Well folks, it’s been a few months since this column has popped up here at BoredWrestlingFan.  I figured that this week would be the perfect time to resurrect it, with the return of “The War on Everything” this past Wednesday and the lack of “Random Randomness” as JT takes today off as part of his extended birthday celebration.

Speaking of JT, I had the opportunity to hang out with him and have a few beers this past Tuesday.  Surprisingly, I withstood drinking with BWF’s resident random redhead until 5AM and escaped without a hangover.

After spending a day watching Powerpuff Girls with my daughter,  I’m wondering how she’d take to watching wrestling.  We pretended that she was a Powerpuff Girl and I was the evil Mojo Jojo, and she’s tough, I’ll tell you that much.  Of course, I only had pretend lasers to use, and she got to actually attack me.  Maybe if she gets into wrestling she could grow up to be a WWE Diva or a TNA Knockout.  Just a thought.

I know this game is a few months old, but I happened to rent Batman: Arkham Asylum for PS3 over the weekend.  Definitely a fun game.  It’s the first game I’ve rented in years, and I’m glad I did.  I might actually buy a copy this week if I can.  I held off on buying the Xbox 360 version because you couldn’t play as The Joker – something I’ve yet to do in the PS3 version at press time.

Speaking of The Joker, Rey Mysterio’s Joker attire from WrestleMania 25 gets praise from thinksobrain bassist Jorge, who is a huge fan of The Dark Knight – which is actually the first BluRay video I’ve ever rented.  I’ll probably watch that later on today.

It’s expected that Hulk Hogan won’t debut in TNA until January.  My boss came to me a couple of weeks ago and started talking to me about something that was happening in January – I told him not to bother telling me about it until then.

I’ve been having fun on Monday Nights with the BWF Twitterverse.  If you’re around on Monday Nights, I encourage you to use #BWF in your tweets if you want to be included in the RAW review.  I try to post at least one tweet from everybody who does so.  I also try to keep the number of tweets included per person to just one, but sometimes things are just way too brilliant to leave out.

William Regal and Christian put on a hell of a match this past Tuesday on SyFy.  I’m a bit surprised that Regal didn’t walk out with the ECW Championship though.

Zack Ryder’s fantasy sequences are surprisingly entertaining.  I guess that just goes along with the “stupiddictive” gimmick that Ryder has.

Listen, I’m no fashion expert or anything, but if I was carrying as much weight as Jim Neidhart is at the moment, I probably would’ve gone with a black top instead of pink this past Thursday on iMPACT.

Do you think WWE used Natalya in a match this week just because her dad wrestled the night before on iMPACT?  Both Neidharts won their matches, definitely a first time within one week that’s happened on television.

I may have said otherwise at times, but The Undertaker can still go – given the right opponent.  He’s had lackluster matches as of late, but his match with Jericho the other night was amazing.  It wasn’t HBK/Undertaker WM25 amazing, but it was pretty damned good.

Speaking of HBK/Undertaker WM25, last week, JT said last week that it was the best match of the year so far.  Perhaps my calendar is wrong, April 14, 2009 happened to be this year, and that happened to be the night of a match that could give HBK/Undertaker a run for it’s money.  On that night, Evan Bourne took on John Morrison in a match that Matt Striker called a Match of the Year candidate.  Watch it:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

That’s it for me this week, folks.  I’ll be back tomorrow night with the RAW review, and I’ll see you next week with more Thoughts!

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