Tonight, we’ve got a fatal four way elimination match to determine the number one contender to John Cena’s World Heavyweight Championship.  I’ve also heard we’ve got a Diva’s battle royal.  Guess what, kids, we’re going real-time tonight!  Don’t forget to refresh every few minutes for the latest updates!

Full results (in real-time) after the jump!

Rey Mysterio is already in the ring, and he’s upset because Shawn Michaels prevented him from becoming a participant in the match.  Mysterio knows HBK’s fallen on hard times, but now, we have a problem.  He asks HBK to come out, because he’s got something to say.

Oh, oh Shawn!

HBK is never one to back down from being called out.  Mysterio says that despite HBK’s affiliation with JBL, he’s a great person.  Rey’s not asking for HBK’s spot in the four way later tonight.  No, what he wants is for HBK to be honorable and face Mysterio one on one tonight.  Rey Rey just wants his opportunity.  If HBK accepts, the winner will go on to the fatal four way tonight.  Mysterio’s only asking HBK to do the right thing.  HBK accepts.  JBL comes out and tells Rey Rey that Shawn’s answer is “no.”  HBK is JBL’s employee, and any decision as it relates to HBK goes through JBL.  He appreciates Rey’s offer, but the only match HBK will be in tonight will be the fatal four way.  JBL asks HBK to leave the ring.  HBK goes to leave as Rey pleads with him to reconsider.  He says that all the money in the world can’t make up for selling your soul.  Then he gets jumped from behind by Mike Knox as JBL and HBK leave.  Knox continues to beat up Rey Mysterio until John Cena makes the save.  Knox exits the same way he came in – through the crowd.


Randy Orton is backstage with Manu, Cody Rhodes, and Sim Snuka, and he says that Legacy is going to be the biggest stable in history, bigger than the horsemen.  He won’t tolerate losing, and all three men have singles matches tonight.  If they lose, they’re out of Legacy.  Cody’s up first.

Cody comes out, followed by his opponent, CM Punk, who is in turn followed out by the WWE Intercontinental Champion William Regal and Layla, who is apparently here to scout Punk, who will be challenging him for the IC Title next week.

Cody Rhodes def. CM Punk via count-out

Rhodes wrestles with a hint of desperation, trying to win it early, but Punk won’t stay down for more than a one count.  That doesn’t mean that Rhodes is dominating, Punk gets a couple of two counts himself.  It’s actually a pretty back and forth matchup.  Punk goes for a cross-body off of the top rope, but Rhodes rolls him over into a pin attempt for two.  Punk knocks Rhodes out of the ring, and then hits a suicide dive,  but crashes his own skull off of the announce table in the process.  Amazingly, he’s back up and battling with Cody as the referee counts.  Punk allows himself to get distracted by Regal at ringside, and Rhodes sneaks back in, getting the count out victory!

After the match, Punk comes back in and drops Rhodes with a bulldog.  Regal attacks Punk from behind, taking him down with a knee to the temple before making his exit.

Backstage, Cena is complaining to Stephanie McMahon.  She says that he’s got commentary duty tonight during the Fatal Four Way.  He does some lame commentary bit, then says that it’s lame that he’s supposed to be on commentary, almost as lame as Adamle as GM.  Steph says that was Shane’s idea.  Cena says it’s the same family.  He says it’s the last RAW of the year, he wants to do something big, like remake Smokey and the Bandit or something.  Maybe something involving him, Mike Knox, and Rey Mysterio.  Whatever, it’s Steph’s show, she can do what she wants.

Later tonight, Divas in Battle Royal action.


Goldust got pajamas for Umaga, stunners for Steve, Boggle for Hornswoggle, summers for Eve, Edge is a real sickie, he got a nude picture of Vickie.  Cody was mad because Goldy gave his present to their dad.  Monopoly for Hunter, since he’s the game, and he got a present for this guy (Dolph Ziggler), but he forgot his name.  He threw a party for Jeff Hardy, honestly, really, Jeff’s got more personality in one finger than in all of Bam Neeley.  For Santino Marella, a healthy new scrotus, soon to be shattered by the man known as (inhale) Goldust.

