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  1. RAW 10.25.10


    Originally, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to catch this RAW, due to homework, but I managed to just miss about 18 minutes of it.  I’m sure RAW will more than make up.  Anyway, basically all that happened during that block I missed was that Cena and Otunga lost the WWE Tag Team Championships to Gabriel and Slater.  Awesome.

    We come back from the first commercial for a WWE Rewind.

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Last week: United States Daniel Bryan challenges Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler to a Champion vs. Champion match at Bragging Rights.>

    Vickie Guerrero and Kaitlin make their way out to the ring.  Vickie says that there was a blemish in Smackdown’s perfect night at Bragging Rights, and that Ziggler was cheated by shoddy officiating, and that there was a bias for RAW by the WWE referees.  Ziggler is going to embarrass Bryan tonight.

    Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs United States Champion Daniel Bryan

    Before the match even begins, CM Punk comes out.

    In the ring, Ziggler gets an advantage over Bryan, and Punk joins them for commentary. Bryan takes the advantage back and gets Ziggler in the ‘surfboard’, and Ziggler manages to get out or Bryan lets him out.  Ziggler goes for a cover on Bryan, but Bryan kicks out on two.  Ziggler tries to keep advantage, but Bryan takes that away with a dropkick to the face, and Ziggler kicks out of the cover.  Ziggler hits a low gut-kick on Bryan and Bryan flips him right out of the ring.


    @HitTheRopes I love that @CMPunk is about to school King and Cole on announcing. #wwe

    @ThingsColeSays CM Punk burying King is AWESOME!!!

    @TKeep123 Here come Chuck Norris…err..I mean….Bryan Daniel. #WWE #RAW

    We’re back to Bryan and Ziggler back in the ring, and Bryan takes Ziggler out with a hard clothesline.  Bryan goes for the cover, but Ziggler kicks out.  Ziggler looks like he’s begging for mercy, and Bryan ignores him, hitting hard kicks on his abdomen.  Bryan misses his first kick, but hits the second one, only for Ziggler to kick out at two.  Bryan goes for the LaBell lock, but Ziggler gets to the ropes.  Bryan puts Ziggler on the top rope, and hits a hurricanrana off the top, only for Ziggler to flip it into a pin, though Bryan kicks out.  Ziggler goes for the sleeper, but Bryan gets out, and Ziggler hits what could have almost been Sweet Chin Music on Bryan.  Bryan kicks out of that cover though, and Vickie screeches about the ref cheating or something.  Ziggler goes for the Zig-Zag, misses, Bryan goes for a cover, reverses into Ziggler covering Bryan, and then Bryan kicks out at two.  Vickie is still screeching.  Ziggler and Bryan trade moves, and then Ziggler throws Bryan, but Bryan kicks out of the cover.  Ziggler goes for the sleeper again, but Bryan wonders absently around the ring, but Bryan counters into the LaBell lock, and Vickie pulls Ziggler’s foot outside the bottom rope.  The ref takes his submission, Vickie freaks out, and the ref basically says that that’s too bad and keeps his decision the same.

    United States Champion Daniel Bryan wins via submission.

    Bryan’s enjoying his victory, and Ziggler slips back into the ring, but then flees when Bryan turns around.

    Last night, Smackdown beat RAW again. Boo.

    Later tonight, John Cena will take on WWE Champion Randy Orton, and the winner decides the special guest referee for their next match (or… Barrett and Orton decide).


    @WWEsAngel_Nef Okay, Bravo #WWE Good match w/ Punk as a God on commentary

    @CawCawBang LMAO! I love CM Punk’s brutal honesty

    @TKeep123 Ziggler’s gonna get callouses from tapping so much! #WWE #RAW

    The guest star tonight is country megastar, Toby Keith.

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: WWE In Your Corner: WWE Wrestlemania Reading Challenge.>

    Toby Keith gives a copy of his albums to the Bellas, and they give him a Championship belt.  Santino comes up, dressed like a cowboy.  He said that when he came to America, it was all pop, and now it’s country and western.  He then sings a song of sorts that he wrote.  I’ll try to find these lyrics later, alright? It is funny.  Toby tells him to keep his night job, and then Sheamus comes up.

    Sheamus mocks Santino, of course, and says that Santino embarrassed his team last night, but Sheamus is going to give him an opportunity to prove he’s not worthless.  He challenges him TONIGHT!  Santino says he’s on.  Sheamus then tells Santino he’d better show up.  Santino then asks Toby if he thinks Sheamus was ‘for really’.

