Greetings, everyone! This is a new one. Since I now get HDNet, thanks to my move, I am officially the only BWF staffer who can review Ring of Honor’s Monday night show. As they ARE the only hour of pro wrestling on Monday nights, I’m quite happy to do so. Our fearless leader, ThinkSoJoE, will continue to provide you with excellent coverage of “Smackdown” on Friday nights.

Last week, we saw more tension develop between Davey Richards and his American Wolves tag team partner Eddie Edwards following a loss to the Dark City Fight Club. Bobby Dempsey, who was the smallest that I have ever seen him, had a decent match. Sara Del Rey destroyed Portia Perez. What happens tonight? We’ll find out at the same time, as I’ve made a point of avoiding spoilers. Onward!

Oh! When you’re through watching ROH, pick up and read the newest offering by the author of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” It’s titled “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.” It’s the greatest tome ever penned. Greater than “The Great Gatsby.” Better than the Bible. Nine levels of awesome! You have been advised. And now for the wrestling!

We open with video clips of the 8th Anniversary Show and Tyler Black’s World title victory. Black and Jim Cornette argue over Black’s kicking of Roderick Strong during the match. Ex-champ Austin Aries demands a rematch. Roderick Strong demands his promised title shot from owner Cary Silken. Cornette will make an announcement about the World title match tonight. Solid set-up to pique fan interest.

The lovely Reyna Von Tosh (?) brings the new TV title belt to ringside. The brackets are shown in a graphic. The first match of the tournament is –

Kevin Steen (w/ Steve Corino) vs. Rhett Titus: I love Rhett Titus being from “The Temple of Lust” in New Jersey. Mike Hogewood is a terrible announcer, but less terrible than he was when the show first aired. Dave Prazak is good, though. Steen tears up a Rhett Titus sign. Steen and Titus lock up and grapple from corner to corner. Steen misses a punch, and Titus does his “sexy party dance.” Steen slaps Titus, and hits stiff forearms in the corner. Titus monkey flips Steen. Titus is thrown through the ropes to the floor, his shoulder hitting the ringpost. Steen targets the arm and throws Titus shoulder-first into the ring post again. Steen rolls Titus back into the ring, stomping on his head. Titus tries to fight back with punches. Steen continues to work the shoulder with a modified reverse Russian leg sweep onto said shoulder. Steen torques the arm as Titus kneels, but Titus thumbs the eyes. Titus lands some good punches, but Steen grabs the arm again and drove Titus down with the Divorce Court. Titus lands a huge drop kick and flattens Steen. Titus fights back with punches and a corner splash. Titus drops Steen with a bulldog, but Steen kicks out at two. Steen hangs on to the ropes to avoid getting Irish whipped. Titus lands a flipping neck breaker, but Steen kicks out at two. More thrust, and Titus calls for the Muff Driver. Steen counters a leapfrog into a power bomb, but Titus kicks out at two. Steen argues with the referee, and continues to target the arm. Steen climbs to the top turnbuckle, and both men trade punches. Titus gets hung up in the Tree of Woe, and Steen hits a cannonball on him. Steen traps Titus in a crossface, and Titus taps out.

Winner: Kevin Steen

Hog and Prazak talk up the “Big Bang” show.

Jim Cornette sits with Tyler Black, Austin Aries, and Roderick Strong. Corny is sick of doing things for the benefit of other people. He’s going to do what’s best for ROH. Black defends against both Strong and Aries in a triple threat match. Strong takes issue with being promised a title shot and then having to beat two guys, and after lots of yelling, he leaves. Aries tells Black that he should take care of Strong first, and then they can find out who really is the better man. Strong returns, and everything breaks down as violence ensues.

