Here is the results from this weeks episode of Ring Of Honor TV:

We begin with Highlights of Jay Briscoe’s World Title win over Kevin Steen at Supercard Of Honor VII.

ROH Intro

We go to the ring which is surrounded by the Ring Of Honor Superstars as Nigel McGuiness gloats over Jay Briscoe’s win and introduces him. Jay then comes out and says that he’s gonna be champion for a long time and is ready to take on all comers.  Adam Cole then challenges him for the title at Border Wars.

Pre match comments from Bobby Fish trash talking Eddie Edwards

Pre match form Eddie Edwards who says that he will come out on top.

Match1: Bobby Fish (with Kyle O’Reilly) def Eddie Edwards (with Davey Richards)- pretty good match, Fish won clean this probably should’ve been a TV main event.

Match2:  QT Marshall & RD Evans def. Alabama Attitude-  Evans calls their team the Perfect Tag Team but during the match Marshall shows signs of annoyance as Evans sneaks pins and steals the victory.

As introductions for the TV Main Event begin (with Mikey Mondo) Roderick Strong comes out and chines that everyone is getting title opportunities except and then says to Mikey that he doesn’t belong here prompting a brawl between the two to be broken up between the two.

Match 3:  Mark Briscoe def. Cedrick Alexander, BJ Whitmer, Mikey Mondo, and Caprice Coleman to earn a TV title shot at Border Wars- This was a good TV Main Event but very short since Edwards vs. Fish had way more time.

Well that’s all for ROH this week see you all tomorrow 2PM EST for bWf Radio!!!!!



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