    Cena walks up and yells at Barrett, who calls him out for finding a loophole last night.  The only reason Cena’s still employed, is because Barrett is allowing it.  If he tells Cena to make a cup of coffee, be silent, or lay down to give up a championship, then he’s gonna do it.  Cena says that for the last few weeks he’s been trying to hold onto something he loves, but he can’t do it anymore.  Fired, quit, it’s the same damn thing, and it beats working for Barrett.  Barrett tells him to hold on, and that he may have a solution.  If Cena beats Orton tonight, Barrett will make him an offer that will benefit both of them.


    @kickoutblog Santino still looks less ridiculous than Toby Keith usually does.

    @inkincisions Please. Someone, anyone, get in that ring, and wrestle!

    @thinksojoe Best. Country. Song. Ever! #BWF

    @TKeep123 Cowboy crooner Santino Morella! Fear The Cobra! #WWE #RAW

    @HitTheRopes The Bellas doing what they do best, standing next to the guest star….. Wait, wasn’t there some kinda dysfunction between them? #wwe

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Slam of the Week: LayCool mocks The Harts on Smackdown.>

    LayCool vs Melina and Gail Kim

    Melina goes straight for McCool, then dominates Layla.  Melina goes for a cover on Layla, who kicks out.  The two switch each other around, and then Layla knocks Gail off the apron, and they hit each other mid-ring with a cross body.  Layla tags in Michelle, but Melina didn’t see it and takes a boot to the face and a cover for the win.

    LayCool win via pinfall.

    Short ass Diva’s match?  Check!

    Lawler tells us not to wear a WWE T-shirt when you go to vote next Tuesday.

    Miz and Riley make their way to the ring, and Cole says Miz is going to read the Riot Act to the rest of the team.


    @divadirt Michelle pins Melina after a big boot and it’s all over in 1 minute. Yay(!) [/sarcasm] #WWE

    @CawCawBang Does this mean we get to see psycho Miz again?


    Wheeeeeeee, Miz~! I haven’t done it in a while.  Just… let me have a moment.

    Okay, moment over.

    Miz says he’s accomplished more in his career than everyone in this arena can dream of achieving in their entire lives.  No matter how superior he is to everyone in the arena or the locker room, he is not a miracle worker.  Last night, he endured adversity, overcame hardship, he lasted longer than any Superstar on RAW, but they still failed against Smackdown.  If the WWE Superstars had a fraction of the talent that he possessed, the Bragging Rights trophy would be on Monday Night RAW.  But his talent doesn’t just speak volumes.  It screams ‘AWESOME’.  That’s why he’s a leader.  That’s why he’s the captain, and that’s why tomorrow, the poster child of THQ’s Smackdown vs RAW 2011 is none other than him.  The Miz joins Cena and the Big Show on the cover of the game.  Miz says that if they really wanted to make some money, then the cover should have just consisted of him.  The RAW team should have just consisted of seven Miz’, instead of one Miz and six losers.  If those people understand anything, understand this: he blames his team, he blames Smackdown, he blames Rey Mysterio, and if Rey wants to come over there, he’s putting out the challenge.  Step right up over to RAW, next week, he doesn’t care.  The reason people watch RAW is because of him.  Because he’s the Miz and he’s the only person on the RAW roster that can honestly say that I’M AWESOME!

    Eve comes out after his speech and makes her way into the ring, and Miz even holds the ropes apart for her.  Miz says that Eve is there to apologize on behalf of all the Divas, but she doesn’t have to.  She should, instead, be apologizing for her horrific taste in men, music, and hair extensions that don’t match.  She says she didn’t come out to apologize.  He needs to be worried about the fact that everyone in the locker room, arena, WWE Universe thinks he’s a… bunch of words here, loser.  Miz asks if they all really think he’s a frog-faced loser, and I disagree. :3  Anyway…  Miz says that the Packers aren’t going to the SuperBowl, so they’re all losers as well.  As for Eve, Miz finds it amusing that the Superstars sent out a Diva to insult him.  Eve says that she knows what he’s going to say and he’s quite possibly the furthest thing from awesome she’s ever seen, and he’s ugly.  Riley says for her to shut the front door.  Riley says that he doesn’t speak Gucci, but the reason the rest of the RAW team isn’t out there is because they’re all tip-toeing their way toward unemployment, and the Miz could have beat any of those slackers by himself.  So, why doesn’t Eve take that little switch in her walk back to the back and find out if anyone in the team wants to take a piece out of the captain.

    Truth comes out, thus ruining a few nights on Twitter.  I wish he’d stop rapping though, I really would…  God, I almost miss him screaming ‘What’s Up?’ at me… and yes, Cole, Santino’s singing was better.

    Truth says slackers was a bit harsh.  Anybody wanna piece of Miz?  Truth would like to have a piece of Mr. Kermit.  Don’t get mad because what Eve said is the truth, and they all know the truth hurts.  As a matter of fact, he doesn’t have a problem showing Miz that the truth hurts.  God, this is corny.

