Ahoy, fellow BWFers!

Time is in short supply around this time of year, what with keeping the dog out of the egg nog (down, Loki!) and rationing the mistletoe, but in the midst of all the holiday cheer, chaos, and emotional turmoil, your friendly neighborhood Drowgoddess would like to remind you of something completely different.

E-mail responses to the very first edition of “Say What???” will be accepted through the end of the day Monday, December 20th. Technically, it can be early in the morning on Tuesday, I’m not exactly interested in cutting you off. 🙂 The intention is to post your responses to my questions on Tuesday, December 21, and share everyone’s thoughts before charging blindly and recklessly into family gatherings and work parties. Two intriguing responses have been submitted so far, but everyone (readers, Tweeters, and BWF writers alike) is encourage to participate. Read this:


Answer the three questions at the end, and e-mail your responses to me at drowgoddess@att.net. Please identify yourself using whatever screen name you use here on BWF, as it’s hard to credit you in the write-up if I don’t know who sent the response. The timing on this was admittedly a bit poor, so if I have to wait until post-X-mas, I will understand.



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