to take an ass whooping for pay. I guess someone has to pay the rent at her brother’s place. Earlier last year when she left the company with her rant talent usage and the influx of ideas from the Hogan regime I so thought we would never see her again in the company, maybe Vince’s company or even ROH but never iMPACT. And then 2011 happened and we watched three entertaining dedicated women come in to job to -Mundane Rayne- with Alissa Flash getting the worst of it since there was no actual wrestling but an attack from behind which lead to a minute match, watching Melissa Anderson walk away during the ensuing chaos with a look of irritation on her face was the final nail in the coffin of the former regimes Knockouts lead by Dutch Mantel and co.

I guess what they say about wrestling is true it filled with egotists, ass kissers and genuine talent that due to not playing ball, get sent home. What really works my nerves is that what we have in front of us are what iMPACT wrestling has planned for us for the foreseeable future. Which could mean pretty soon we will have all the “talent” wrestling on Xplosion similar to the the talented divas on WWE Superstars. No going out with a bang but with a whimper that will barely register.

Well not to be a spoil sport, I want to congratulate Rayne, Sky, Tessmacher for being in the right place and right positions to keep the jobs they have and helping decimate a once landmark division which promoted diversity, talent and showmanship that will never come back. Also a special mention to Hogan,Bischoff, Russo and Dixie you made us care then you took it all away in under a year, to leave a disappointed fan boy with no desire to watch a full episode of iMPACT; without shedding a tear for what could of been.


  1. I loved the original tag team of The Beautiful People. They were absolutely perfect for what they were doing. The chemistry was undeniable, and everything that they did was highly entertaining. When Madison Rayne was added as the "pledge," I honestly expected that she would eventually turn babyface against Love and Sky over their horrible treatment of her, and off we would go. The biggest mistake made with them was "replacing" Love with Lacey Von Erich, and having Love be the babyface. The personas of Love and Sky only work as heels. I've enjoyed Rayne more than you have, but she's essentially been a copy of what we already had.

    My biggest problem with Sky as the focus of the decimated Knockouts division (aside from the fact that she was by far the weakest link in the ring) is that she has given fans no reason whatsoever to support her. Anyone who doesn't want to have sex with her is left wondering "Why?" On-camera, she is still the shrill, self-absorbed, overly-aggressive, hateful, bratty Barbie doll that she was before. She does the same provocative ring entrance that says, "You want this, don't you, but you'll never have it because you aren't good enough," and that's supposed to make us like her? If they truly wanted fans to believe in her in a non-sexual way, they would dress her in more practical ring gear, cut the sexpot entrance, and focus on promos and segments that prove her desire to change from eye candy to a legitimate wrestler. We've seen none of that.

    • And you never will because sex sells no matter if you're face or heel. Or that is what I would say if I had the Russo booking mentality. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on the Madison Rayne title reign but yeah booking makes everything horrible.

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