Well it looks like we’re back to regular TV not for ROH for the time being so here’s a look at what happened:

We start with final Battle 2011 highlights of Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards with Richards retaining and Kevin Steen coming out at the end and demanding a title shot.

ROH Intro

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness are in the ring and they discuss the nigh’s main event.  It seems that Rhett Titus of the All Night Express injured his knee at Final Battle and had surgery so his partner is avenging it tonight.

We go to a Mike Mondo promo, he’s gonna destroy Eddie Edwards tonight. Yeah right.

Eddie Edwards promo, he’s not mad that he lost to Davey Richards, he learned from his mistakes, said his prayers, took his vitamins and is gonna try harder next time and will win the ROH title.

Match 1: Eddie Edwards vs. Mike Mondo- Mondo carries his own sign saying “Godzilla fears Mondo” with him, interesting.  I don’t get the throwing of streamers or whatever they’re called into the ring, I think it’s kinda stupid.  Edwards dominated here, but this isn’t a squash match with Edwards winning with a Die Hard.

Showdown In The Sun promo with Davey Richards.  It’s March 30 & 31 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.


Back From Break wan we get more Final Battle highlights, this time it of The Briscoe’s winning the Tag Team  titles for the 7th time.

Then comments from Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team who cut a heel promo, they don’t understand why they were fined $5,000 and they don’t understand why the Briscoe’s were cheered in NYC and they were booed.  I guess WGTT are heels now.

Comments from Jim Cornette stating that from now on all chair shots to the head will resule in a $5,000 fine, no exceptions.

To the ring and Jim Cornette interviews the Briscoe’s.  They want all of the $5,000 fines to go to them so they can retire.  They also said that they cant control the crowd reactions.  Thirdly they are ready to take on all comers.

rohwrestling.com promo


Match 2 : Ricky Reyes vs. Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini & Michael Elgin- We get Martini on commentary on this one.  He says that Strong will win the title this year.  You know this one’s gonna end when we get the “he’s no slouch” comments.  This was a very good back and forth matchup however with Strong winning with a rollup pin and grabbing the tights.

2 rohwrestling.com promos


Inside ROH:

  1. Kevin Steen’s return.  He hurt 3 people at Final Battle and he doesn’t care, he’s on to bigger and better things and next week he will show why he’s “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare”.
  2. The Embassy is no a Corporation and is investing heavily on Tommaso Ciampa.
  3. March 4 is the ROH 10th Anniversary event on pay per view and it is only $10.

Then a promo for the 10th anniversary event with Kevin Steen who says he’s gonna destroy the company he helped build on it’s 10th anniversary.


In the locker room with Kyle O’Reilly and Davey Richards on their match next week with Coleman and Alexander.

Match 3:  Kenny King w/ Rhett Titus vs. Matt Jackson w/Nick Jackson-  Titus came out on crutches and is supposed to be out for 4 months.   Great matchup between the two with Matt Jackson getting the win with help from Nick who grabs one of the crutches and uses it on King.

Both teams brawl as we fade to black.


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