This article, posted on, seemed worth sharing here, if for no other reason than I wanted to slap somebody. Three guesses which somebody that might be.


  1. Here's a thinker…. if it's a Hall of Fame for entertainment, then why do they have a celebrity wing? Would they not all be celebrities? If not, are they entertainers that are not famous?

  2. If they're entertainers, then SAG, AFTRA, and all of the other entertainment unions are going to be really pissed. You know, about all of the union violations that occur in WWE?

  3. Ridiculous. Why try and distance yourself from what you clearly are?

    It'd be like the NHL turning round and saying 'Actually, no, we're not an ice hockey organisation. We put on entertainments.'

    Yawn. Wrasslin' doesn't have to be a dirty word, I dunno why the 'E are so intent on making it appear so.

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