We beging witha recap of last weeks March Mayhem matchup between Michael Elgin vs Adam Cole.

ROH Intro

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness are in the ring and they hype up tonight’s card of 2 March Mayhem matches.

Recap of the March Mayhem rules.

Veda Scott is with Embassy Ltd.- Tommaso Ciampa won’t answer to anyone.  He stripped Lethal of his manhood by taking the TV title and if he wants it back, Lethal has to grow a set and take it back.

Match 1- March Mayhem qualifying match: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Tommaso Ciampa w/Embassy Ltd.-  I wonder who wins this match since next week’s 4-way already has 2 babyfaces and Ciampa is undefeated, hmmm?  Back & Forth early then Ciampa dominates.  Or’Reilly briefly gains control but Ciampa is too much.  Ciampa wins by knockout after a knee to O’Reilly’s head.

Border Wars promo with Jay Lethal, he challenges Ciampa.

Davey Richards promo- he says that O’Reilly is is own man but doesn’t like that O’Reilly doesn’t do the code of honor anymore.  As for his opponent tonight, well he’s gonna kill him.

Match 2- Davey Richards vs. Ryan McBride:  This is a proving ground match.  There waere some “Let’s Go Ryan” chants since he was the local boy.  but this review is probably longer than the match because Richards made McBride tap out to the ankle lock in under 30 seconds.

Kevin Kelly is in the ring and he is interviewing Kevin Steen.  Steen asks Kelly why ROH has been keeping him from wrestling on TV?  Kelly says that it’s because of his actions.  Steen goes on to blame Davey Richards, calls him a coward and has hid head up Jim Cornette’s ass.  This brings out Richards and Cornette.  While Cornette tries to calm Richards down, Richards accepts Steen’s challenge anytime, anywhere.  Cornette says that Steen must earn his shot.  Steen then congratulates Richards finally growing a set, or were his balls just been in Cornette’s pocket the whole time.  Richards then punches Steen who just smiles and leaves the ring.

Border Wars promo with the Briscoe’s-  There’s gonna be an ass whoppin in Canada.  Watch out G.

Inside ROH:

  1. Recap of the Briscoe’s causing Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team to lose to Coleman & Alexander.
  2. Jay Lethal calls himself the real TV Champ and is pissed off and face to face he will take his title back and will Tommaso Ciampa his first loss and become the true dominant male.
  3. Showdown In The Sun promo.

March Mayhem Recap

Match 3- March Mayhem qualifying mach: Eddie Edwards vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria and Bob Evans-  Edwards dominates until Evans lays him out outside the ring while the ref’s back is turned.  He had some nice looking welts on his back as a result.  Bennett gains control but Edwards doesn’t give up and regains control.  They then go back and forth until Edwards bumps into Maria, who goes on to play like she’s really hurt.  Edwards rolls Bennett for the pin but since the ref is checking on Maria he doesn’t see Bennett grab Edwards’ tights and reverse the pin for the win.

So next week’s March Mayhem final match will be Jay Lethal vs. Adam Cole vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Mike Bennett

We fade to black.



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