So this will be my manifesto…..well, no, actually. After speaking with the Bored Wrestling Fan Gods (Ed. he means “G” and Lee is welcome here anytime – G), I have been given permission to write an opinion piece every week or so on wrestling as I see it. Why am I doing this? Well, honestly, I miss being on BWF radio but since I’m concentrating on my band, Lost Elysium (cheap plug), I have not been able to throw in my two cents with the rest of the great like The ThinkSoJoe, MavenFan, or even JT Hogan. This probably won’t be a review on a certain program but just thoughts on certain subjects.

So, I wasn’t sure what my first piece would be on. Do I bitch about the Divas or the tag division like everyone else on the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC)? I can make fun of Ryback or Al Snow if I want to copy Mick Foley….you know, like Ryback is with Golberg’s character (I did it!). No, What I will do is discuss the TLC pay per view.

Like it or not, WWE’s TLC was a good show, not great but pretty good. CM Punk is still the best in the world, Daniel Bryan has proved he can overcome anything WWE’s throws at him except for Triple H’s shovel but it was still a good match. I got to watch Big Show and Rey Mysterio be pretty good tag partners (didn’t he smash Rey against a ring post while he was hooked to a stretcher a few years ago?), the AJ Lee/Natalya was pretty fun to watch. I learn two things about WWE last night. 1. Dustin Runnels AKA Dustin Rhodes AKA Goldust doesn’t just “still have it” but is actually better than he was during his first and second runs in the WWE. He not only entertains me but also you can tell he is passing everything he knows onto Cody.

The second but more important thing I learned from last night’s PPV is I now know who the future face of the WWE will be. He worked a very difficult match, was able to keep the crowd interested and invested and has become a very believable character. I’m of course talking about Cody Rhodes. That tag team match really was everything it needed to be and more. All of the competitors in it worked very well with each other and I forgot how much I loved great tag team wrestling but Cody did something that I haven’t seen in years, he made me care about him while he was on the apron waiting for the tag.

Goldust worked his ass off being the guy who has to get his butt kicked through the whole match but Cody kept the crowd cheering and had them eating out of the palm of his hands. I forgot I was watching something that was previously planned (yeah, get over it). I kept thinking “just wait until Cody gets in there, he’ll even the scores and help his brother out”. He did just that. He neutralized The Big Show and then got the winning pinfall on former Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio. They made Goldust look strong by having him survive such brutal assaults but made it look like everyone wanted to keep him in the ring and weak because Cody was the stronger of the two. I was afraid of Cody being lost after breaking off from Sandow; but just like Legacy, he came out on top again. He played an aggressive heel great when he had a face mask and played one who was full of himself with the mustache but it’s always harder to play a face and I think he is working hard and doing a great job and learning from everyone he can.

So there you have it, Cody Rhodes is the future face. On a side note: I hope they fix Axel. He had such an opportunity but I think WWE just wasn’t feeling it. I see so much of the late and great Cut Henning in him and it would be a shame to see him go to TNA and then work at Olive Garden.

Until next time: Always spay and neuter your El Toro. If not, it’s like having a bull in a china shop.

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