Well here are the results of this week ROH Episode:

As I sit down to eat some dinner and watch, my Skype starts ringing and it’s the bWf radio crew:

JT: Guys it’s Thursday not Sunday. What are you guys doing?

Mark: Joe said we need to get ahold of you, it’s rather important.

JT:  What is it? I’m doing my half assed Ring Of Honor coverage.

Joe:  Thats why.  I needed to remind you that their production values suck. And I love Twinkie hotdog sandwiches.

JT:  I know that you tell us every week.

Jorge:  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,  oh sorry fell asleep there What’s Ring Of Honor?


Jorge: Oh, what Joe said.

G:  I hear Matt Hardy’s on fire.

JT:  Hardy hasn’t been on TV since the ROH vs. SCUM finale.  I don’t even know if he’s still with the company.  I think you’ve had some tainted Labatt’s.

G: The water’s fine up here.  What happened this week?

Canadian JT: Hey, how dare you criticize our great Canadian water.  It’s much better than that American shit you call Budweiser.

JT:  Well since this week is still round 1 of the tournament on TV and all matches are tournament this week.  Well since we know the final four already and two of them are in action tonight, Tommaso Ciampa and Michael Elgin, they win their matches.  This week’s episode has the match where BJ Whitmer Get’s injured and that happened like a month ago. <sigh> I hate the fact that we’ll know who the new ROH champion will be before the 2nd round of the tournament begins.  Great booking ROH.

Joe: Thats because they have bad production values.

JT Hogan: Well you know something brother, if I was running that shitshow, the title would never be vacant because either myself, Brooke, Nick or Linda would be champion at all times.  Yes Linda, it was agreed in the divorce. Dude Brother.

Jorge: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, what? Oh fell asleep again all this Ring of Honor talk puts me to sleep, let’s just go to the impact review.

Mark:  Yay, now it’s my time to shine, screw you ROH review!

G:  To infinity and beyond!

And that’s this week in ROH TV. See you all Sunday for Cock Talk!



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  1. Finally Jeff Hardy looks like he is ready to come back to Impact Wrestling. I don’t agree with the things that Jeff has gotetn himself into but, I do enjoy watching him in the ring when he has it all together.

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