Previously on RAW…

Lesnar attacked Vince.

Vince challenged Heyman to a fight.

Cena agreed to face Punk for his Wrestlemania spot…

LIVE – American Airlines Arena, Dallas Texas

We open with Vince McMahon hobbling to the ring on his crutches, for his fight with Paul Heyman, twenty-one days after hip surgery.  Once in the ring, Vince promises something big every week on Monday Night RAW, leading up to Wrestlemania.


Heyman comes out dressed in a black track-suit and gloves.  He tells us this is a night we’ll be able to tell our grandchildren about…

“Tonight, you’re gonna see a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.” – Paul Heyman

Heyman runs down the list of insults he’s endured from Vince and assures him he is “all man.” He compares Vince’s chances of winning to Tony Romo leading his team to a Super Bowl.  He talks about how he’s wanted this for years, watching Vince put him and other promoters out of business, and beating the U.S. government.  He’s coming for everything Vince has got, and since Vince is in his “executive suit,” Heyman asks if he’s sure he wants to make an “executive decision,” and go through with this.  Heyman clips Vince in the bad leg in mid-sentence and wails on him with Vince’s own crutch.  Vince gets to his feet and grabs the crutch in mid swing.  He tosses it aside and lays into Heyman.

Cue Lesnar.

Lesnar comes out and stares down Vince in the ring, moving in slowly…


“Is it him?” – Michael Cole

Triple H, WWE Chief Operations Officer, makes his big return.  Triple H charges in, Lesnar meets him halfway.  Trips Thez presses Lesnar; brawl on the floor, Lesnar goes into the post head-first, and IS BUSTED OPEN!  Lesnar takes another post-spot and is sent over the guardrail.  Triple H goes after him.  Lesnar, with a knee to the gut, takes over and beats Triple H down.  Lesnar HITS THE F5 ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE and tosses TH back in the ring.  Lesnar tosses the crutch at Vince, and gets a chair from under the ring.  He charges, TH HITS THE SPINEBUSTER, and a chair-shot to Lesnar’s back.  Lesnar retreats.

Later tonight, John Cena vs. C.M. Punk and MIZ TV with Jack Swagger, Jeb Coulter, Ricardo Rodriguez and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio.

Backstage, Ryback makes his way to the ring.  RYBACK VS DOLPH ZIGGLER IS NEXT.



We come back to a recap of the TH/Lesnar fight, HEAVILY EDITED TO MAKE SOMEONE LOOK GOOD, GUESS WHO.  Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler encourage us to “Tout” about the fight, promising to show us selected Touts on the show.

Dolph Ziggler is in the ring w/Big E. and girlfriend A.J. as RYBACK makes his entrance


The theme of the match is Power (Ryback) vs. Speed (Ziggler.) DZ starts off with a fake-out on Ryback and some strutting.  It quickly becomes Ryback tossing DZ around like a rag doll.  DZ fights back with a dropkick to the head and kicks to the stomach, but we go right back to Ryback catching, tossing, and slamming Ziggler around.  DZ rolls out the ring to the floor, as we go to break…


We come back to Ryback in control, holding Ziggler up in a vertical suplex for a looooooooooooong time. Ryback finally drops, Ziggler rolls out again.  Ryback fetches him.  Ziggler tries a kick to the face, but Ryback catches the foot and tosses him back.  BIG E. PLOWS RYBACK DOWN while the ref isn’t looking.  Ziggler gets Ryback back in the ring and gets a two-count, then follows up w/stomps and a dropkick to the head.  Ziggler gets a reverse face-lock but Ryback powers up and tosses Ziggler.  Ryback misses a charge in the corner, and Ziggler gets the leaping DDT.  Ziggler gets two and jumps on Ryback with a sleeper hold.  Ryback escapes with his variation on the stunner (which he did as Skip Sheffield.) Ziggler charges Ryback in the corner, Ryback just swats him off.  Ryback tosses Ziggler hard a few times when AJ gets up on the ring to distract the ref (and the men on that side with her Shorty-shorts.) Big E. gets up on the apron and gets knocked back down.  Ryback ends this with a power-bomb and the Shell-shock for a three count.


After the match, we get a preview for THE CALL, a film starring Halle Berry and WWE Superstar David Otunga.  C.M. Punk makes his way to the ring as we got to…


We come back to a recap of Cena challenging Punk last week, and offering Punk the Mania spot if he wins.

