Just wanted to let you all know what happened at the Smackdown house show I attended last night.

I want to start out by saying that I took my 11 year old nephew Eli to the show, making this his first time ever at a live WWE event.  We arrive at the Oncenter War Memorial arena and were greeted by a guy passing out flyers for an upcoming 2CW wrestling show.  The show is July 10 and features Spike Dudley vs. Sabu as the advertised match.  May have to attend that one if I remember.  On the back of the flyer it advertised an upcoming show in August featuring Bryan Danielson (aka Daniel Bryan) but that one is being way too far for me to be driving to, so I probably wont be attending.

  • 2CW is our indie wrestling promotion and they do shows in all of Central New York, I attended a show of theirs last year right after Wrestlemania which featured Colin Delaney, Sunny, AJ Styles and Desmond Wolfe.

We get in the building and we stop over to the merchandise section and what does the kid want, a John Cena t-shirt.  Yep I had to buy one, though for a minute he did change his mind and wanted a Kofi Kingston shirt, but he changed his mind again.  Then when we got to the table He decided that he also wanted a Cena action figure, so guess what, he got one.  We the get our seats to find someone already sitting in them but no worries, I got the usher to kick them out.  We were about 8 rows back, right in the middle, the first row of the cheaper seats (priced were $65, $45, we were in the $45 section).  And then the festivities began.  This was probably the lowest attended WWE house show I’ve been to the place was about 75% full (the highest being 95%) but it was still a hot crowd.  Now since this is a results article, I should probably get to the results shouldn’t I eh?

1.  Matt Hardy def. Dolph Ziggler-  People need to stop calling Hardy fat, because he clearly isn’t, a little out of shape, yes but fat no.  Ziggler got on the mic and taunted the crowd a little and then they had a good little match with Hardy using the Twist Of Fate to win.

2.  JTG def. Tyler Recks-  What, Recks still has a job???  His horribleness caused me to find the guy walking around selling beer, which I did.  JTG hit his move, whatever it’s called to win.

Then former ECW General Manager Tiffany came out, (man I wish I was Drew McIntyre) and got a kid to be the guest timekeeper for the match in which:

3.  Some mexican guy def. Chris Masters-  I don’t remember this guy’s name, but he’s good on the mic and got some real heat from the crowd, he even made a fat guy sitting in front of me in the handicap section stand up.  But Masters must either be in trouble or this mexican guy is about to be on TV real soon because the last time I saw this was when Valdmir Koslov killed Brian Kendrick before Koslov debuted.

4.  Christian & MVP def. Hawkins & Vance Archer-  Great match here between the two, almost like the classic tag team matches back in the day.  Christian hits the Killswitch on Archer for the win.

After the match the S.E.S. minus CM Punk attacks Christian & MVP and pounds on them.  Gallows then grabs the mic and stated that this will continue until Punk is found.  Then Kane’s music hits and he takes out Gallows, the mystery man, Hawkins and Archer.  Then after the beatdown, Serena stands in the ring pledging herself.

After the ring is cleared, ring announce Tony Chimel and Tiffany throw out some T-shirts, (one came within inches of me) and we went to intermission, during which we went back to the merchandise booth and Eli got himself a John Cena spinning necklace.

Right before we come back, the arena goes dark, most of the people there think that it’s the Undertaker, the fools.  Instead of Undertaker, we get:

5.  Women’s Championship Match:  Layla def. Kelly Kelly-  The second I saw Kelly, I went to the concession stand to get a snack, but the lins from intermission was still too long and the service was slow and I didn’t want to leave Eli alone for too long so I went back and suffered through this.  Layla was flying solo for this one, no McCool or Kaval for this one, though before the match she did get out a bottle of perfume and sprayed it around the ring.   Layla won by pinfall.

After the match Layla continued beating on Kelly until she is saved by none other than…………….

wait for it


Finally after many live WWE events, I get to see him live, he looks a lot bigger than on TV.  He runs Layla off and tries to get Kelly to do a leprechaun leap, and they dance around the ring.

6.  Intercontinental Championship Match: Kofi Kingston def. Cody Rhodes-  Can somebody please tell me how Cody Rhodes got good on the mic and in the ring? Did daddy or older brother beat it into him?  Because he was on point tonight.  This was the match of the night in my opinion (mostly because I’m not a Reybot).  Rhodes came out and insulted the crowd, demanded that Chimel reintroduce him as “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.  The match was pretty good too, with Rhodes going into the crowd and right in front of me.  If I didn’t get a text from my girlfriend at that exact moment, I would’ve taken a picture.  Kofi won this one with Thunder in Paradise.

7.  World Title Match:  Rey Mysterio def. Big Show & Jack Swagger-  I think now it being called the World title, since Rey has it. Oh yeah we were the first ones to see him since he won it at Fatal Four Way 😛 .  I was probably the only one in the arena not cheering for Rey, in fact I showed him how I felt by telling him he was number one Stone Cold Steve Austin style and he looked directly at me not once but twice, so I know he saw me.  Anyway, this match did what it had to do and Rey won by hitting the 619 and pinning Jack Swagger.  After the match Show hit Swagger with his knockout punch and left Swagger lying in the ring as everybody left.

All in all:  Tonight was about an 11 year old boy and his first WWE live show, he had a great time and that’s all that matters, not my opinion.  And on that note thank you all for reading and see you all next time!


  1. I can't believe they'd fake the Undertaker entrance and you ended up with a Diva's match. Weak.

    Sounds like a decent house card. I haven't been to a house show since 1999 (wow, time flies). I've been to a number of tapings, but they always tend to do TV here since I moved back in 2001. The funny thing is that I've managed to go to all of them for free (although I had to turn down free tickets to the second to last one).

    You're a good uncle, I kind of wish your nephew went with the Kofi Kingston shirt! Ha ha!

  2. What's funny is that I was wearing my Kofi shirt and i brought a few for him to choose from to wear at the show and I actually thought that he was gonna ask me if he could wear my Kofi shirt. But he really wanted a U cant see me shirt.

  3. You didn't wear your bWf shirt to the show?!? Hmph. I'm kidding, of course, but I do wear my bWf shirt to any wrestling shows I go to. BTW, the one I made myself turned out pretty good. I'm actually wearing it right now. I just need to get the real ink for this stuff and I'll be able to do the shirts from home instead of having them done in a factory in China. Maybe Barry and Brian Hardy will be able to trade their merch for a bWf t-shirt by the next ESW show after all!

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