Alright here’s a look at the last episode of ROH:

We recap last weeks Cornette’s offer to Kevin Steen.

ROH Intro:

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness talk about tonight’s main even which is a proving ground match between The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and The All Night Express.

Promo from Alexander and Coleman.  They’re ready for the Briscoe’s.

Match1: The Bravados vs. Alexander & Coleman- There were Bieber chants at Harlem Bravado.  Good back and forth match between these two with Alexander & Coleman picking up the win.  Shocker the team with the promo before the match wins it who’ve thought? After the match Bieber Bravado refuses to do the Code Of Honor.

Final Battle ad with Mike Bennett

Commercial Break

Back from break and we get a promo from Chris Silvio, he’s a psychedelic superstar.  Next is a promo from his opponent tonight, TJ Perkins who says that Silvio won’t be able to catch lightning.

Match 2: Chris Silvio vs. TJ Perkins-  Billed as “The Battle From California” since one guy is from Los Angeles and the other is from San Francisco.  This was a great match all around with picking up the win with what I think is called the Destination Kick.

2 promos.

Commercial Break

Inside ROH recaps the events leading up to the TV title match at Final Battle.  Promo from Mike Bennett who isn’t happy that he’s in a triple threat match for the title but he’s gonna win it anyway.  Then we get a promo form Jay Lethal who’s not complaining and is gonna win at Final Battle.  Nothing from El Generico though, so I guess he’s not gonna win though.

Interview with Eddie Edwards and Dan Severn.  Both men say that Edwards is more prepared than Richards will be.

2 more promos.

Commercial Break

Back from break and it is announced than next week Davey Richards will be in a Proving Ground Match against Michael Elgin.  Richards says he knows Truth Martini is up to something but he is ready.

Match 3: Proving Ground Match: All Night Express vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team-  Good tag team match with the All Night Express picking up the win with a little help from the Briscoe’s.  The attack Benjamin with a steel chair outside the ring during the match.  After the match, Benjamin sells the injury and while he is being aided to Haas is walking around pissed off asking “WTF Happened?” as we got to

Commercial Break at the 56 minute mark in the hour (this is usually when it’s over for me people).

Back from break, Haas is still pissed, Benjamin is about to be carried out by medical personnel,  their saying it looks like a cracked rib but won’t know until X-rays are done.  Haas grabs the mic a say’s that he’s tires of the Briscoe’s and that he’ll take them on by himself if he has to.  We fade to black.


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