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We begin with highlights of last weeks proving ground match between Coleman & Alexander and the Briscoe’s.

ROH Intro

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us as we go straight into our first match.

Match 1:  Tommaso Ciampa w/ Embassy Ltd. vs. Matt Taven-  Ciampa strikes early by hitting a full Nelson suplex on Taven before the bell even rings.  Jay Lethal comes out and sits ringside for the match.  Taven then Suplexes Ciampa on the “concrete” floor.  Taven controls for a bit.  Ciampa then hits a dropkick on the leg.  Taven then hits a neck-breaker then a frog splach but only gets a 2 count.  Ciampa then hits a knee to the head but only gets a 2 count.  Ciampa then ties Taven up in the corner and hits 2 more knees to the head, then a Project Ciampa and gets the win.  Lethal and Ciampa stare each other down after the match.

Veds Scott with TJ Perkins-  Mike Mondo can’t stop him. The Young Bucks then show up and mock him.  They exchange insults.  Perkins says he will take them no matter how many of them there are.

Match 2:  Mike Mondo vs.  TJ Perkins-  They roll around for a bit, then Perkins hits a neck-breaker.  They run around the ring.  Mondo hits Perkins from behind, and puts a fish hook on him.  The fight goes outside the ring as Mondo runs Perkins into the barrier twice.  Back in the ring, Mondo puts a claw like move on Perkins head, Perkins fights out of it.  After a bunch of rest moves Mondo tries to bite Perkins’ eyeball out.  Perkins fights out of it  and hits some flip flop moves.  The Young Bucks come out and distract Perkins allowing Mondo to hit a double arm DDT and picking up the win.  After the match Mondo ant the Bucks attack Perkins bringing the All Night Express out to save the day.

Inside ROH was just a rundown of this Saturday’s Border Wars Pay Per View.

Veda Scott with Kyle O’Reilly- He kinda cuts a robot promo.  He wonders why people like Kevin Steen and he’s gonna expose Steen for the fraud he is.

Match 3:  Kyle O’Reilly vs. Kevin Steen w/Jimmy Jacobs-  “Kill Steen Kill” chants from the crowd.  Steve Corino is on commentary for the match.  They try to go back and forth but Steen no sells everything and then powerbombs O’Reilly outside the ring.  Steen is killing O’Reilly until runs into an empty turnbuckle missing O’Reilly.  O’Reilly then hits a missile dropkick outside the ring but it looks like he hurt his ankle.  Back In the ring, O’Reilly hits another missile dropkick.  He goes for a third but is stopped by Steen who turns into a DDT off the ropes.  Steen then hits O’Reilly with a cannonball in the corner.  O’Reilly then puts Steen in an armbar but Steen gets to the ropes.  Steen then hits a elevated powerbomb knocking O’Reilly’s mouthpiece out.  Steen then puts the mouthpiece in his own mouth and puts O’Reilly in an ankle lock on O’Reilly’s injured ankle.  O’Reilly fights out of it and hits an insaguri.  O’Reilly then throws his mouthpiece at Jacobs but turns around into an F5 from Steen and Steen picks up the win.  Post match, Steen grabs his tennis racquet and beats O’Reilly with it.  Jacobs joins along in the fun but it only brings out Davey Richards for the save.  Richards puts Steen in an ankle lock only for Jacobs to hit Richards with a low blow, the crowd starts Daniel Bryan’s “YES!” chants.  As Steen attacks Richards with the tennis racquet until security breaks it all up.  But first Steen got one final knockout blow to the head of Richards.

After the commercial, Richards says that he’s gonna Steen’s ass and that his days as a wrestler will end and that the wolf is back and coming straight for him. We fade to black.


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