Jerry Lawler says he didn’t get anything from Goldust, but Rudolph left him a present on the roof.

Then we get a recap of Batista getting knocked the hell out by Randy Orton.  Batista got hamstring surgery afterwards.  Here, watch!

Kelly Kelly makes her way out to the ring for the Diva’s battle royal.  She’s followed out by Melina, then Mickie James, and then…


We come back in mid-introduction by Santino for Beth Phoenix – he calls her “The Slamazon, The Glamazon, and My Girlfriend.”  Rosa Mendez is in the crowd with Glamazon sign.  Beth and Santino are out to do commentary.  The Divas in the match are Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Melina, Candice Michelle, Jillian, and Katie Lea.

Melina won a 6 Diva Battle Royal

Candice gets eliminated early, and she’s followed out moments later by Kelly Kelly as Santino says that all of these women are snacks for The Glamazon.  Mickie James dumps out Katie Lea and Jillian out, and we’re down to Melina and Mickie.  Melina gets the better of it, dumping Mickie out of the ring to win the match!

After the match, Beth Phoenix comes in the ring and slaps Melina before dumping her out of the ring.  Beth follows her out, but Melina turns the tide, wailing away on the Women’s Champion on the announce table before Rosa Mendez jumps the guardrail to make the save.  Security takes Menendez out as Santino wonders if she’ll be arrested.

Todd Grisham is backstage with WWE Superstar of the Year Chris Jericho.  Jericho says that WWE Magazine called him the Jerk of the Year.  Jericho wants to know what the criteria is to be a jerk?  He doesn’t think he’s a jerk, because he’s been right about pretty much everything this year.  As such, he says he’s going to win the Fatal Four Way match tonight, and if we want to really see the jerk of the year, we should look in the mirror.


Sim Snuka is in the ring, ready for action.  If he loses, he’s out of Legacy.  His opponent is SuperHaas Charlie Snuka.

Sim Snuka vs. “Super Haas” Charlie Snuka

Snuka goes right after his father’s immitator, trying for an early victory in an attempt to keep his spot in Legacy.  He dominates early, but Charlie won’t stay down.  Interestingly enough, the commentators act like this is weird for Snuka, apparently forgetting that Deuce and Domino beat Superfly Jimmy Snuka and Sgt. Slaughter a couple years back at Vengeance.  Anyhow, Super Haas starts to mount a comeback, mimmicking Jimmy Snuka’s mannerisms.  Haas takes Snuka down, then climbs the ropes and goes for the Superfly Splash, but Snuka gets his knees up.  He boots Haas in the face and pins him, keeping his spot in Legacy.

John Cena and Rey Mysterio are on their way to the ring – apparently there’s a ten man tag match coming up.


The World Heavyweight Champion is out first for this upcoming ten-man tag team match.  His parters are Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, and Cryme Tyme.  Their opponents are Kane, World Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz, Dolph Ziggler (whom Michael Cole said is undefeated – he lost his debut match against Batista just three weeks ago), and Mike Knox.

Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Kofi Kingston, and Cryme Tyme def. Mike Knox, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, and John Morrison

Ziggler and JTG kick things off.  I’m not even going to try and keep up with this match.  If anything good happens, I’ll post it here.  At one point, all ten men ended up in the ring.  That ended up sending us to a…


Back from break, Miz is in control of Kofi Kingston.  The heel team took control during the break when Morrison ducked out of the way of a Kofi springboard.  Kingston gets the tag to Mysterio, who doesn’t fare much better, especially after Kane gets tagged in.  Kane beats down Mysterio, and tags in Knox, who continues the beating, then tags Dolph Ziggler, who keeps Mysterio grounded.  Mysterio tried to create some separation, but Ziggler took him down again and got the tag in to John Morrison.  Mysterio finally causes some separation, but Morrison gets his tag first.  Knox goes after Mysterio, but Mysterio ducks out of the way and tags Cena, who starts going off on Knox before all hell breaks loose.  When it clears, Knox and Ziggler eat Protobombs, followed by a Five Knuckle Shuffle on Knox, and the “Boom Boom Boom” legdrop on Ziggler.  Cena hits the FU on Knox and tags in Rey Mysterio, who hits a splash from the top rope on Knox for the victory!

