With all the Wrestlemania stuff going on this week, it’s easy to forget that other wrestling programs are still on and are even trying to compete with WWE this weekend.  One of the is ROH who if you haven’t heard is having their Showdown In The Sun this weekend in Florida too. But before we get to that, we have this weeks edition of ROH Wrestling to go:

We begin with highlights of Jay Lethal vs Roderick Strong’s March Mayhem match.  Michael Elgin tries to help Strong and messes up causing Lethal to get the win.

ROH Intro

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness run down tonights Main Event.

Jim Cornette is in the ring.  He is going to interview all three participants of this Friday’s Triple Threat match for the ROH Title, Roderick Strong, Eddie Edwards, and Davey Richards.  They all say that they’re gonna win, shocker.  Richards takes the mic and says that this is gonna be the toughest match of his life.  He’ll kick Strong’s ass first.  He doesn’t trust Edwards.  Edwards is offended.  Strong calls Richards a MMA wannabe.  Jay Lethal comes to the ring, calls strong a butt-munch and asks Cornette why he isn’t getting the respect he deserves.  Cornette says that Lethal is in contention.  Kevin Steen then comes out and calls everyone in the ring hand shakers and ass kissers.  He wants Edwards to win so he can get his title shot Saturday but if he doesn’t then, he will eventually and when he does, he will win the ROH Title and then he will be Cornette’s worst nightmare.  He then calls everyone circle jerks and leaves.

Border Wars promo with Davey Richards.

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team Promo-  Coleman & Alexander are a warmup match for them tonight.

Coleman & Alexander Promo- They are gonna prove to WGTT that they are not just a warmup match.

Match 1:  Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Coleman & Alexander-  Coleman & Alexander give WGTT a run for their money and they get the upset victory with a chair shot to the head of Haas by the Briscoe’s.  After the match Shelton Benjamin is in disbelief with what happened.

After a commercial break, Benjamin is pissed and says that Saturday is genocide for anyone named Briscoe and for anyone that cheers them.

Inside ROH- Showdown Countdown

  • Rundown of the card
  • Lance Storm promo- ROH is not a stepping stone.  We see clips of him training during the promo.
  • Mike Bennett promo- Storm needs to lighten up.  He will lay Storm out.

Jim Cornette adds Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team vs Coleman & Alexander for the Friday night portion of Showdown In The Sun

Recap of March Mayhem.

Match 2: Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole- Kyle O’Reilly is on commentary for the match.  He trash talks Cole the whole match.  This match was very back and forth but slow paced.  Same ending as last week as Roderick Strong comes out and hits Elgin, though it looked intentional rather than accidental, Cole get the win via roll-up.  After the matchStrong attacks Cole, O’Reilly leaves commentary saying he’d help him if he was still his partner, but he isn’t. Have no fear though, Eddie Edwards comes to the rescue and we fade to black with all four men tin the ring brawling.

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