C.M. Punk is in the ring, telling us we will witness the end, as well as the beginning.  Tonight is not about a match, John Cena, The Rock, The People, the WWE championship, or even Wrestlemania…


Punk reminds us he’s beaten Cena every time when it counted, and has pinned The Rock twice in four weeks.  He goes off on an ego trip that culminates in the best heel line ever…

“In this world you all inhabit…I AM GOD!” – C.M. Punk

Punk leaves us all flabbergasted, as we go to the video package for the next inductee into the Hall Of Fame, Celebrity Honoree…

Donald Trump.

We get the story of Trump hosting Wrestlemania twice in Las Vegas and his “Hair vs. Hair” wager with Vince, as part of Bobby Lashley’s match that year.

Next is Mark Henry vs. Great Khali.



Trending on Twitter – “CM PUNK IS GOD”

Nothing of a match to speak of;  Khali starts strong with a kick to the face, pummeling, head butts, and huge slaps to the chest, but it spills outside and Khali is crushed against the ring post.  Back in the ring, Henry ends this w/a splash in the corner and the World’s Strongest Slam for a three-count.


We get a preview of “The Marine 3,” starring the Miz, followed by Miz coming out in a suit for MIZ TV, up next.


Fandango makes his debut – THIS FRIDAY ON SMACKDOWN!

We are back with MIZ TV!  Miz introduces his guests, Zeb Coulter, Jack Swagger – #1 contender to the World Heavyweight title, Ricardo Rodriguez, and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio.  Miz starts off with Zeb and Swagger, giving them the opportunity to speak to Del Rio’s face.

“Well you know I was looking forward to the opportunity to talk to Glen Beck, but since he chickened out I welcome the opportunity to talk to you Mr. Del Rio.” – Zeb Coulter

Zeb, referring to himself and Swagger as “Real Americans,” and goes on to lament the eleven million undocumented workers in this country, how that’s what the “politically correct” crowd calls them and how they should be referred to as what they are, “illegals.” He references reform by way of amnesty and how illegals are crossing our borders and draining our resources.  Miz turns the floor to Alberto Del Rio but Zeb interrupts.  Miz tries to shut him up but ADR concedes the floor.  Zeb brings up the fact that a foreigner cannot own property in Mexico, calls Ricardo “sling blade (?)” And calls everyone Del Rio inspires “criminals.”


Del Rio tells Zeb that this country belongs to everyone, and if you work hard, everything is possible. (Authors note: That’s debatable.) He accuses Zeb and Swagger of hiding behind the constitution and makes a challenge…

“If you two have a problem with me, and you have the Conjoins, why don’t you do something to make us leave right now?” – Alberto Del Rio

“We will see you at Wrestlemania… WE THE PEOPLE!” – Jack Swagger

With that, Swagger and Zeb leave.

Tonight – C.M. Punk faces John Cena to see who gets the Rock at Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring for his match with Antonio Cesaro, which is next.

Promo for next week, OLD SCHOOL RAW!


We come back to an exclusive from WWE ACTIVE, Zeb Coulter confronts Miz and Swagger jumps him from behind, laying him out.

WWE U.S. champion Antonio Cesaro is in the ring waving the flag, and Randy Orton makes his way to the ring.


Cesaro in control with the headlock, shoulder-block, and the headlock again, Orton fights out, leap-frogs Cesaro and hits the elbow.  Orton hits a t-bone suplex, and both men hit forearm shots.  Cesaro gets in a boot to the gut, a fore-arm to the back of Orton’s head, and a gut-wrench for two.  Cesaro stomps and gouges away on Orton, locks in the headlock, Orton elbows his way to his feet, but Cesaro unloads European upper-cuts.  Whip into the corner and Orton hits the clothes-line, followed by another one, Orton ducks under and hits a scoop-slam.  Cesaro pulls Orton throat first into the top rope, but Orton catches Cesaro with the chin-lock back-breaker.  Orton charges Cesaro in the corner, Cesaro gets the knees up in Orton’s face.  Cesaro dives off the top rope INTO AN RKO.  Orton gets the pin.


Backstage – WWE tag team champion Daniel Bryan and Kane have agreed to let bygones be bygones and focus on their match with the Prime Time Players (Darren Young/Titus O’Neal.) Bryan wants Kane to let him handle it.

“I can beat those guys blindfolded.” – Daniel Bryan

Kane responds that HE should handle it.

“I can beat those guys w/one hand tied behind my back.” – Kane

It quickly becomes the ol’ chestnut of “No you can’t/Yes I can/No you can’t/Yes I Can!” And before we can get to the issue of baking cherry pies…

“EXCUSE ME!” – Vicki Gurrero

“Excuse Me Too!” – Brad Maddox

Vicki Gurrero (RAW Managing Supervisor) and Brad Maddox (Assistant [to the] Managing Supervisor,) AKA “Briki,” would like to see exactly that.  Vicki makes the match where Bryan will be blindfolded, and Kane will have one hand behind his back, at least, she TRIES TO, but Maddox keeps talking over her, until she gives him the hand.  Vicki gets in the final word and walks off with maniacal laughter.

