This week ROH is in Greensboro, North Carolina and we will be getting highlights from their Northern Aggression DVD.

ROH Intro

Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette tell us that they scrapped the whole planned show in order to show us highlights of the longest match in modern pro wrestling history, the main even of the Northern Aggression DVD, a 8 man elimination match.

Kelly and Cornette are in the ring with the Greensboro, NC Sinclair affiliate’s GE John Hayes, why I should care I don’t know, I live in New York.

We then go to prematch Comments from Both teams:

Team Red consisting of Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, El Generico, and Eddie Edwards say that they are gonna win the match and the split the $10,000 prize evenly between them.

Team Black consisting of the House of Truth and The Briscoes say that they’re gonna win and then an argument erupts between the 5 men on how it will be split between them.

The 8 Man Elimination Match where the winning team gets $10,ooo: Team Red (Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Eddie Edwards and El Generico) vs. Team Black (The House Of Truth and The Briscoes)

It was really hard to enjoy this match since there was a cut away every 30 seconds but I understand because of TV time however what they showed was really awesome.  Here’s the elimination:

  1. Shelton Benjamin by Mark Briscoe at the 48 min mark
  2. Mark Briscoe by Charlie Haas
  3. Charlie Haas by Roderick Strong
  4. Jay Briscoe by El Generico at the 50 min mark
  5. El Generico by Michael Elgin at the 63 minute mark
  6. Michael Elgin by Eddie Edwards at the 73 minute mark (1hr 13 min)
  7. Roderick Strong by Eddie Edwards at the 80 minute 33 sec mark (1hr 20min 33 sec)

Team Red is your winners.  Generico and WGTT join Edwards in the ring in celebration after the match as we fade to black.

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Next Week ROH will be in Baltimore and they will have highlights from Final Battle 2011.  Until then have a good week and thanks for reading.



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