    “Ding ding ding.”

    The Miz vs R-Truth

    Miz misses a clothesline, and Truth takes advantage, knocking Miz out of the ring.


    @WWEsAngel_Nef Is it just m or is Eve channeling some serious Dixie Carter right now? #WWE

    @dasharpshooters: The Miz should Choke that bitch. STFU EVE! #wwe #raw

    @StrikerSays For a minute, though, I was REALLY hoping for an intergender match.

    @kickoutblog All those pansies in the Raw locker room had to send a woman to trash talk Captain Awesome.

    @inkincisions LMFAO. Alex Riley. OMG. This segment has made my night. “OH YOU FANCY HUH!?”

    @CawCawBang get back in the kitchen woman

    @divadirt Miz says Eve should be sorry for her ‘extensions that don’t quite match’. You got served! #WWE

    @TKeep123 I love Eve and she’s a trained dancer, model, cheerleader, etc, but when she dances to Truth’s rap…it’s just sooo bad. #WWE #RAW

    Miz has Truth in a headlock as we return, getting momentum back with a big boot to the head.  Truth goes for a roll-up, but Miz kicks out at two, and then pummels Truth’s head.  Miz goes for a cover, but Truth kicks out.  Miz gets advantage again, but Truth fights back, countering in mid-air and going for a cover, but Miz kicks out.  Miz gets Truth in the corner and beats on him until the ref pulls him away.  Miz then hits the swinging corner clothesline and goes for a cover again, only for Truth to kick out again.  Miz gets him to his feet and then puts him on the top turnbuckle.  Miz tries for a suplex, but Truth holds steady and knocks Miz off.  Miz runs into Truth’s foot, and Truth jumps over him, hitting some hard hits on Miz before Miz counters with a kick to the gut.  Truth then hits a vicious clothesline and keeps his momentum going.  Truth goes for a cover, but Miz kicks out at two.  Truth slams his elbow into Miz and ducks under a clothesline, hitting some weird move on Miz, and going for a cover.  Miz kicks out at two, and Miz is outside on the apron.  Truth knocks him right into the announce table.  Truth then shoves Miz into the ring, and Riley shoves Truth into the apron.  Eve walks over and slaps Riley.  In the ring, Miz goes to suplex Truth, but Truth manages to get on his face.  Truth then takes Riley out outside the ring, and goes for a cover, but Miz kicks out at two.  Truth tries to hit Lie Detector, but Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale.

    The Miz wins via pinfall.

    Miz blows Eve a kiss after the match, getting some attitude back, of course.

    Still to come, Cena takes on Orton.


    @KeepItFiveStar That’s R-Truth’s signature move, looking up a the lights, flatback.

    Tonight’s guest star is Toby Keith, and he happens to be the special guest referee for the next match.  The Bellas need to learn how to dance to country music.  Seriously… and get off him, you whores.  He’s too important to get herpes from you two.

    Honestly… I’m a fan of Toby Keith (born and raised listening to him), but I don’t know what he’s saying, to be honest.

    It’s a shameful thing, lobster head…

    Sheamus vs Santino Marella

    I love Santino.  He just poked his head out from behind the lights there.  Santino seems reluctant, but Toby Keith works on getting him in the ring.  Santino managed to get one quick shot in before Sheamus decided to massacre him for his mistake.  Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick, and Santino literally just flops onto his butt.  John Morrison runs out and tells the ref something, falling on his butt again when Sheamus goes for another Brogue Kick.  Sheamus went for another Brogue Kick, but ended up getting his feet all caught up in the ropes, and Santino capitalizes with a pin.  He and John Morrison flee up the ring.

    Santino Marella wins via miracle pinfall.


    @KeepItFiveStar Toby Keith told Santino that Sheamus is no longer Triple H’s gym buddy.

    @TKeep123 Toby Keith can’t keep his eyes open? OH, that’s right, protecting them from the Sheamus glow! #WWE #RAW

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Stand Up For WWE.>

    More video packages, less wrestling.  Totally makes sense.

    Gabriel and Slater take pride in their title win.  Otunga, on the other hand, wants to talk to Barrett and looks pretty pissed.  Otunga asks why he had to go through that.  Barrett says that he’s sorry he feels that way.  Otunga says that since he couldn’t win last night, Barrett made him lay down.  Otunga says that he may be a little pissed and may decide to tell everyone why they really attacked Taker last night.  McGuillicutty and Harris come in wearing Nexus shirts, and Barrett says that they’re members, and while he understands Otunga’s frustrations, Otunga is either Nexus or against us, and he needs to make that choice right now.  Otunga glares at them all, and then says he’s Nexus.  Barrett says he’s pleased about that and for Otunga to keep up the excellent work.  I wonder where they found enough fab- okay, no fat jokes.  I’m sorry.

