Here’s the results from the latest edition of ROH TV hot off the presses since this episode ended just minutes ago:

We begin with a recap of Kevin Steen being beat out of SCUM.

We then go to Steve Corino who’s in the ring and issues a challenge or any 3 ROH guys to challenge Rhett Titus, Cliff Compton, and Jimmy Jacobs.  Accepting the challenge is BJ Whitmer and Coleman & Alexander.

Match 1: SCUM def. BJ Whitmer and Coleman & Alexander when Titus hit Whitmer with a chain wrapped around his hand.  Post match beatdown ins stopped by Jay Lethal & Michael Elgin.

Match 2: Jay Lethal def. Rhett Titus-  This match started during the commercial break after Lethal voiced his disgust for Titus and challenged him to a match (all this happened during the commercial break).  Not a bad little bout between the two.

Since this was the first victory foe any member of ROH over a SCUM member, Lethal gets on the mic and says that this is only the beginning and that Border Wars ROH will get rid of Corino & SCUM for good.

Inside ROH:

  1. Rundown of the Border Wars card announced that Kevin Steen will be there 
  2. Michael Elgin says that next week he’s gonna beat Karl Anderson and then it’s on to his next title shot
  3. Next week’s other match will be Davey Richards vs. Kyle O’Reilly-  O’Reilly says he’s gonna beat Richards

Recap of Border Wars 2012 when Kevin Steen won the ROH world title.

ROH title match contract signing for this year’s Border Wars-  Adam Cole & Jay Briscoe came out signed the contract and shook hands.  Pretty boring eh, well if you thought that was all then I have some property to sell you in Timbuktu as Steve Corino comes out with Matt Hardy & Rhino and says that Jay should defend his title against Hardy instead of Cole.  Jay then challenges Rhino & Hardy to a Tag Team Match playa! (playa may not have actually been said)

Match 3- Adam Cole & Jay Briscoe def. Rhino & Matt Hardy-  not much to say except this set up some tension between Cole & Briscoe since Cole blind tagged Jay, kicked him accidentally, allowed Rhino to hit Jay with a gore and then Cole steal the victory with the ROH flowchart finishing move the rollup!  Pose match sees both Jay & Adam face to face as we fade to black.

Overall, meh.  Nothing really stood out to me in this episode, just felt like filler until next week’s Border Wars.  Well thats all for now until bWf Radio tomorrow 2pm est DUDEBROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!


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