The Kings of Wrestling (Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero) vs. The Bravado Brothers (Lance and Harlem): Sara Del Rey and Shane Hagadorn accompany the KOR. I have no idea who the Bravado Brothers are. The announcers call it a tune-up match, and it’s a total squash. Fast tags between Claudio and Hero. Hero drops one BB with an elbow. Claudio chokes the BB on the ropes, and Sara Del Rey attacks him. The Kings of Wrestling will face the Briscoes at the “Big Bang” show for the tag team titles. Hero gets a leg caught by a BB, and the other BB hits Hero with an enziguri. Hero takes a shot in the nose. Claudio is all power as he holds up Lance Bravado for a running elbow from Hero. Claudio follows up with an airplane spin. The other BB gets pinned in similar fashion for the win. Hero has the mic. He says that they will take the titles that are rightfully theirs. “Kings reign supreme!” Great push for the ppv with the two title matches.

Winners: the Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli)

To the back! Prince Nana is with Kyle Durden. Nana says that they will take the tag team titles. Durden asks about the suspended Necro Butcher. Nana doesn’t care. Durden asks about Skullcrusher Raschke Brown possibly joining the Embassy. Nana doesn’t answer clearly.

Skullcrusher Raschke Brown vs. Caleb Conley: This has squash written all over it. Stiff chop from Brown. Conley shoves Brown. Brown hits a Torture Rack and a Burning Hammer for the quick win.

Winner: Skullcrusher Raschke Brown

Kyle Durden is with Colt Cabana. Cabana loves the idea of a tv title tournament, and feels that he would be perfect for it. Durden asks about El Generico. Cabana says that it’s good for Generico to have something aside from Kevin Steen on which to focus. Steve Corino interrupts, telling Cabana to be careful who he stands up for. Cabana is not pleased.

Seriously, THIS is how to properly promote a ppv on a tv show. We know the date, the location, and the details of the top two title matches, and the show is just under a month away. Perfect.

Hog and Prazak discuss the American Wolves and their poor track record recently. We go to a series of video clips of American Wolf losses, and the pattern of Eddie Edwards being the one getting pinned.

Kenny King vs. El Generico: This is another first-round tv title tournament match. Two other matches will take place next week, one involving Davey Richards and Delirious and the other involving Eddie Edwards and Colt Cabana. Lots of streamers thrown for Generico. They shake hands. King tries to rush Generico from behind, but Generico turns and catches him. King applauds Generico. Waist locks and jockeying for position. King controls Generico at first, but Generico starts to work the arm. Chops from Generico. Series of arm drags from Generico. King goes to the floor and catches his breath. King takes his time getting back in the ring, mocking Generico’s entrance as he does so. King gets Generico in a headlock, then knocks him down with a shoulder block. King returns to the headlock. Generico returns to the hammerlock, but King fights out. Generico hits a backbreaker. King yanks Generico’s arm over the top rope, and focuses on it. Boot to the face in the corner from King. King stretches out the left arm and leg drops it. Two count only! Chants of “Ole!” for Generico. Forearm shots to the head from King. King makes the “I want your title belt” gesture. King grounds Generico by controlling the arm. Generico eventually gets a foot on the ropes, and King eventually breaks the hold. King throws Generico into the turnbuckle. King covers Generico, but Generico kicks out at 2 3/4. Generico chops back with his good right arm. King drop kicks the bad left arm. King dances in the ring. Generico clotheslines King with the right arm. Repeatedly. Generico clotheslines King over the top rope to the floor. King sidesteps an attempt at a top rope moonsault, but Generico stops himself on the apron and hits another one when King isn’t looking. Back in the ring, Generico hits a huge top rope crossbody. King kicks out at two. Generico takes King down with a slam, but King kicks out at two. Generico sets up for the Yakuza kick, but King beats him to the punch with double knees. Generico kicks out at two. Generico misses a Yakuza kick. King hits two spinning heel kicks to the face. King gets a two-count only. I missed a few minutes right here, but King grabbed the bottom rope to avoid Generico getting the pin after a high-risk move. King shoves the referee into the ropes to knock down Generico. King hits the Super Royal Flush on Generico to move on to the second round of the tv title tournament.

Winner: Kenny King

See you next Monday!

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