    Next up, Cena vs Orton.


    @KeepItFiveStar “I was in prison watching the WWE because the inmates used to watch the show to get ideas on how to-” – MVP

    @HitTheRopes Hey, Stand Up for WWE ad, I visited China…town! Chinatown, dammit! #wwe

    @kickoutblog Okay, Stand Up for WWE is lame, but this promo is pretty damn cool.

    @ThingsColeSays OK, I actually like this video package. I know it’s got ulterior motives, but it’s different.

    Oh, dear God… Next week, Pee Wee Herman is the guest host… I may avoid RAW next week… He makes me twitchy.


    John Cena vs WWE Champion Randy Orton

    Cena and Orton part seven million and forty-five starts now! … I love all their matches though, I’ll be honest.

    Orton and Cena lock up, Cena getting Orton in a headlock, but Orton fights out of it and takes Cena down with a hard shoulder.  Cena ducks a blow from Orton and gets him in another head lock.  Cena gets out, but Cena hits a hard shoulder knockdown on Orton.  They lock up yet again, but Cena backs Orton into a corner, then they run across the ring, and Orton counters Cena’s usual bulldog, hurling Cena across the ring.  Orton gets the momentum and holds onto it, sparing Barrett a glance before focusing back on Cena.  Cena launches himself at Orton, but Orton drops onto the mat and ducks under it, sending Cena right out of the ring.  Barrett sneaks up on Orton from behind, but Orton catches him, and hits him, sending him scampering backward.


    @Niki_Sushi @RandyOrton , why do you look like you were sculpted to make the Greek’s jealous?

    @KeepItFiveStar Wade Barrett is doing the Smackdown vs RAW Manager bit. Just walk out while the person does their entrance.

    We come back to Orton holding the momentum still, Cena fighting out of his headlock.  Cena pulls Orton onto his shoulders, but Orton plants Cena face-first onto the mat first.  Orton goes for a cover, but Cena powers out at two.  Orton hits Cena with some hard hits to the face.  Orton flings Cena into the corner, and Cena lifts his boot.  Cena then hits a series of shoulder blocks on Orton and then drops him to the ground, calling for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, giving the You Can’t See Me to Barrett, before hitting it on Orton.  Cena attempts the Attitude Adjustment, Orton attempts RKO, Cena attempts STF, and Orton hits a scoop slam.  There was stuff in between, but it was moving fast.  Orton glances at Barrett, and Orton pulls Cena into the ring, but Cena avoids the DDT and plants Orton outside the ring.  Barrett goes to help, but Cena shoves him head over heels away from Orton.  Orton and Cena exchange blows outside the ring, and then Cena throws Orton into the ring.  Cena climbs onto the top turnbuckle and hits a leg drop on Orton.  Cena goes for a cover, but Orton kicks out at two.  Orton gets up, Cena attempts the Attitude Adjustment, and Orton wiggles free.  Orton gets back into the ring and Cena locks in the STF.  Orton is inching toward the ropes, but Barrett pulls the rope back, and Cena gets up in his face.  They argue whether Cena should listen to Barrett or win the match.  Cena gets back in the ring, and Orton hits a drop kick on him.  Orton then hits his DDT on Cena, dropping to the mat and pounding in preparation for the RKO.  Cena inches up to his feet, Orton watches him closely, and misses the RKO.  Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment instead and Orton manages to kick out at two.  Cena gets Orton back up, but Orton hits an RKO on Cena, who rolled out of the ring.  Orton rolls out of the ring to Cena and pulls him up and shoves him back into the ring, rolling back in himself.  Orton gets to his feet and backs into a corner, but Barrett pulls Cena out and clotheslines Cena.

    Jon Cena wins via disqualification.

    Randy attacks Barrett from behind after the disqualification.  Nexus runs to the ring and starts to take Orton out.  Cena, on the other hand, fights Nexus back, and Barrett yells at them all to stop, and tells Nexus to get out of the ring.  Barrett tells Cena well done, and that he gets to choose the special guest referee for his match with Orton at Survivor Series.  His ref will be Cena.  Barrett says that Cena will be an impartial referee, but if Barrett doesn’t win the championship at Survivor Series, he’ll fire Cena on the spot.  When Barrett wins the WWE Championship, Cena will be relieved of any and all responsibilities to the Nexus.  Cena looks like he can’t believe it, Orton looks pissed, and Cole poetically says that Orton is screwed.  Way to take the words out of my mouth, Cole.  Way to go.

    What will Cena do?  What will Orton do?  WHAT WILL I DO?! There’s RAW.  Til next week.