In my first post I commented on how the current TNA regime containing Hogan & company could be put to pasture during Bound for Glory. This would be an excellent time to “reboot” the knockouts. Think of how with the big money succubi gone, the true workers could be brought back in.

The most important question would be ” how do you end the current story line’s populating the Knockout Division?”

Winter brainwashing voodoo on Angelina, could easily be explained away as a psycho delusion brought on by Winter. Bring back Dr. Stevie Richards calling out the crazy Brit, explaining that he was her therapist, helping her deal with a Lesbian breakup that turned into a emotional breakdown. Freeing Angelina to take on Winter in a “Lover’s Quarrel” match.

Velvet Sky? I haven’t really felt this current story of her wanting to be Knockout Champ. She is glorified eye candy, at best. Have her work her way through ODB, leading to Mickie. The feud should be a squash fest (Randy Orton vs CM Punk, anyone?) End it at BFG. Velvet sitting in the middle of the ring crying seeing her dream dissolve. And have her “leave” Impact for a while, month tops before the male population has withdrawal.

Tara vs Madison: The Reckoning. Madison grates on the nerves, having fans watch as Tara wipes the floor with her is a blissful reward. Right before their final match have someone jump Madison leaving the match a no contest. The reigning Queen is taken off the canvas. Tara is left to her free cougar ways with Gen Me. For now.

The Sita cousins, come apart at the seams. The tag titles are returned until proper competition can be acquired. Announce on New Year’s Eve will be the return of the Knockout pay per view. And with this announcement will come the added bonus of a Tag tournament. “Because the tag titles were not a fluke.” Jeremy Borash announces.

Final Resolution & Impact will bring about change leading into New Year’s Knockout Eve. Here are the players….






During the road to New Years Knockout Eve a couple other knockouts are phased out.

1. Ms Tessmacher feuds against ODB (This could start due to her friendship with Velvet). This leads to a Bimbo’s brawl where Tessmacher is laid out with a kayfabe injury.

2. Rosita in a loser leaves TNA match against Sarita.

3. Angelina Love… A long time member of course but with out the Beautiful People really doesn’t have a place on the roster considering the last time she was solo it fizzled. Have her last match putting over new comer Mia Yim.

What you have now including the new inductees is a roster 16 members strong with 6 members involved in the tag scene.

The last Impact prior to N.Y.K.E , Have Mickie James issue an open challenge to the back . Sarita comes to the ring dressed in her original debut gear, she accepts the challenge. What we have would be a sneak peak into what Impact Wrestling’s Knockout Division represents which is two talented performers wrestling. After a grueling bout with reversals and near falls, the winner…

And new champion Sarita.

Sarita celebrates. She has waited a long time to be Knockout Champion. The Beautiful Peoples music hits, out comes Velvet Sky announcing that she has been put in charge of the retooled Knockout Division. And her first order of business is to order a rematch. Not a normal rematch but a ladder match for the KO title.

New Years Knockout Eve line up:

1. Mia Yim vs Melanie Cruise w/ Anna Social- the debut of the Knockouts Monster Melanie Cruise and her manager Anna Social. Mia Yim has her work cut out for her. No squash match needed just a competitive outing leading to Melanie Cruise clawing her way up the KO ladder.  Due to interference from Annie, Yim calls her out for a match at the 1st Impact of the new year.

2. Winter vs ODB- ODB has been taunting Winter about her mental illness and wacky ways. It leads to a match which is interrupted by Winter’s old girlfriend Kellie Skater. Skater causes Winter to be disqualified.

3. Tara vs Veronica Vice.  Vice is revealed as the assailant of Madison Rayne. She says she did to get the loud mouth off the screen. She going to make a name for herself by beating Tara. Vice comes close but is smacked in the head by Madison as payback. Tara refuses to pin Vice forfeiting the match.

4. Belle Saints vs Canadian Ninjas vs Rayne Queens- A elimination style match were the winner is crowned the new Knockout Tag champs- this mini tournament match similar to the 2008 world cup elimination tag. The Reign Queens show their heel colors by cheating  and being crowned the new Knockout champions.

5. Sarita (c) vs Mickie James Ladder Match A twenty minute barn burner that leads to Sarita retaining the title.

By doing this, Impact Wrestling could set up feuds and storyline leading into the next year. Showing fans real women’s wrestling while at the same time bringing back the N.Y.K.E  helps show the fans that TNA means business.

*Side note before I forget: Nevaeh is introduced as Abbie Rayne, Madison’s sister, she starts a promo accusing everyone of picking on her baby sister and that she is going to help her win the gold in the tag division.

Give me your thoughts, negative or positive. While brainstorming this article some of these wrestlers seem out of place but actually fit perfectly into the new Impact Wrestling Knockout Division.








  1. Once upon a time, I honestly felt that TNA could have been SHIMMER with a tv show. Considering how many of the Knockouts have worked in SHIMMER, it wasn't much of a stretch. However, the more that I read about the inner workings of TNA, the appalling treatment of the Knockouts aside from the laughable pay, the politics, and the true nature of Dixie Carter as a person, the more I view the Knockouts division as a dead issue. It's certainly not out of snarkiness, or a sense that I know more than anyone else about it, and I'd love to see a thriving Knockouts division as much (or more) than the next person, truly. I just don't see a significant number of legitimately talented women from the indies signing on to such a negative situation, and as much as it pains me to say so, the Hogan/Bischoff regime isn't entirely responsible for it.

    Please don't think that I'm being dismissive of your ideas. I've just lost all hope that anything like you describe will ever take place in TNA.

    • No offense taken. I totally agree with the backstage politics involved there may never be a true revival of the division. When I put this together I remembered how alot of the usual suspects (Alissa Flash,Roxxi etc) most likely would not return so I tried to compensate with other talent in the indies who have either not been in TNA or have had tryouts. This is all speculative on the basis that management changed and the women involved new they were going to be treated fairly. But thanks for the imput, I too believed that the Knockouts were Shimmer with a television deal once upon a time.

  2. I'm at the point that fantasy booking takes precedence. There a ridiculous number of problems with the division, let alone the promotion… well… it can only get better. The current regime of TNA, err… Impact Wrestling, "Wrestling Matters," etc.

    Sadly, etc.

    You've got to wonder if we witnessed the cusp of a modern female wrestling division just prior the Bischoff/Arnold/Hogan (Free Bird Rule) in TNA, and not the current products' reboot. Turrible? Mostly yes. I try to take the positives out, because this pessimist holds onto an optimistic dream.


    Dear TNA (err… imPaCt WreStLiNG): I can download better porn if I want to. Or whatever you call yourself next week. Also, pay Daffney's medical bills. Jerks.

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