Well since there is a new episode on tonight here in JTland, I’d figure I would get up a review before this weeks aired so here it is:

Recap of last week’s main event.

ROH intro.

Quick rundown ogf the card and we go into our first match.

Match 1: The Young Bucks def. The Bravados. Good match.

Final Battle promo featuring the Briscoe Bros. They are gonna become 7 time Tag Team Champions, well at least they say they are.

Commercial Break

Back from break and Kevin Kelly interviews Haas an Benjamin.  They call the Briscoe’s cowards and they cant wait to get their hands on them at Final Battle.  This brings out the All Night Express who come out and say don’t forget about us and even call WGTT a couple of ducks.

rohwrestling.com ad.

Commercial Break

Back from break and Inside ROH featuring the Kevin Steen situation.  Apparently he lost a loser leaves town match.  Then he came back and told everyone to F@#k Off which is Why he is banned.

More on the TV title situation.  Just have the rematch already.

More promo for rohwrestling.com

Commercial Break

Back from break and while hyping the main event, Steve Corring interrupts, says he’s sorry and wants “5 minutes”.  Back to the main event hype.

Final battle promo with Eddie Edwards.

Match 2:  American Wolves def. The House of Truth:  Elgin had Richards pinned in the ring for like 10 seconds but since the ref was outside arguing with Truth Martini, it allowed Eddie Edwards to put a Dragon Sleeper on Elgin and Richards pinned for the win.  Great back and forth match between these two teams.  We fade to blaco with Richards having a how the hell did that happen look on his face and Edwards have in huge grin on his.


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