Howdy folks and welcome to your weekly Ring Of Honor coverage.  I apologize for no review last week but one of my cats puked on my DVR and I had to get a new box, so I wasn’t able to watch so without further ado lets get this show on the road:

We begin with highlights from last week’s TV title match.  Good since I missed it.  Jay Lethal def. El Generico to become the new TV Champion.

ROH intro

Jim Cornette is in the ring and he introduces the Brisco Brothers.  No not the ones who run the body shop in Florida.  These are angry redneck heels.  The state that they are they want their tag team titles which are being currently held by Haas and Benjamin. Cornette says that ROH wont give them a title shot unless they win a #1 Contenders match next week against the All Night Express. The Briscoes then go on to say that they own them and that they’re their personal Bitch ant that it should be no problem.

Promo with Kevin Kelly with Haas and Benjamin- ROH is coming to a town hear you.

Commercial break

Back from break and we get an ROH Focus on The Dominant Male.  He’s undefeated and plans to stay that and and his manager is Prince Nana. That’s all you need to know.  Oh and he’s in action next.

Two more advertisements for their website

Commercial Break

Match 1: Andy “Right Leg'” Ridge vs. “The Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa- Steve Corino joined Kevin Kelly in the announce table for the match so I’m to assume that him and Ciampa will be feuding at some point.  This was pretty much a squash match with Ciampa hitting the “Project Ciampa” (think it’s called) for the win.

The main event is next for the ROH Championship.

Two more website promos. They really like pimping out

Commercial Break

We come back to Nigel McGuinness with a fan in a Faith No More t-shirt.  McGuinness asks the fan who he think’s will win the title match and the fan responds “Bring back Kevin Steem!” McGuinness then calls the fan a wanker and a cunt.

Inside ROH taking a look at tonight’s title match.  The challenger wants women and the champ tells a sob story.

The wrestlers come to the ring and intros are made and then

ROH is coming to your town ad featuring Kevin Kelly and Jay Lethal

Commercial Break

Match 2 ROH Championship Match-  Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini vs Davey Richards (ROH Champion):

Great back and forth match.  Both guys seemed to know each other pretty well since they were countering each other’s moves throughout the match.  Davey Richards retains by making Strong tap to the Ankle Lock the 4th time Richards applies it.

We are told there is a double main event next week and fade to black.

That is ROH for this week.  I won’t be here next week due to my surgery but I have lined up a replacement. Who that is, well you’ll have to wait and find out.  Thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of the relaunched ROH. It felt a little ad heavy at times, but I have to forgive that in lieu of the new eyes on the product, as well as directing old eyes towards the future. Nana was in fine form, and sold Ciampa as a threat.

    I didn't expect to see a championship match so early into the launch, but it was a great TV match. It's a shame the time slots are muddled amid the markets that receive the show. Let's hope as time progresses that changes too.

  2. I've tuned in to every episode so far, I'm loving the product. My wife didn't really care for this episode, complaining that they were taking up way too much of an hour long show with promos, but I told her, as G pointed out, that they're introducing new fans to the wrestlers and the product. I had no idea who Prince Nana or Tommaso Ciampa were before that Inside ROH thing about them.

    This was a great episode and Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong stole the show. What a match! Can't wait for next week.

    BTW, what is it with Jim Cornette and "Express" tag teams?

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