HBK is watching backstage, and Todd Grisham wants to interview him.  He asks him what he’s going to do – if he wins tonight, he’ll face John Cena for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, but he’ll also piss off his boss JBL.  HBK says that he’s Mister WrestleMania, and all he cares about is stealing the show at WrestleMania.  Way to answer the question, Shawn!


Kelly Kelly is complaining that Randy Orton is avoiding her.  She thought the night they had was special.  She even lied to Kane to protect him.  Orton says it wasn’t all that memorable and that he doesn’t need a distraction like her.

Speaking of Orton, Manu is up next in trying to keep his spot in Legacy.  His opponent… THE ECW CHAMPION, MATT FREAKIN’ HARDY!

Matt Hardy def. Manu

Manu actually has the early advantage, trying to wear down Hardy with submission holds.  Hardy battles back, dumping Manu to the outside.  After Hardy brings him back in, Matt takes control.  Manu takes it back before long though, once again trying to wear Matt down with a sleeper.  Manu gets a couple of near falls to the sound of total apathy from the audience.  He goes for a moonsault, but Hardy moves out of the way.  Hardy goes on the offensive once again, hitting a Side Effect for a two count.  Manu rolls Hardy up for two, then Matt goes for a Twist of Fate, which is reversed by Manu.  Manu hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count.  Hardy tries to mount a comeback, but Manu takes him down with a dropkick, scoring another near fall.  Manu maintains control, but one wrong move allows Hardy to hit the Twist of Fate for the victory!

Up next, it’s Show Game Half Main Event time!


JBL wins a “Race to the Rumble” Fatal Four Way Match

HBK and Chris Jericho kick things off.  It’s a back and forth encounter with several counters and a…


Orton is in the ring with Jericho when we get back from the break.  I got distracted momentarily, and when I looked back, it was HBK in there with Jericho again.  He drops the elbow on Jericho and sets up for the Sweet Chin Music, but JBL tagged himself in.  He goes for the Clothesline from Hell, but Jericho ducks and catches him with the Codebreaker – but HBK makes the save.  HBK makes a blind tag, and superkicks Jericho as he goes for the Walls of Jericho on JBL, getting the pin, leaving us down to Orton, JBL, and HBK.


JBL has Orton in a sleeper when we come back.  Orton tries to battle back, but catches a big boot for his troubles.  An “RKO” chant breaks out as JBL pounds away at Orton in the corner.  It’s all JBL until he telegraphs a clothesline in the corner.  Orton springs to life and starts to go on the offensive, albeit momentarily.  JBL takes control back, but gets a dropkick for his troubles when he goes for the Clothesline From Hell.  Orton goes for the punt to the head, but JBL wisely tags in HBK. Orton starts to dominate Michaels.  He looks back at JBL before setting up for the RKO.  He goes for it but HBK escapes, sending Orton crashing to the mat.  HBK starts to take control, hitting all of his trademark spots, including the elbow from the top rope.  He goes to a different corner to set up for Sweet Chin Music this time.  He hits it, and gets the three count on Orton, and we’re down to JBL vs. HBK.  Michaels feigned Sweet Chin Music, but didn’t go for it.  JBL stares at his employee from across the ring.  HBK looks emotionally torn as JBL points to the canvas – in fact, I think I see tears.  The two men exchange words.  HBK drops to one knee, but stands back up.  More words exchanged between the two as the crowd chants “HBK.”  HBK finally lays down.  JBL goes for a cover, but HBK stands back up.  HBK then begs JBL to strike him.  JBL hits the Clothesline from Hell, and he’s going to the Royal Rumble to face John Cena.

HBK sits up, miserable in the ring, as JBL looks on from the top of the ramp and we fade to black.

My Thoughts: This storyline has potential to be great between HBK and JBL.  I wish they would’ve followed up on Manu’s loss though – what happens to him now?  Nothing really super important to take away from this show, but that’s been the norm on RAW for quite a while.  That said, I predict a resurgence for the red brand in 2009.  Here’s hoping I’m right…

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