From there, we got to a classic WWE Wrestlemania promo with Cena and John Bradshaw Layfield reenacting a scene from “A Few Good Men,” as part of that year’s “Hollywood” theme.

Next – Sheamus Oscar Snubs…

Oh joy…


Breaking News – Miz faces Swagger tonight. Also, Cole and Lawler remind us to air our feelings about the Lesnar/Triple H fight earlier tonight.

We come back to Sheamus coming out in a suit/tie.  In the ring, he claims to be an “avid movie lover,” and has a “bone to pick” w/the Academy, for overlooking “one of the greatest actors of the 21st century, Wade Barrett.  We get a preview for “Barrett’s” movie, Dead Man Down.  After that, Sheamus directs our attention to a screen cap of Barrett’s scene.  He’s in the background… out of focus… doing nothing.  Barrett storms out, commenting on how the Irish love the color green, in reference to the jealousy coming out of Sheamus’ ears.  Wade says by tomorrow night, he’ll be a global star in a worldwide blockbuster, and Sheamus will be returning his tux and drinking in a sleazy Irish pub.  Sheamus advises Barrett to make sure the paparazzi get his “good side,” but admits that due to his nose, he may not have one.  Barrett goes after Sheamus, Sheamus ducks and goes for the Brogue Kick, but Barrett breaks and bails.

Later Tonight – THE SHIELD!


Cody Rhodes is in the ring and his best friend, Damian Sandow is on commentary.  R-Truth makes his way to the ring we take a look back at last week when Sandow jumped Kofi Kingston before their match could start, and R-Truth came out to fight Sandow off.


Side head lock by Cody, Shoulder block by Truth, Rhodes goes for a leap-frog, but Truth hits the breaks, gives us a dance and a big right hand to Cody.  Whip into the corner, and Cody hits an elbow.  Cody misses the “beautiful disaster” but goes to work on Truth’s left knee.  Truth gets caught in the corner as Cody continues his leg assault, and beats Truth down.  Cody drops Truth face-first from a suplex stance, and continues the beat down as Truth tries to fight back.  Rhodes gets Truth in a snap-mare and a full nelson.  Truth fights out and whips Cody into the ropes, Cody gets a kick to the face, and RUNS RIGHT INTO THE “LITTLE JIMMY” FACE DROP for three.  After the match, Sandow jumps Truth, but Truth fights him off.


We get a look at a WE THE PEOPLE YouTube video on “jobs.” Zeb Coulter says he hears real Americans all over weeping because they’ve lost their jobs, and can’t provide for their families.  Swagger mentions how his father had to tell his mother to get a job because his 25 years at a factory left him with nothing, and Swagger had to go to work when he was 14 to provide for his family.  Zeb blames this on “Criminals” coming into our country and “stealing our jobs.”

Later tonight, Swagger vs. Miz



Bryan is blindfolded; Kane has one arm tied behind his back.  Bryan fells Kane’s face and tells him to get out.  Bryan starts off by going after the referee by mistake. O’Neal and Young use their whistles to confuse Bryan and lead him into their corner.  They take turns beating him down until O’Neal misses an elbow drop.  Out on the floor, Kane tries to help Bryan, but takes a forearm to the face from him.  Bryan trips getting back in the ring, Bryan ducks a charge from Young and Kane makes a “blind” tag.


I kill me.

I wish you would.

Kane comes in and steamrolls over both men with big right hands, and boots to the face.  Kane finishes this with a choke-slam for the three, and we all laugh at Bryan. (By “we” I mean Cole and King.)


Shield interview next.


We come back to another Recap of how Vince/Heyman became Triple H running off Lesnar, and another reminder to tout about it.

The Shield – Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins make their way through the crowd to the ring.

“It’s always gotta get worse, before it can get better, and believe us when we tell you, it’s gonna keep getting worse.” – Dean Ambrose

“If you don’t believe in the Shield, Justice is gonna hunt you down and we’re gonna grind your bones to dust.” – Roman Reigns

“We solved the John Cena problem.” – Seth Rollins
Shield threatens “no peace” in the WWE without Justice or Honor.  They are the most efficient unit in the WWE today and that makes a lot of WWE Superstars nervous, breaking up their comfort zones.  The Shield will beat any “super team” that gets thrown at them.  They’ve beaten the Neanderthal Ryback, the has-been wannabe rock star Jericho, and Cena IS THERE ANYONE ELSE?

Cue Sheamus.

