Here I am again doing the review of the last week edition of ROH on the the new episode airs (for me at least).  So, here’s a quick look at it:

Recap of the end of last weeks main event. Chaos ensued between about 10 guys on the roster. If I watched last week, I would’ve known.

ROH intro.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness hype the main event then go to Jim Cornette in the ring.  He announces Eddie Edwards as the #1 contender for the ROH title and will challenge for it at Final Battle.  Edwards comes to the ring and says that he’s training hard but wont reveal who his trainer is yet.  ROH Champ Davey Richards comes out cuts the usual good guy promo then asks Edwards to team up with him next week and challenge the House of Truth.  Edwards says yes but that when the fans chant “Next World Champ” they’ll be referring to him.

Final Battle promo featuring the Briscoe Bros.

Back from commercial and we see how Edwards got to be the #1 contender.

Truth Martini is giving Michael Elgin a “It’s not your fault” speech.

We go to Shiloh Jonze who is I think a local boy and is facing his biggest challenge to date.  I wonder how he’s gonna fare?

Match 1: Michael Elgin def Shiloh Jonze.  Shocker.  This for the most part was a squash match with Jonze getting a few moves in.

Hype for

Back from commercial and we get an Inside ROH focusing on the Kevin Steen situation. Unfortunately I don’t know the story on this so I can’t comment.  They also talked about the TV title situation.  Here’s an easy solution to it: Bennett and Lethal wrestled to a time limit draw, so have a rematch, duh. promo.

Back from commercial and we get a recap of the Briscoe’s win over the All Night Express to become #1 contenders for the ROH Tag Titles.

Then we are shown what a Proving Ground Contest is.  It’s basically a team challenges the champions to a 1 fall match they can set the time limit and if they can win or can last the entire time with the champs, they get a title shot within 90 days.

Match 2: Worlds Greatest Tag Team def Coleman & Alexander:  They hit the Worlds greatest finisher for the win.  Both teams shook hands and hugged in a show of respect and then the Briscoe’s come out and tell them that at Final Battle, they will become the 7 time ROH tag team champions as we fade to black.


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