Welcome, one and all! Particularly the one, as he turned up alone. With “Final Battle” for 2010 rapidly approaching, there is much to ponder in the world of ROH. Onward, wrestling soldiers!

With surprisingly little hype, we open with a Television title match.

Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana vs. Eddie Edwards (ch):

Edwards defends his Television title against Colt tonight, and the personal fashion consultant to CM Punk is ready. Very loud chants of “Eddie Edwards!” After a sportsman’s handshake, the match is on! An icon of the title belt appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, along with a timer that began at 15:00 and counts down. The announcers tell us that from now on, all Television title matches will have a fifteen-minute time limit due to the entire show only having one hour of air time. Pay attention, TNA. This is how it’s done. Announcers Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak actually discuss the match, the number of title shots that Cabana has already had, and generally treat this match as the single most important thing on the show. Pay attention, TNA and WWE. This is how it’s done. Edwards is all technical seriousness, while Colt displays the goofy athleticism for which we all love him so much. Last week’s debutante, Mike Bennett, sits in the front row with his coach, “Brutal” Bob Evans, and the two give their full attention to the match. Yes, they were already seated when the match began, and couldn’t really be distinguished from the rest of the fans if not for Bennett’s suit. Realism? Check. A slow, methodical pace ensues, with submission attempts and seamless reversals following submission attempts and seamless reversals. A chop-fest about five minutes in changes the mood and the pace, and things speed up. Very nice moment when Edwards leaps over the top rope to enter the ring, Colt dodges him and rolls to the floor, and Edwards lands a tope suicida through the ropes on Colt. So very smooth! Back in the ring, a small package gets reversed again and again, until both men roll around the ring like a giant ball of flesh. It really was funny. After trading lots of punches, Colt lands a huge moonsault on Edwards, and almost gets it, but Edwards barely kicks out. THAT was a nearfall! Less than five minutes are left now. A Colt 45 is reversed into an arm drag. A quick series of roll-ups and two-counts follows. Cabana goes to the top turnbuckle, but Edwards stops him with a jumping enziguri to the head and a backpack chin breaker. Cabana barely kicks out at two. One roll-up and bridge later, with 58 seconds left on the clock, Edwards scores the three-count and retains his title. Well done, gentlemen!

Winner (and STILL Television Champion): Eddie Edwards

Post-match, Mike Bennett hops the barricade, jumps up on the ring apron, and extends a hand to Edwards and Cabana. Dave Prazak points out that, as a wrestler under an ROH contract, Bennett is allowed to do this because it doesn’t disrupt the match. Edwards gradually extends his own hand, but Bennett yanks away and jumps down to the floor.

To the video package! “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels talks about wanting to prove to the world that he was still at the top of his game. Daniels compares himself to Randy Couture, and points out that the physical deterioration of age is balanced out with knowledge and experience. Daniels is such a great talker. I never knew that he had a degree in theatre. That explains everything.

To the video package for “Final Battle” 2010. Good stuff.

To the ring! Kyle “Not Tyler” Durden interviews Steve Corino and Kevin Steen. At “Final Battle,” anything can happen. Steen points out that everything that he has said will happen has happened. He will win at “Final Battle.” He will take El Generico’s mask for good, and Generico will have to leave ROH out of shame. If Steen loses, he will leave ROH because the company isn’t big enough for the both of them. Video footage of previous incidents between the two air while Steen speaks. Solid.

To the video package! Daizee Haze speaks on getting into wrestling to overcome the lack of respect for women and change the way that women in wrestling are thought of. Sara Del Rey echoes many of the same thoughts. Each woman will bring a mystery tag team partner, and a tag team match is on. I’m really looking forward to this one.

El Generico vs. Bobby Shields:

Shields is already in the ring. Generico wears the plain black mask and a towel over his own head. I’m reminded of Delirious and his “dark” turn. Two running Yakuza kicks and a center-ring brain buster later, El Generico gets the pin.

Winner: El Generico

Post-match, Generico sets up a chair in the ring and drapes Kevin Steen’s t-shirt over it. The shirt featuring El Generico’s severed head on a chair. He grabs a prone Bobby Shields and plants him with a brain buster on the chair. Generico walks away.

To the ring! The Kings of Wrestling have demanded this time, and Kyle Durden asks why. Chris Hero announces that, in order to whip their ace in the hole, Shane Hagadorn, into shape for the six-man tag team match at “Final Battle,” they are having an official Kings of Wrestling public workout exhibition. Hero will commentate, Claudio Castagnoli will referee, and Hagadorn will face – it doesn’t matter what his name is! No, of course Chris Hero doesn’t say that, but it’s the same idea. Hero insists that very specific rules must be followed in this exhibition match. The no-name jobber proceeds to beat the daylights out of Hagadorn. At every turn, however, Hero and Castagnoli constantly berate the jobber, change the rules, and make it impossible for Hagadorn to lose. Hagadorn, of course, wins. The Kings exit.

More ads for upcoming ROH shows. Nicely done.

To the back! Kyle Durden interviews World Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong, and his manager, Truth Martini. Strong faces Austin Aries next week. Martini talks trash about Aries. Strong says that Aries blames Martini for Strong’s winning the title, but Aries just won’t give Strong credit for being the better wrestler.

Main event time!

Erick Stevens (w/ the Embassy) vs. Davey Richards:

I love watching Davey Richards wrestle. That’s why I’m not writing a play-by-play of this match, and just enjoying it. It’s an intense, hard-hitting match, with Stevens targeting the midsection and back, and Richards absorbing a tremendous amount of punishment and refusing to stay down. Lots of strikes, kicks, chops, slaps, and headbutts. Prince Nana and Mr. Ernesto Osiris interfere. Richards finally gets the win with a Texas Cloverleaf/Ankle Lock combination that looked horrific. Wow. Great match, absolutely great.

Winner: Davey Richards

Next week, it’s the Final Countdown to “Final Battle.” No song, I’m afraid. 🙁 Join me then for coverage and ppv predictions.

Peace out,


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