Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Blessed Yule! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah!

And whatever other celebratory events that I may have left out. We here at BWF wish you and yours all the best during this holiday season, and we sincerely appreciate your support. Without you coming here to read out articles, share thoughts on Twitter, and so on, we’d really just be doing all this to amuse ourselves. And that’s a bit creepy. So on behalf of all of us here at boredwrestlingfan.com, we thank you, and look forward to bringing you more wrestling goodness (and badness) in 2010.

In the spirit of the holiday, I wondered just what I would ask Wrestling Santa for. Suppose that all one had to do was tell Wrestling Santa what you as a fan wanted to see over the next year, and if you were good, it might just happen that way. I have compiled a list of twenty things (sure, it’s a long list, but there is much ground to cover), and I invite you, staff and reader alike, to post your own “Wrestling Wish List” in the comments box. Don’t feel obligated to agree with me, I promise I’ll still like you if you don’t. Well, except for Carlo. That guy’s a jerk. 😛

Drowgoddess’s Wrestling Wish List:

1. An effective, if not lengthy, WWE Championship title reign for Sheamus. That it actually happened at all was shocking enough. Don’t squander this opportunity.

2. An effective, if not lengthy, Intercontinental Championship title reign for Drew McIntyre. Whether he continues to feud with John Morrison or not, McIntyre is in a tremendous position right now. The eventual title loss of the undefeated “Chosen One” needs to be treated as the huge deal that it is. McIntyre also needs an official t-shirt, stat!

3. An end to the RAW “guest host” gimmick. Just stop it. Admit that it isn’t helping anything, and stop it.

4. Tag team gold, as well as complete division dominance, for the Hart Dynasty.

5. A Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya title feud, following Michelle McCool’s tragic accident with a wood chipper.

6. A “Straight Edge” stable, led by CM Punk. Two or three more people would be great.

7. A continuation of the push for Kofi Kingston. He’s just getting started, but he could be HUGE if handled properly.

8. A renewal of Evan Bourne’s push. You DO know that he still works for you, right, WWE?

9. Less Hornswoggle. I’d prefer none at all, but I’ll settle for much less. 

10. TNA keeping the six-sided ring. Sure, some people hate it, but it not only looks different, it forces wrestlers to wrestle the matches differently. Don’t let Hogan and Bischoff get rid of it!

11. Re-sign Angelina Love ASAP, and get rid of Lacey Von Erich! This counts as one request.

12. Focus on the X-Division, and give it a proper champion.

13. More Daffney!!! Preferably in the Knockouts title scene, but just in general.

14. Focus the TNA World Heavyweight title scene around AJ Styles, Daniels, Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Hernandez, Desmond Wolfe, and Kurt Angle.

15. Find or create more Knockouts tag teams so that Taylor Wilde and Sarita can fight someone other than The Beautiful People.

16. Tag team gold for the Motor City Machine Guns!!! Good grief, how long does this have to take?

17. A lengthy tag team title feud between the Young Bucks and the MCMG. This is money, pure and simple.

18. Ring of Honor gets what it needs to become a more stable and significant player in the wrestling landscape.

19. EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA start to become viable alternatives, and increase their presence.

20. TNA slows the hell down in terms of pacing, realizes that “The Hogan Experiment” will not fix all of their problems, and acknowledges that the massive chants of “This is wrestling!” during the Wolfe/Angle match at “Final Resolution” just might be a sign of where they should be looking.  

That’s what I want. What do you peeps want? Get to sharing!

Peace out,



  1. This can't be the real Drowgoddess. I know her too well: while the Daffney reference was a good try, the real DG would've had "Chris Sabin wrestling in a Santa hat –and precious little else" at the top of her list.

    • Everyone already knows that I don't need a Christmas wish list for that one. It's true year-round. I may as well point out that the sky is often blue, or that cats go "Meow."

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