Twitter’s @DCsPeoplesChamp is in the Verizon Center as I type this, and tweeting from the show.  I’m not watching, actually, but that’s because The Simpsons are on.  Why can’t these companies have their PPVs on a night when nothing else is on, like a Saturday?  Anyways, I digress…

Much of this is derived from @DCsPeoplesChamp’s tweets.

Santino Marella defeated Chavo Guerrero in the dark match.

Match 1: Team Miz def. Team Morrison

Ziggler is the first one gone from Air Bourne but Bourne was bounced by McIntyre (sp)

Sheamus eliminated Finlay

Swagger eliminated by Starship Pain

A face crushing finale for Shelton…3 on 2 now

Hardy is gone…Morrison is all alone against Miz, McIntyre and Sheamus

Team Miz wins thanks to Sheamus

Please don’t rap Christian…he’s gonna rap smh

(@kickoutblog Talking of Canadian rappers and no one mentions Snow?!)

Rey v Batista is next

Match 2:  Batista def. Rey Mysterio

Batista’s gettin a mixed reaction from the crowd…he is from DC you know

We started a 1 more time chant! ONE MORE BATISTA BOMB! Another chant…another Batista Bomb this is awesome!

Ref’s stopping this one…Rey’s probably dead…or close to it!

Spinebuster thru the chair!!! HE’S SO DONE! Big Batista chant!

RKO with another monotone promo….

Team Orton v. Team Kofi is next! The heels are already in the ring now Kofi is out as they play a replay from Monday

Match 3:  Team Kofi def. Team Orton

CM Punk looks like he’s gonna blow a gasket! And lmao@the guy next to me sayin they put Christian in this match to avoid a race war! #win

WOW just like that Mark Henry is gone from an RKO!

GTS on R-Truth..he’s gone!

DiBiase is out…sunset flip by Christian…Kofi in with Regal!

MVP kicks Regal outta this match…literally! Regal’s gone

Lil techinical difficulties…Kofi was the sole survivor after a rollup to beat Punk then Trouble in Paradise to beat Orton…World Title up

Taker’s entrance is so epic! Large Undertaker chant started before he came out

Match 4:  Undertaker def. Chris Jericho and The Big Show

Pure domination by JeriShow on Taker!

Double team continues…waiting to see who will turn on who…small Y2J chant

Big Show eats some steel post…Jericho is alone with Taker

Time for a lil Old School!

Old School Fail

What a superplex by Jericho! Everyone’s down

Walls of Jericho n Taker!

Chokeslam on Jericho…Taker goes and hits a DDT

What a powerout from Show!

Jericho hit Show with the belt…ALMOST A 3 COUNT!

#LastRideFail belt to the skull!

Knockout punch…Jericho breaks it up! Show breaks up Jericho’s attempt…HERE WE GO JeriShow going at it!

Taker is in trouble!  HELL’S GATE!  Tap out Show!  Taker retains!

Great win for Taker…another#SurvivorSeries triumph for the Deadman

ok Divas match now…I guess I can tweet about this lmao!

Match 5:  Team Mickie def. Team Michelle

How is it Melina is the Divas champ and is NOT the captain of the team? #wwefail

Ok seriously my apologies to @BrdWrstlngFn but I can’t sit and watch this…gotta get a soda  (no worries.  I’d probably do the same thing)

Well I go to get a soda and this match is still going…Michelle is left for her team against Mickie and Melina…lot of Ms

The wannabe Canadian Destroyer gets the win for Melina and Mickie…I love when Melina screams =)

Sidenote: some jabroni just got ejected…sucks for him…main event is up coming as they change the mats!

LMAO Trips tried to throw a glow stick in the crowd and hit the lights and it came back to him! Hahahahaha!

WWE title match is ready to start! Mixed reaction for Cena…tho everyone in my section loves Cena…I think he f**kin sucks

Match 6:  John Cena def. Triple H and Shawn Michaels


What a weird counter to the FU (Can’t call it the current name…)

Yes a “Let’s go Cena” “Cena sucks” chant

Figure 4 on superman reversed…shocker

Great anticipation by HBK


Spinebuster and a near fall for The Game

Here comes Superman *sigh*


What a match! Here we go… “Vintage HBK!”

Cena ruins it and goes for a high risk and fails! Got him!

STFU applied…Can Trips hang on?


STFU on HBK…can HE hang on?




And of course Cena wins again…that was an epic match!

Great PPV IMHO…even better seeing it live!  What’s gonna happen at RAW?!

DX is now leaving after high fiving fans ringside

What a great time!  Time to head home and go to bed!

Thanks to @DCsPeoplesChamp for taking the time to tweet the results to us while he was at the show.  Sounds like he had a great time!   Be sure to join us tomorrow night for RAW!

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  1. I did have a great time…and thanks for posting my tweets here! I always enjoy going to WWE events live even tho the product appears to suck on TV…yet live it's AWESOME!

  2. WWE does a really great job at making the PPVs feel special in a live setting. Put it this way – I've been to an NHL Eastern Conference Final Game 6 with my team down 3 games to 2, and as great of an atmosphere that was, the WrestleManias that I've been to have blown it away.

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