Before I start, some quick site news – I’ll be doing quick reviews of all the shows (save for TNA’s program, as our Empress of iMPACT, Drowgoddess will continue providing excellent coverage) in the DVR style, and they should be posted just a couple hours after the show – so no more waiting until the next day for a review!  The change comes about due to a change in shifts at my job (where yes, there is still no power).

Anyways, Survivor Series picks after the jump!

John Cena vs. Chris Jericho (C) – World Heavyweight Championship

– Cena is back after a career threatening injury, and he’s going for Jericho’s World Championship in his own hometown.  I’d hate to say it, I don’t want to even think it, but it looks to me like John Cena is the huge favorite though.  Your Bored Wrestling Fan is going against the grain on this one though, envisioning Jericho retaining by hook or by crook in an effort by WWE to make Jericho even more hated.

Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov vs. Triple H (C) – WWE Championship

– While your Bored Wrestling Fan is pulling for Jeff Hardy, especially if he’s in full blown “Extreme” mode as he’s been the past few weeks, I’m afraid that Hardy being put in the match is serving two purposes – allowing Vladimir Kozlov to not be pinned, but also to not win the title.  My pick is Triple H to retain.
UPDATE: It’s come to my attention that Jeff Hardy was supposedly involved in some sort of “incident” that may render him unable to compete tonight.  In light of these new developments, I am not changing my call.  I’m just now more convinced that Triple H will pin Hardy to retain.

Undertaker vs. Big Show – Casket Match

– Does ‘Taker need some time off?  If not, it’s pretty much a lock for the dead man to pick up the win here.  Alternatively, Edge could come back and attack Undertaker (wouldn’t be the first Survivor Series to have that happen), and costing him the match.  Given current posibilities for Edge, I’m giving the nod to Undertaker in this one.

Team RAW vs Team SmackDown – Diva’s traditional Survivor Series match

– The RAW Divas assaulted one of the SmackDown Divas on RAW this past Monday night, so I’ll go with the logical choice and give a win to Team SmackDown.  Who will survive?   Who knows!?

Team HBK vs. Team JBL – traditional Survivor Series match

– Well, whatever happens, we can pretty much be sure that MVP will be eliminated at some point.  Other than that, Miz and Morrison are hot right now, and HBK can still look strong in losing tonight.  I’m going with Team JBL on this one.

Team Orton vs. Team Batista – traditional Survivor Series match

– Wow, this is a tough call here.  Both sides are packing championships, with ECW Champion Matt Hardy and RAW World Tag Team Champions, CM Punk and Kofi Kingston on one side, and US Champion Shelton Benjamin and Intercontinental Champion William Regal on the other.  Looking at it though, it seems as though Batista has the stronger team, and will probably get along better given the problems between Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes.  Team Batista’s going to take this one.

How well will I do this time around?  We’ll find out at 8PM EST tonight as World Wrestling Entertainment presents Survivor Series, live on Pay Per View!

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