Quick recap this week since I’ve ben so busy:

Recap od Kevin Steen vs. Kyle O’Reilly from last week.

ROH Intro

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us.

Match 1: D-Line (Black Ice & Body Snatcher) vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team-  Good back and forth matchup with Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team coming out on top with Haas making Body Snatcher tap out to the Haas of Pain.

Border Wars Promo with Mike Bennett & Maria

Match 2: Trios Match Ophidian & The Ice Creams vs. The Colony-  This is a match featuring Chikara superstars.  Ultramantis Black is on commentary for the match.  I’m not a fan of the lucha libre style.  The guys tried hard, The Colony wins using the anthill.

Match 3:  Ricky Reyes vs. Jay Lethal-  Reyes jumps Lethal before the match and dominates early but Lethal gains control and keep’s it foe pretty much the rest of the match winning with a Lethal Injection.

Veda Scott with Davey Richards- He says that Rhino is the hunted and he is not afraid of Rhino.

Inside ROH:

  1. Eddie Edwards wants revenge for his loss to Mike Bennett back in March.
  2. Mike Bennett is gonna finish Edwards quick to prove he is better than the best.
  3. The Young Bucks are cocky and are gonna prove why they are the most amazing tag team in ROH.
  4. The All Night Express say that it will be their day of retribution and they will finally put an end to the Young Bucks.

Border Wars promo with Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team.

Veds Scott with Rhino and Truth Martini-  Martini says that money talks and Rhino gores and Davey Richards dies.  Rhino says he’s gonna gore Richards.

Match 4- Proving Ground Match: Davey Richards vs. Rhino with Truth Martini and Roderick Strong-  Really good back and forth matchup between the two that was ruined by a crap finish when after leapfrogging over Rhino to avoid the gore, Richards rolls Rhino up for a cheap pin, it didn’t even look like Richards was holding Rhino’s shoulders down.  After the match Strong attacks Richards causing Jay Lethal to come out and save the day.  We fade to black.

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