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  1. pintnoir Impact wrestling review 2-16-12 The Aftermath of AAO

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    We start the show with a replay of the pay per view where we watch Bobby Roode retain the World Title after infuriating Sting by spitting on him. This causes a hoopla the results in Sting swinging and missing Roode and yet hitting Jeff Hardy with the title belt.  And being forced to count the three. Welcome to iMPACT wrestling.

    The Leader of the Selfish Generation comes to the ring to brag about still wearing the strap. He even has the lovely Christe Hemme announce him twice and delusionally hears the crowds jeers and boos and thinks their cheering his name. Roode sounds so much like Boo who could blame him. This is of course followed by Steve with mic in hand. He announces that Roode will have a rematch against Hardy tonight! In a No Time Limit, No Disqualification match. And it starts after the break.

    Roode (c) vs Hardy: Hardy comes out strong taking out his frustrations out on the selfish one. Hardy basically owns Roode for the majority of the match. That is until Hardy goes for a whisper in the wind, which Roode counters with a ref bump into the ropes. Before unceremoniously baseball slides Hardy to the outside. After a momentary breather Roode heads outside to piledrive Hardy on the ramp which is reversed into a back toss. Hardy is getting fired up throws Roode into the ring, takes off his shirt…only to be jumped from behind by Angle. He throws Jeff into the steps before throwing him back into the ring where Roode is waiting with a spear for the three. Still your champion Bobby Roode.

    We next have a somber moment about Jesse Sorenson who was injured at AAO when Zema Ion land knee first on the top of his head. Compacted C1 vertabrae which left him numb from the waist down but four days later he seems to be recovering nicely and hopefully he will soon return to wrestling.

    Speaking of Zema Ion he has a X Division tag team match where the hairsprayed one teams with A Double to take on Alex Shelley and Shannon Moore? The question mark is for Moore who just seems randomly thrown in but more than likely it was supposed to be Sorenson who is injured. This as usual is a exciting match with the similar but conflicting personas of Ion and Aries attempting to co-exist with there massive egos in the ring. Spots where Shannon grabs the hairspray and using it causing Ion to baseball slide kick him in the back from inside the ring was a good show of his heel nature. Eventually Aries gets ready to put away Shelley but is unknowingly tagged from behind by Ion who sneaks in and rolls up Shelley for the win.

    Yeah Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are coming to the ring next for what should be entertainment. (sigh) But what we get is them sitting ringside as a Knockouts Over the top Battle Royal takes place. We have TNT, The sitas, Mickie, Winter Love, ODB and Favorite Velvet Sky.  I have to state right now that I stopped reading spoilers on Impact a couple of months ago so here I was hoping for Sarita against all hope. Well after an exhausting nail biter we have Sarita standing against..Velvet?! No words for this. Velvet tricks Sarita like Wyle E. Coyote by allowing her to charge at her before dropping down causing her to fly out of the ring. (huh) Velvet does a quick celebration before Madison charges in and dumps her over. Come to find out that Madison announced before the match while standing in the ring that everyone in this ring is wrestling for the #1 contendership. Even with Vince Russo officially gone from TNA we still get a swerve. Gail who is in shock screams at Madison who points at her signifying her crown. Thank you TNA for giving me hope before dashing it.

    When overated is beaten by

    Magnus and Joe comment on being Champions before the rematch is announced for next week. A Garett adn Gunner segment is played meaning the return  of Eric B. triumphant. I’ll pass. But for some reason we see Chelsea, former vale for Desmond Wolfe accompany them.

    Oh and a promo interview with soem dude sporting his 60 minutes (his words) style MMA show. Which by the way should have us all excited.

    Eric Young is ready to redeem himself for not calling or acknowledging ODB on Valentines Day. Yeah, more filler to pad the show.But don’t worry they eventually make up after he sings her an Ode to ODB, I really wish we could have some purpose other than comedy for ODB and EY.


    Main Event: James Storm vs Bully Ray- #1 contenders match.

