We begin with highlights from last weeks Charlie Haas ve Mark Briscoe match.

ROH Intro

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness assess the situation regarding what happened last week.

Young Bucks Promo- they say that what they’re gonna do tonight to Coleman And Alexander is just a preview of what they’re gonna do to the Briscoe Brothers on March 4.

Coleman and Alexander promo- the Young Bucks don’t respect them, they’re about to breakout in the tag team division then Coleman breaks out into song.

Match1: Coleman & Alexander vs. The Young Bucks-  Coleman & Alexander dominate early, then the Bucks dominate for a bit.  Coleman then regains control and does some cool moves followed by Alexander who does some more cool moves.  Coleman then makes a mistake leading to More Bang or Your Buck finishing move and a Young Bucks victory.

We then got to Veda Scott who is with Embassy Ltd.  Tommaso Ciampa says that he will take whatever belt Jay Lethal has and he wants Lethal to win the World title tonight so he can become the first ever undefeated World Champion in ROH history.

10th Anniversary promo with the Young Bucks, COmmercial Break.

Back from break and Kevin Kelly is in the ring and he interviews the Briscoe Brothers and they have to say this:

  • They’re gonna make the Young Bucks their Bitch.
  • They had big plans for the $5000 and they threaten to beat Truth Martini.
  • At Showdown In The Sun, One of Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team is leaving in a body bag

rohwrestling.com commercial, Battle In The Carolina’s commercial, Commercial break.

Inside ROH:

  1. Kevin Steen vs. Jimmy Jacobs-  Jacobs says he’s gonna be the evil one and get his revenge.  Steen says the Jacobs has a lot of hope, calls Jacobs a sellout and hopes Jacobs makes him bleed.
  2. All Night Express vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team-  Rhett Titus is ready to comeback and that the All Night Express is better than they’ve ever been.
  3. Showdown In the Sun advert.
  4. Roderick Strong want’s Lethal to win tonight because he thinks that he is easier to beat then Richards.  Strong pretty much says that he is overlooking Eddie Edwards next week since he is on a losing streak.

Final Battle DVD commercial, Commercial Break.

Veda Scott interviews Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole-  Edwards wonders if Richards is completely focused on tonight’s title match with Lethal.  Cole says he is focused and will have Edwards’ back next week.

Match 2: World Title Match Jay Lethal vs. Davey Richards-  Great back and forth match between these two.  During the match Tommaso Ciampa, The House Of Truth, Kyle O’Reilly, Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole all come out, eventually leading to a brawl outside the ring involving everyone except Ciampa who just sits in a chair.  Late in the match Lethal is dominating and is about to hit the Lethal Injection but he bumps into Adam Cole at the ropes causing Richards to kick Lethal in the head and getting the pin.  We then fade to Black.



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