This is all over the inter-web. Being covered by all the wrestling sites as the sign that after BFG, a new era is possible. Russo steps down from being Head of Creative and gives the job to Bruce Pritchard who took over for talent relations earlier from Terry Taylor. This means we might actually have coherent story without the mass amount of interference and if it sticks to the wall swerves. Possibly we could have an actual wrestling program that actually makes sense.

2012 must be the end of the world because this news is too good.


  1. He's still a writer though, but at least not at the very top. With Hogan's contract also up in October, let's hope this promotion turns the page.

  2. Sadly Hogan and not so sad Bischoff signed new contracts with the company. Not sure for how long.

    • I agree here. If Hogan was really focused on making the product better and not putting himself over, maybe he could add to the product. I just don't think he knows how to do that.

      Bischoff on the other hand, I don't mind. In fact, if they are going to have a non-wrestling authority figure, he's a pretty decent candidate… although I think pushing Cornette away is their loss and ROH's massive gain.

      Brother Love is being reported to be the guy behind the Bobby Roode push over the last 5 weeks. So things are already looking better!

  3. I'd certainly like to hope for the best, and if Pritchard is behind Bobby Roode's push, then we're off to a good start. At least he has a wrestling-related background as an actual performer. That said, word around the campfire is that most of the TNA locker room is uneasy about Pritchard getting so much power so early in his TNA tenure, and his reputation for politics and manipulation in WWE concerns people. That Hogan and Bischoff were re-signed, even after two years of doing absolutely nothing for the company, never bothering to even promote it (particularly Hogan), and cheerfully accepting substantial pay checks from TNA while quite publicly putting all of their time and effort into outside projects, signals loudly and clearly that nothing about the grand scheme of things will change.

    I hope I'm wrong. I sincerely do. Little would please me more than TNA being a consistently good show. I just believe that the people who view Russo's demotion as the end of all of TNA's problems are mistaken.

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