Here’s a quick recap of the past two ROH shows:

Episode 4:

Hype package for both tag teams then the Briscoe Bros. def the All Night Express.  Titus claimed the Briscoe’s cheated by using a low blow which resulted in a beatdown by the Briscoes.

After commercial they show us proof that there was indeed a low blow.

ROH Focus on: The Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team- We already know how great they are.

After commercial Jim Cornette announces that he cannot reverse the decision but he does strip the Briscoe’s of the #1 Contendership so there is no #1 contender for the tag team titles.

Inside ROH looking at the other main event.

Eddie Edwards def Michael Elgin. Roderick Strong enters the ring and it looks like a 3 on 1 until Nigel McGuinness joins Edwards as we fade to black.


Episode 5:

Package hyping the first match. The is the debut on TV for both of these men.

TJ Perkins def Mike Mondo.

Back from commercial we get a recap of last weeks #1 contender’s match for the tag team titles.

Back to the ring and Cornette announces that next week there will be another match between the Briscoe’s and the All Night Express (which will actually be this week since I’m a little behind).  The Briscoe’s are mad, so mad in fact thhat they start fighting each other at the end of the interview.

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team want the Briscoes because of what happened in June.

Back from commercial and Inside ROH is all about The Final Battle ppv happening in December, the 23rd to be exact.

Recap of Jay Lethal’s TV title win.

Jay Lethal and Mike Bennett wrestle to a time limit draw.  This was for the TV title. Lethal and the fans wanted 5 more minutes and Bennett said no and left.  We fade to black with Lethal demanding 5 more minutes.

Well there you have it the last two ROH programs.  Thanks for reading and see you all next time.



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