Recap of Kevin Steen vs Davey Richards from last weeks episode (and Border Wars  too)

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us, they’re upset that Steen is the new ROH Champion.

Adam Cole promo- He doesn’t fear Mike Mondo and is gonna run thru him.

Mike Mondo promo- No Rest, No Mercy, No Fear is what Cole’s gonna get, Mondo hates pretty boys and is gonna smash Cole’s face so bad it will have to be put back together like a puzzle.

Match 1- Adam Cole vs. Mike Mondo: Kyle O’Reilly is on commentary for the match.  Mondo does pushups.  The match is pretty back and forth.  Mondo ties Cole up in the turnbuckle and ring apron.  Mondo does rest holds, funny for someone who has No Rest as his tag line.  the match goes back and forth again.  Mondo tries to for the win via DDT but Cole reverses it into a backslide and a 3 count getting the win.

Best In The World 2012 is 6/24- The All Night Express is ready for Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team.

Match 2- Nick Westgate vs. Tommaso Ciampa w/Embassy Ltd:  This is the first time we’ve see Westgate and Ciampa is still mad over the loss to Lethal, I wonder who’s winning here.  Ciampa kills Westgate by Knockout knee to the head.

Inside ROH:

  1. Charlie Haas says Mark Briscoe was covered in grease.  That’s why it took them so long to beat the Briscoe’s.
  2. Shelton Benjamin mocks The All Night Express calling them lame.
  3. Jay Lethal wants hie TV Title back.
  4. Finlay is the man who likes to fight ant he will be when he takes on Michael Elgin at Best In The World
  5. Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards 4 is next week.
  6. Eddie Edwards vs. Homicide was announced for Best In The World.

Match 3- Coleman & Alexander vs. The All Night Express:  Words cannot explain hoe awesome this match was.  This is why I’ll probably be voting a ROH team yet again as Tag Team of the year.  The All Night Express win using the One Night Stand.

Kevin Kelly interviews Kevin Steen.  Steen comes out With Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino.  Corino takes the mic away from Kelly and mocks him because Corino is only on DVD’ while McGuinness is on TV.  Steen says he is a man of his words.  He will be the champion he feels to be.  He will show up to events when he is supposed to.  In September, he will show up to the network even in his tuxedo T-shirt (didn’t say if would be clean or not).  He will tell people what they need to know about ROH and Jim Cornette.  Cornette comes out and promises he won’t be champion long enough to be at the network even in September.  Cornette then chews Corino out for not preventing Steen from becoming champion and fires him.  Corino then blames Cornette for not being able to wrestle and tells Cornette cant pick his friends and then tells Cornette to shut up.  Cornette tthen says Steen is bad for ROH’s image and has been talking to everyone backstage and everyone want’s a piece of Steen.  Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly come out.  Richards tells Cornette to kiss his ass.  Richards only fights for Richards only.  He admits that at Border Wars, Steen was the better man that night and challenges Steen to a rematch and if he doesn’t, Richards will kick Cornette’s ass.  Steen leaves the ring and calls Cornette the only tennis player with no balls.  COrnette than gives Richards the match, but it will be his only shot for the belt.  Richards then says that he will win the title for him and he’s coming for Steen and will be Steen’s worst nightmare.  We fade to black.

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