Here’s the recap of this week’s Ring Of Honor TV program:

Kevin Steen comes out and is about address the crowd until he is interrupted by Steve Corino who wants to know why Steen hasn’t been answering his calls, texts e-mails, etc.  Corino says the plan to take down Ring Of Honor is still on.  Steen says that since Jim Cornette is gone, there is no need to take down Ring Of Honor and that it is fine the way it is.  He then states that he wants his title back.  SCUM comes down.  Corino say that maybe the focus in SCUM should be on someone else and not Steen.  Steen says he’ll follow him to hell and back but will not get behind Matt Hardy.  Corino gets mad and says that they can go their separate ways.  SCUM beats Steen down ending with a Twist Of Fate from Hardy.

Match 1:  Roderick Strong def Mike Bennett- Post match Mikey Mondo (who was guest commentary) attacks both men.

Match 2: Tadarius Thomas & Jorge Santi ended in a no contest when SCUM attacked them.

Post match Corino says that the mission stays the same to destroy Ring Of Honor.  Nigel McGuinness comes out they banter back & forth (hey I thought this show was supposed to be about wrestling) Corino calls himself god, McGuinness orders SCUM out of the arens and calls his backup of Jay Lethal & Michael Elgin.  Corino says that his chosen one will become ROH Champion and the last one at that.  McGuinness says there will never be another SCUM ROH Champion since none of them deserve a title shot.  Corino demands one shot and if SCUM loses, Corino will leave wrestling forever.  McGuiness says it’s on and at Border Wars Lethal & Elgin will face any 2 SCUM members of Corino’s choosing and if SCUM wins Corino can give at title shot to anyone in SCUM but if SCUM loses, Corino is gone.  Corino adds to the stipulation that if SCUM wins he gets the commentator position next to Kevin Kelly and can say anything he wants.

Inside ROH:

  • Jay Brisoe mumbled something like he’ll see Adam Cole at Border Wars (there were 4 of them all mumbling stuff at the same time)
  • ACH says he’s gonna beat Matt Taven and become the new TV Champion.
  • Mark Briscoe says he was born to be TV Champ and if he had to choose who he faces at Border Wars it would be ACH but it doesn’t matter either way since he’ll be the new TV Champion.
  • We got a look at Karl Anderson who will used to be tag partners with Sweet Tensai and will be facing Michael Elgin in 2 weeks

Match 3: Matt Taven def ACH to retain the ROH TV Title

Overall while the wrestling, what we got of it, was pretty good, but the talking was way too much and got pretty boring at times.  I thought this company was supposed to be about the wrestling? Well thats all for this week and don’t forget bWf radio Sun 2pm EST!

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