Sheamus challenges the Shield to walk up to the stage and fight him.  Ambrose and Reigns take him up on the deal.  Seth straggles behind and RKO BY RANDY ORTON OUT OF NOWHERE!  Orton escapes through the crowd as the Shield tries to regroup.

Up next, Swagger vs. The Miz


We come back to a promo for “Old School RAW” next week, and a recap of the RKO on Rollins.

Swagger is in the ring w/Zeb as the Miz makes his entrance.


The match is basically Miz going after Swagger with fists and kicks, and Swagger using his weight and power to stop his momentum.  They trade spots until Swagger pushes Miz through the ropes.  Miz gets his ankle caught and sells it as an injury for Swagger to capitalize on.  Swagger ends this with the Patriot Act (ankle lock) submission.


Quick sponsor spot for Sonic restaurants and a recap of last week’s unveiling of the new WWE title, as well as Punk taking Cena out with the old belt.

Cena v. Punk is tonight!

Cena promo next!


We come back to a Tout from Triple H to Brock Lesnar.

“Are you just gonna stand around and bleed, or are you gonna do something about it?” – Triple H

Cole says Lesnar needed 18 staples for his head.  We get another heavily edited recap of the Triple H/Lesnar brawl and some Touts from the WWE universe.

Backstage, Josh Mathews has John Cena joining him for a promo.  Cena compares the match to Thunder dome, “Two men enter, one man will leave,” with a chance to go to Wrestlemania and become immortal.  Cena asked for this match tonight to prove that Punk is wrong about him not deserving to go to Wrestlemania.

“Either step up, or you step aside.” – John Cena

John doesn’t care what the Rock is cooking, he’s serving up some humble pie and he hopes all his critics are hungry.  Tonight, is for anyone still believes in “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect,” then tonight, their time is now.

We get a quick promo for ROBOT WARS hosted by Chris Jericho AND CENA VS PUNK IS NEXT!


Last Saturday, Waco Texas, THE UNDERTAKER RETUNED!  We see his silhouette on Tout at a house show.



Punk makes his way out looking determined, followed by John Cena.  Both men get full entrances before they get announced in the ring.

“LETS GO CENA/CENA SUCKS!” – Dallas crowd

We start slow, with basic holds, escapes, and take downs.  Punk takes a breather as we go to…


Cena is in control as we come back, until Punk side-steps him, into the corner.  Punk goes after the neck but Cena powers out of the head scissors into a drop.  Cena gets a boot, running bulldog, and a two count.  Cena wears down Punk with headlocks.  Punk shoots him off the ropes and hits a flying thrust kick for two, and takes control w/a headlock.  Cena fights out, gets a flying shoulder tackle, but misses the second time and goes out to the floor.  Punk hits a dive on Cena and is in control as we go to…


Punk in control w/the abdominal stretch, Punk hit the DDT during the commercial (according to WWE active) and has the anaconda vice on Cena!  Cena rolls over to get two and Punk breaks it up.  Swinging neck breaker gets Punk two.  Cena goes for the STF but Punk makes the ropes and hits a flying clothes line for two.  Punk goes up top and gets caught in the STF!  Punk escapes and locks in the Vice!  Cena counters w/the cross-face!  Punk rolls him back for two.  Both men spent, down on the mat.  Slowly both men are up and trading hard shots.  Punk hits some strong kicks but Cena catches him in a spin-toss.  Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle but takes a kick to the head.  Punk tries the GTS, Cena tries a sunset-flip, and Punk gets two with a pin attempt.  Both men get up slowly.  Punk hits a knee in the corner and tries a bulldog.  Cena drops him and gets the 5KS.  Both men try for finishers and Cena hits a power bomb for two.  Cena up on top, taking too much time, and Punk cuts him off.  Cena powers and head butts out of a Superplex attempt, and gets two w/a flying leg drop.  Punk hits a sharp kick to the head and a running knee lift, but Cena gets the AA out of nowhere for two!  On the outside, Punk sends Cena into the post and almost gets the count-out!  Cena beats it barely.  Both men up slowly, and Punk hits the GTS for two!  Punk goes for a second one but Cena catches the knee and hooks the STF! Punk makes the ropes.  Punk hits a kick to the knee and scores a pile driver!  For two!  Punk tries another cover but Cena kicks out again.  Punk goes up top…and misses the “Macho Man Elbow.” Cena wins it with a hurriconrana! And the AA for three!


“I’d like to say to C.M. Punk what the Hulk said to Loki… puny God.” – Jerry Lawler

Cena leaves the ring as the official challenger for the Rock at Wrestlemania.

Rock sends Cena congratulations over Twitter.

And we’re out.

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