No highlight package here we go straight to the ROH Intro:

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness hype tonight’s main even and Jay Lethal vs. Davey Richards matchup in 2 weeks.

Kyle O’Reilly promo- He doesn’t like the way Eddie Edwards has been acting lately.

Eddie Edwards promo- He blames O’Reilly for everything.

Match 1- Kyle O’Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards: Great back and forth matchup between the two.  Edwards gets O’Reilly in an ankle lock and Davey Richards comes out and appears to be on O’Reilly’s side telling him how to get out of it.  He does ant the match continues to go back and forth until Edwards kicks the ring post and hurts his ankle.  O’Reilly works on the hurt ankle and gets Edwards in an ankle lock until Adam Cole comes out, and discracts O’Reilly by backing Edwards.  The match then continues and goes back and forth.  It doesn’t seem like we’ll ever get a winner until Edwards gets the pin after a double rollup.  After the match, Edwards claims that since Richards has a new partner that Cole join him and be his new partner.  Cole accepts and Edwards challenges Richards and O’Reilly to a match anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Battle In The Carolinas COmmercial, commercial, commercial break.

Steve Corrino is now a commentator on DVD releases now since he is injured.

Match 2- Mike Mondo vs.  Matt Taven:  This is Taven’s first match on ROH TV, I wonder what’s gonna happen.  This match was pretty awful but I understand when Kevin Steen interrupts the match halfway thru.  He then shoots on both men and beats them up.  Steen then taunts Corrino but officials keep them apart so no fighting between the two. commercial,bring ROH to your town commercial, commercial break.

Inside ROH pretty much focused on the impromptu Tag Team Title match last week.  Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team mock’s the Briscoe’s, Shelton is refusing to pay the $5000 fine on him for using the steel chair last week and they are gonna do any and everything to get another tag title match.  Jim Cornette says that Benjamin is suspended until he pays the fine.  The Briscoe’s mush mouth something.

Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa for the TV Title was added to the 10th Anniversary ppv.

10th Anniversary ppv promo with The Embassy Ltd.

Commercial Break.

Match 3- The House Of Truth vs. The Briscoe Brothers winner gets $5000:  Cornette is on commentary and announces that Richards/O’Reilly vs. Edwards/COle will happen at the 10th Anniversary ppv.  This was an alright back and forth matchup for the most part until Truth Martini throws power into Jay Briscoe’s eyes, blinding him until he rinses them out with a bottle of water.  He then goes to the back, gets a baseball bat, returns to the ring, uses it and gets a DQ win for the House Of Truth.  However Mark Briscoe grabs the monsy and the Briscoe’s are standing tall with $10,000 and a baseball bat in hand as we fade to black.

Well that’s all for now. Thanks again for reading and see you all next time.

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  1. I really like the fact that there is money on the line for the matches in the tag division. It likens itself to the old school purse premise in boxing, and makes the match mean more IMO. The production value of the show is slowly… slowly… getting better. However, I don't like the filter they put on the backstage interview segments to look like old reel-to-reel film.

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