Yep, I actually paid to see TNA live and here’s what happened:

JB came out and welcomed everybody and said it was TNA’s first time here.  Actually it wasn’t, TNA made it’s New York state debut here in September 2007, but somehow they forgot.

1a.  Consequences Creed def Sheik Abdoul Bashir in like 3 seconds with a rollup. Bashir then challenges Creed to a rematch in which:

1b. Consequences Creed def Sheik Abdoul Bashir in another 3 seconds with yet another rollup, yes you read that right we got the same thing twice.  Bashir then challenges Creed again, but this time if Creed wins Bashir will pay him $5000.  Well then

1c.  Sheik Abdoul Bashir def Consequences Creed in like 2 minutes by cheating.  Bashir had his legs on the ropes to get the win.

2.  Taylor Wylde def Angelina Love- this was the usual Knockouts match, just a little longer.

We were then told that Homicide wins the X-division championship this Thursday (spoiler alert) an we got the first rematch.

3.  Homicide de Suicide-  Fairly decent match between the two.

4.  Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles def Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle-  good match, Styles pinned Angle!

5.  Jay Lethal def F*** Eric Young-  Another good matchup, I yelled “F*** Eric Young” a few times, but I don’t think he heard me.  Letha hits the Macho Man elbow drop for the win.

6.  Beer Money def Team-3D- Match of the night, Beer Money were the heels, had help from Bashir to win.  After the match team 3-D put someone thru the table,  (sorry I went to the bathroom) then they signed a piece of it adn gave it to a member of the audience.  Then Team 3-D took pictures with people in the crowd and a certain BWF writer, I wonder who it was?

All in all, a good show.  Worth the money I paid to see it.


  1. That BWF writer, who probably has a very popular column, should make a point of posting said picture with Team 3D.

  2. JT!

    The vicissitudes of Fate are terrible indeed! The TNA house shows this weekend, the ones that neither you nor I can attend, have both Daffney AND Chris Sabin on the line-up!


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