ROH Intro 

This is a Road Rage episode.  Now basically I’m just gonna tell you the outcome of the matches since every probably knows them by now.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness inform us that tonight’s episode will feature matches from day 1 of Showdown In The Sun.

Mike Bennett promo- the time for being serious is over and he’s gonna shut down Lance Storm.

Match 1 Mike Bennett def. Lance Storm with a T.K.O. (the move not by actually T.K.O.).  After the match Bennett and Storm shake hands, then Bennett hits Storm with his Box Office Smash finisher.

Lance Storm robot promo- he wants a rematch.

Match 2- We basically get the end of the proving ground match of the Briscoe’s defeating two guys from Australia Haste and Nichols I think were their names.

Inside ROH:

  1. We got highlights of Davey Richards defeating Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards.
  2. Highlights of the press conference where Davey Richards vs Kevin Steen is made for Border Wars.
  3. Jim Cornette says that he’s been protecting Steen from Richards.  He also said that he’s putting all his faith in Richards to beat Steen.
  4. Finlay will make his ROH debut at Border Wars against Roderick Strong.
  5. The Briscoe Brothers will face Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team in a fight without honor match at Border Wars.
  6. Eddie Edwards will face Rhyno at Border Wars.  Rhyno is Truth Martini’s newest acquisition.
  7. Edwards knows that Martini wants Edwards eliminated to make it easier for Roderick Strong to become champion.  He says he will take Rhyno out.

Match 3-  Kevin Steen def. El Generico when Jimmie Jacobs hits Generico with a spike and a chair shot to the head

Showdown highlights as we fade to black.

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