This will be brief.

We open with a recap of WWE champion C.M. Punk running away from Ryback on last weeks’ show, leaving his team to be decimated by Team Foley.  Backstage, Miz tells Heyman he quits.

We go to the ring for a six-man tag with Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio and R-Truth against U.S. champ Antonio Cesaro and the Prime Time Players (Young/O’Neil.) Truth and the masked men win the match with a head scissors, 619, and a “little Jimmy.” During the match, Re and Cara seemed to have some legit confusion over a double team.

Lawler returns next week.

Vicki Guerro came out to talk about AJ and Cena some more.  I think the crowd was chanting “QUIET!” I’m not sure.  Cena came out and brought up her being GM on Smackdown while being married to Edge, and hooking up with Dolph Ziggler.  He calls her something I don’t understand.  We get videos of AJ in a bathrobe knocking on a door, and John in a towel opening and closing a door.  Vicki demands AJ come out.  AJ, on the tron, threatens to attack Vicki if she comes out, Ziggler steps in and implies AJ is a whore.  Cena heads to the back.  Vicki laughs manically. – Because they decided to do at least ONE WORTHWHILE THING TONIGHT.

Backstage; Heyman talks Wade Barrett into joining Team Punk.  Barrett hints at a favor.

Hell No comes out.  We get Daniel Bryan against Cody Rhodes.  A brawl on the outside sets up a win for Cody.  Cody grabs the mike and brags that Sandow could beat Kane.  Kane grabs Sandow.

We get Kane verses Sandow.  Bryan chases Cody into the ring. The ref throws them both out.  Kane wins with a choke-slam.

Cole interviews referee Brian Maddox.  Maddox screwed Ryback out of the title at Hell in a Cell so he could be famous.  Vince comes out and says if Maddox can beat Ryback next week, Maddox will get a $1,000,000 contract.  He sends Maddox out and calls out Vicki Guerro.  He scares Vicki into booking Punk into a three-way defense against Ryback and John Cena.

We get Sheamus against Miz with Big Show at ringside next.  Miz looks good, getting in a lot of offense and dominating the match, but it ends with a brogue kick and a three-count for Sheamus.

Backstage; Vicki comes out of Vince McMahons office and tells Dolph Ziggler he’s the new captain of Punk’s team.  Punk steps in to voice his objections; Vicki tells them they’re facing Ryback and Cena in tonight’s main event.

We get a promo for FANDANGO?

Backstage; we have Sheamus; thanking Stephen Regal for all his support, and agreeing to have dinner with him.

We get a recap of Vicki’s “evidence,” against AJ, and then we watch Aksana and Eve walk to the ring.

Our next match is Layla/Kaitlin vs. Divas champion Eve and Aksana.  Kaitlin pins Eve and no-one cares.

Backstage; Alberto Del Rio and Roberto Rodriguez discuss being on Team Ziggler when Rosa Mendez bumps into ADR.  He smiles and they hit the ring.

WWE IC champ Kofi Kingston comes out, followed by Ricardo announcing ADR, who drives out in a $500k Aston Martin.  We get a recap of last Friday’s Smackdown, where ADR cost Randy Orton a loss against Wade Barrett, and Randy responded by attacking him backstage.

Our next match is Kingston vs. Del Rio.  It’s a hard fought match, with the tide going back and forth until Orton’s music hits and distracts Del Rio, allowing Kofi to get the pin, and Orton to run in and RKO Del Rio.

We get a recap of the Maddox interview and Co-Bro (Santino Morella and Zack Ryder,) come out.

We get a tag team match with Co-Bro vs. Mo-Co (Primo/Epico) w/Rosa.  We get a chant for Ryder and Santino gets the pin w/the Cobra.

Next up is Wade Barrett vs. Brodus Clay.  Barrett is clearly the crowd favorite, despite the “Funkadactyls,” embarrassing attempt to rally the crowd.  Barrett wins with the “souvenir.”

We get footage of people in a pub for some reason, and then we get Heath Slater w/Jinder Mahal vs. Jay Uso w/Jimmy Uso.  Slater wins with the “Smash Hit,” (wide swinging DDT.)

And now, our main Event

WWE heavyweight champion C.M. Punk comes out with Paul Heyman.  Punk recaps his victories over Ryback and Cena, and mentions his reign has been 351 days and he is the best in the world.  Ziggler comes out followed by Cena (to a hostile crowd) and Ryback.

Our main event is a tag team match, Ryback/Cena vs. Punk/Ziggler.  Cena carries most of the match as the face in peril.  The big finish is Cena making the tag and Ryback devastating their opponents.  He tosses Ziggler out of the ring like a doll, and pins Punk with the Shell-shock.  The show closes with a Cena/Ryback stare down and Ryback going “Feed Me More…Feed Me More…etc.”

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