Good Day All.

My name is Dan Thompson and I come to you presenting the debut article of The RCW Report. Now I know your asking yourself

a)- Who the hell is Dan Thompson?

b)- What’s RCW?

c)- What are you doing here?

d)-Where’s Punk?

While unfortunately I can’t answer D for you  I can answer A,B,C . A)- While this is my BWF debut I have done some work on our hockey friends over at Go read them if you want even if you don’t want to go and read them. b)RCW or Real Canadian Wrestling founded in 2005  is a Edmonton Alberta based local Wrestling promotion that also runs shows in Calgary (My hometown). c) I asked Gee Hall if I could write for this site he said NO! So I sent him a dozen red roses asking him again and he still said no saying ” Im an Oilers fan I prefer Blue Roses”. So I sent him blue roses and a very nice haiku. Finally he hooked me up with another BWF friend  Benson Simbirski who is doing the Media for RCW and I attended RCW-Shockwave  which took place this past saturday night at The Royal Canadian Legion #1 in downtown Calgary.

Without further adu lets start this thing.

The show starts off with the announcer Michelle Billington. Who was at one time married to Dynamite Kid. She introduces us to RCW Shockwave and announces the first match.

Scott Justice Vs Bucky Briggs.

Justice who hails from Melbourne Australia took on Bucky Briggs who hails from just up the road in Red Deer Alberta. Justice started by mocking our Cold Winters saying it’s to cold for him. Good match to start the night and it went about 12:00 minutes with Bucky Briggs winning with a Power Bomb finish.

The Black Cobra Vs Jose Suervo

Both of these Wrestlers came out in Masks. Suervo wrestles a very lucha based style and he is also one of the smaller stars on the RCW Roster but super over with the crowd. Lots of high flying moves and the end came when the ref got knocked down and The Black Cobra’s manager went to hit Suervo with her staff, He ducks and Black Cobra gets hit. Suervo covers Cobra and gets the win.

Vince Austin vs Jun Hado.

More of a bigger man match then the previous encounter. We see the finish when without the ref seeing Vince gets a foot on the rope and gets the pin. After the match Jun has a argument with the ref about the foot being on the rope. Even with the fans saying that Yes his foot was on the rope the ref’s decision has been made and the decision is final.

The O’brien Brothers Vs Kenny Johnson and Ravi.

I believe I got the names right for this match as at times it was hard to hear what was being said. So I do apologize if the names are wrong. The O’Brien brothers who came out each dressed like an American Flag did a lot of behind the back ref cheating and that is how they ended up winning the match via ref distraction.

Andre Williams Vs The Irishman.

Andre Williams who hails from Quebec and The Irishman who I say hails from Ireland. This match determined in Wrestling that Irish people are good guys while people from Quebec are bad. Williams plays to the crowd greatly and yells at them in French. We get a double count-out to end the match and The Irishman challenges Williams to a match on March 29th when they make there return to the Downtown Legion.

Dick Richards Vs Ryan Morgan.

Dick Richards played a great heel, He hails from England and has a great Wade Barrett style voice to him. The Classy Calgary crowd chants “You Suck Dick“ towards Richards. Ryan Morgan comes out being billed as “The Rookie of the Year“. Richards was one of the most over heel of the night and gets a pinfall victory in a very fun match.

`Beautiful` Bobby Fletcher Vs Barricade.

Before the match Michelle Billington lets us know not to believe anything Bobby Fletcher says. That brings out Bobby who claims that Michelle has been leaving him Love Notes in his bag. He also says that if anyone wants a ticket to “Bobbyland“ they can jump on the “Hardest Ride in the Place“.  The finish comes when Fletcher`s Bodyguard holds down Barricade`s legs from the outside and the ref pins 1-2-3.

15 minute Intermission.

Dynamite Dan Vs Scottly Crue.

Dynamite Dan who is comes to the Ring with his manager the Dynamite Doll (who is the daughter of The Dynamite Kid). They are battling one of my favorite wrestling names Scottly Crue. This is billed as a “Grudge Match“. Lots of back and forth and Dynamite Dan picks up the victory. I do not see this as being the last match between these to which is ok with me.

`Shockwave` Battle Royale.

Now it`s time for our Main Event. Michelle Billington says that any of the wrestlers who wrestled tonight are free to come to the ring for this Battle Royale. With the winner receiving a title shot against the RCW Champion Wavell Starr at the March 29th Card. The Final 2 end up being Ryan Morgan and Dick Richards who faced each other earlier on in the night. This time Ryan Morgan came out the winner after eliminating Richards. So Ryan Morgan will battle Wavell Starr for the Title.

Overall a fun show and they have 2 Calgary dates booked in the next 6 weeks. If your in the Calgary or Edmonton area check this promotion out. The Talent are always very interactive with the audience which always makes an indy show fun. Also listen to BWF Radio in the next few weeks as the Stars of RCW will be appearing on the show. Also type in Real Canadian Wrestling on the facebook and check them out there.

Well thats all for me. Also come back here to check out this very site in the next day or so as I will debut a new article tentatively called `Fantasy Island`Where I will do some fun realistic Fantasy Booking building to what I would like to see at Wrestlemania 30 and beyond.

For the mean time and in between time for I am Dan Thompson!

See Ya Pals!




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