It’s time for the only hour of pro wrestling on Monday nights, ROH! This week will give us two more rounds in the ROH Television title tournament, as well as more drama from the three-way World Heavyweight championship picture, featuring champ Tyler Black and challengers Austin Aries and Roderick Strong. I’ve read no spoilers, so this is all new for both of us. Let’s check it!

We open with a video recap of last week’s shouting match between Roderick Strong and Jim Cornette over the three-way match for the ppv, and the Black/Aries disagreement.

Tonight, Davey Ricahrds takes on Delirious and Colt Cabana takes on Eddie Edwards in the Television title tournament.

Eddie Edwards (w/ Shane Hagadorn) vs. Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana: Colt Cabana has such a fun entrance! He chases Reyna Von Tosh around ringside, checking out her backside. Huge chants of “Colt Cabana!” Handshake at the start of the match. Cabana teases Edwards at first, but Edwards takes control with headbutts and armdrags. Cabana rolls up Edwards, but gets a two-count. Headlock on Edwards. Edwards fights out and kicks Cabana in the head. Repeatedly. Cabana leaps over Edwards and back body drops him. Both men miss punches, but Cabana drops Edwards with a punch to the face. Cabana goes to the floor to deal with a suited Steve Corino. Edwards takes advantage and rolls him back in the ring. Cabana’s knee is tweaked, and Edwards targets said knee. After repeated twists and blows to the knee, Cabana fights back on his good leg. Cabana locks Edwards in a submission hold, but Edwards refuses to tap. Cabana attempts the Colt 45, but his bad knee won’t allow it. Edwards flies off the ropes and flattens Cabana, but only scores a two-count. Edwards locks in a Camel Clutch, and Cabana tries to fight his way to the rope. Cabana’s back and knee are targeted repeatedly. Edwards hits a backbreaker, but gets a two-count. Edwards grounds Cabana with a series of submission holds, but Cabana tries to fight out and reach the bottom rope. Edwards refuses to let go of the bear hug, and works over the midsection. Cabana yells “No!” and finally fights his way free. Punches and clotheslines for Edwards. A series of elbows to the head and a chop to the chest from Cabana. A reverse Flying Ass gets Cabana a two-count. A second one finds its target. Cabana leaves the ring again to confront Steve Corino, allowing Edwards to trap him in the Achilles Lock half crab. Cabana taps.

Winner by submission: Eddie Edwards

To the back! Kyle Durden is with Jay and Mark Briscoe. I’m not exactly sure what the Briscoes were saying, but it was funny. You just have to listen to this promo.

Roderick Strong is sick of being lied to. Austin Aries and Tyler Black have both used him for their own advantages. He’s coming to claim what is rightfully his.

To the ring! Jim Cornette introduces Shawn Daivari. Daivari enters to boos and some pretty cool music. Cornette asks him what his goals are. Daivari throws away his “Taliban get-up,” and demands to be seen as what no hillbilly promoter ever saw him as – a professional wrestler. He is not a sheik or a terrorist. He is a professional wrestler. He has money because he earned it wrestling full-time for the past ten years, not because he has ties to the Middle Eastern oil industry. Unlike the people of west Philly, he would never lower himself to accept a welfare check or a government handout. Cornette points out that Daivari incites controversy by calling racism everywhere. Why not stand up and be his own man? Daivari shouts that he will, and no one will stop Shawn Daivari! Fantastic promo.

To the video package! Austin Aries says that, of the three wrestlers in the World title match, he may not be the physically strongest, but he’s definitely the mentally strongest. All three men in the match hate each other and care only for themselves. That will make the match great. Another solid promo from A-Double.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Tony Kozina: Rather quiet crowd for this match. Reversals on top of reversals here. Kozina uses drop kicks repeatedly. Kozina climbs to the top rope and lands a huge flying headscissors to the floor. Really nice moment! O’Reilly fights back with some kicks, trying to take out the legs of Kozina. O’Reilly hits a drop kick on Kozina while the latter is in mid-air, but only scores a two-count. More kicks from O’Reilly, but Kozina doesn’t react much. Kozina lands a top rope bulldog, but O’Reilly kicks out at 2 3/4. O’Reilly takes over with a series of running kicks in the corner. Kozina rolls up O’Reilly, but O’Reilly counters and gets th epin.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

To the video package! Tyler Black says that Roddy has gone off the deep end over this, and could be more dangerous than Aries. Aries and Black always hated each other, but Strong had had a bond with Black once. Either way, Black is winning the match and keeping his title.

Davey Richards (w/ Shane Hagadorn) vs. Delirious (w/ Daizee Haze): Delirious has streamers in his mouth. The bell rings, and Delirious loses his mind. Delirious escapes a headscissors. Richards gets Delirious in a headlock, but the masked man works his way out of it. Delirious takes the early advantage, landing several running back splashes on Richards. Chants for Richards and Delirious, almost equally split. Richards misses a kick, Delirious rolls him up, and Richards twists the shoulder with his legs. Richards continues to soften up the shoulder of Delirious with repeated assaults. Delirious refuses to tap. Richards lands a kick to the gut. Richards goes to the top rope and lands a drop kick that takes him most of the way across the ring, hitting Delirious in the head. Two-count! More working over the shoulder of Delirious. Richards stalks Delirious around the ring, pointing at his own chin and telling him to bring it. Delirious kicks Richards in the face. Richards gets Delirious down and twists the fingers. Both men trade punches. Delirious lands the Panic Attack on Richards, followed by a forearm to the head. Delirious elevates Richards over the top rope to th efloor. Delirious lands a huge tope con hilo out to the floor onto Richards. Delirious rolls Richards back in the ring, lands a leaping lariat, and gets a two-count. Punches, elbow strikes, and chops. Richards locks in the kimura, and the shoulder takes still more damage. Delirious refuses to tap, but is now down to one arm. A Chemical Imbalance #2 gets Delirious a two-count. Richards clutches at his head, but fights Delirious on the top rope. Delirious leaps off in a Shadows Over Hell attempt, but Richards kicks him in the gut as he does. Richards gets a two-count. Richards kicks Delirious in the head, hard! Two-count. Cobra Stretch cinched in by Delirious. Richards fights out. Delirious lands a suplex. Two-count. Another Cobra Stretch! Two-count. Top rope drop kick by Richards on the shoulder of Delirious. DR Driver from Richards. Two-count. Kimura again. Delirious taps out. Wow! What a match!

Winner by submission: Davey Richards

Kevin Steen faces Eddie Edwards, and Davey Richards faces Kenny King in the Television title tournament. Nice!

To the video package! Tyler Black, Austin Aries, and Roderick Strong each speak on the World title match. Nice video here. A recap of Black’s win at the ppv, Aries’s demands for a rematch, and Strong’s demands for his title shot. This is a really good way to keep the focus on the World title picture without ignoring the other matches.

That’s it for me for this week. Check back with us later for WWE and TNA coverage, as well as Random Randomness and other interesting things.

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