We begin with highlights from last week’s Eddie Edwards vs. Kyle O’Reilly match.

ROH Intro

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness hype the main even of the 10 anniversary show which will be Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole.  They then go on to explain that because Shelton Benjamin is suspended, the the main event will be changed and we will find out later in the night.  This brings out Charlie Haas blames Jim Cornette and Tbe Briscoe’s for Benjamin being suspended.  He then goes on to say that he won’t deprive the fans from seeing him and action and calls out the Briscoe’s who come out and say “man up.”  Cornette comes out and makes the match which will be Haas vs. Mark Briscoe.  Haas agrees with one condition, that Jay be handcuffed to the ring post.

10th anniversary ppv comercial with Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole. Commercial break.

Back from break and Steve Corino has joined the commentary.  We then get highlights of Kevin Steen from last week killing the guys having the horrible match I told you about.

Match 1: Andy Ridge vs. Kevin Steen- Hmmmmm, I wonder who’s gonna win here.  Crowd chants of “Kill Steen Kill” and he does.  Corino doesn’t know why the fans cheer for Steen. Steen wins using an F5.  Way too long for a squash match.  Steen continues to kill Ridge, even threatening to piledrive him until Corino intervenes.  Jimmy Jacobs then blindsides Steen from out of nowhere and they brawl until security breaks them up.  Jacobs then grabs a mic and challenges Steen to a match and Steen accepts. (they announce later int the program that it will be at the 10 anniversary ppv)

2 rohwrestling.com commercials, commercial break.

Veda Scott with Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly- they say that they are gonna beat Edwards and Cole.

Match 2:  Matt Tavern & Mike Mondo vs. Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole- Hmmmmm wonder who’s gonna win here.  Twice in the same episode too.  Edwards and Cole dominate for the most part but this is far from a squash match by any means.  Colw and Edwards get the win when Cole pins Tavern using a german suplex.  As the guys shake hands at the end of the match, Mondo pouts in the corner leading to Tavern and Mondo fighting each other.

Final Battle DVD Commercial, Cring ROH to your town commercial, commercial break.

Inside ROH:

  1. Truth Martini refuses to pay the $5000 to the Briscoes since the House Of Truth won the match.
  2. The Young Bucks are ready for the Briscoes at the 10th anniversary ppv.
  3. Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa for the TV title at the 10th anniversary ppv-  Lethal wants to win the world title from Davey Richards next week.  He also says that he will end Ciampa’s undefeated streak.  Ciampa says he will be the new TV Champion.
  4. Showdown In The Sun plug

Showdown In The Sun promo with Mike Bennett & Maria. Commercial Break.

Match 3: Charlie Haas vs. Mark Briscoe with Jay handcuffed to a ringpost.  this was a good back and forth matchup with Mark getting the win with a rollup.  Haas then responds by hitting Mark with 2 Olympic Slams, taunts Jay with the handcuff key then hits Mark with a chair.  Haas then walks away with the key, grabs an envelope and a mic and pays both his and Benjamin’s $5000 fines and says that ROH played right into his plan and that as far as he’s concerned that the Briscoes are dead.  WE then fade to black.


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