Well here’s the results from this week’s edition of ROH TV:

We are informed that S.C.U.M. is banned from the arena so Honor Lives tonight.

Match1- A.C.H. & Tadarius Thomas def. Adam Page & Mike Sydal

Veda Scott interviews Mschif about her 4-way match tonight but is then interrupted by Truth Martini & Scarlet Bordeaux.  Martini asks Mschif if she wants to be a Hoopla Hottie but Mschif refuses and walks away.  Bordeaux then says that she isn’t hot enough anyway.  Martini then tells us that Bordeaux is in the 4-way match too.  This segment then gets creepy as while Bordeaux pretends to cry, Martini wipes the tear away an then licks his finger in enjoyment.

Match2- Athena def. Scarlet Bordeaux, Cherry Bomb & Mschif when Athena pinned Cherry Bomb.

Post match Veda Scott tried to interview Mschif about her first loss since coming back to ROH but Mschif just spits green mist in her face.

This weeks Inside ROH has Kevin Kelly apologizing for the Inside S.C.U.M. segment from last week and had a look at tonights Main Event Tag Team Title matchup between reDRagon & Forever Hooligans.  (Hmmm since this was taped before last night’s ippv I wonder who’s winning here)

Match3- Roderick Strong def Pepper Parks

Match4- reDRagon def. Forever Hooligans

It’s at this point in the show that I realize that in this 1 hour of programming that we got more matches than on Smackdown & Main Event combined.

Ok and here are the results of the Supercard of Honor 7 ippv from last night:

1.  ACH & Tadarius Thomas def. QT Marshall & RD Evans

2.  Mike Bennett def. Shelton Benjamin

3.  Michael Elgin def. Jay Lethal

4.  S.C.U.M def. Team ROH

5.  Karl Anderson def Roderick Strong

6.  Matt Taven def Adam Cole & MAtt Hardy to retain the ROH TV title.

7.  reDRagon def. The American Wolves

8.  Jay Briscoe def. Kevin Steen to become the NEW ROH Champion!



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