    We have two wonderful contenders in a predictable match. We all know the endgame for Roode, which is his partner James Storm. But this is a nice distraction. Ray really goes all old school heel getting the heat he needs to push the crowd in Storm’s favor. Stripping The Cowbow down to his bare leg goes to work on the leg. Storm who is taking a beating is finally allowed some offense when Ray brags to much take a shot in the mouth. Before you know it Storm hits the Last Call for the three and his chance at Roode. At ringside sits Brandon Jacobs of the NY Giants, Storm calls him out to celebrate. before you know it Ray comes in and belts Storm from behind. Bullying Jacobs before spitting beer in his face. This sets off Jacobs who shoves Ray leading the to the always slow D’lo, Simon D, and Al snow who dart to pull Jacobs off Ray.

    Backstage Captain Obvious (Wonder Years) interviews Storm and jacobs basically detailing the entire scenario over again after just seeing the events. Jacobs who’s first lines are incoherent seems to play along. Next Steve comes out to announce when Roode will face Storm.

    Calling out Roode he tells him he has no where to run because Storm will face him in Nashville, TN at Lockdown.  Roode quietly and suddenly kicks STing in the balls. Then knees him in them for good measure before blasting him with the belt

  2. ECW results in REAL TIME! 6/23/09

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    Break out the Harry Slash and the Slashtones, because this ECW on SciFi review…  is…  EXTREME!

    Ok, maybe not, but it is in real-time, so don’t forget to refresh the page every so often if you’re visiting between 10PM and 11PM Eastern on June 23, 2009!

    ECW theme plays: Look, new ECW.  I just brought up the original ECW, how can I not question your heart?

    Five nights away from The Bash, where Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, Christian, Finlay, and ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer will attempt to walk out as champion in a Scramble match!

    But tonight, Evan Bourne is here with taped up ribs due to injuries suffered at the hands of The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.  Bourne’s opponent is The Hart Dynasty’s Tyson Kidd.

    Evan Bourne def. Tyson Kidd

    Matt Striker assumes that if he presses Triangle and L1, Kidd or Bourne will do something exciting, since they’re almost like video game characters with their high flying offense.  David Hart Smith and Natalya hopped up on the apron at the same time, earning themselves an ejection from the referee.  Bourne knocks Kidd out of the ring and hits a high-flying maneuver to the outside, earning himself a classic “ECW” chant!  Back in the ring, however, Kidd goes after the injured ribs of Bourne.  Kidd stretches Bourne as only a Hart Dungeon graduate can do, but Bourne reverses a back suplex attempt into a pin attempt for one.  Kidd doesn’t let this minor setback impede his progress, he goes right back after Bourne’s ribs, driving his knee into them and then draping Bourne across the top rope.  Bourne starts to battle back amid “Let’s Go Evan” chants.  Bourne uses a unique rollup to score a two count and starts to build momentum.  Bourne hits a hurricanrana and a Tito Santana-esque flying forearm before taking Kidd down with a high knee.  He climbs the ropes and launches a picture perfect Shooting Star Press for the victory!  Excellent match to kick off ECW!

    A lot of people are saying Finlay took cheap shots on Tommy Dreamer and Christian last week – but they don’t mention the shot on Jack Swagger.  The show a video of the cheap shots in question – including the cheap shot on Swagger that I mentioned.

    Speaking of Finlay, he’s on his way to the ring.


    For some ungodly reason, Finlay still has Hornswoggle’s music.  I know this because he’s on his way to the ring as I type this.  And apparently, he’s got something to say.  People want to know what his problem is and why he did what he did to Christian and Dreamer.  He tried to break up a fight between the two of them a few weeks back, and nobody called him to apologize – they texted him.  What he did last week wasn’t a cheap shot, it was an eye for an eye, and this Sunday at The Bash…

    Oh radio, tell me everything you know…

    Zack Ryder tells Finlay to listen up, because Finlay’s overlooking the fact that he’s got a match with the man of ECW, Zack Ryder.  Woo Woo Woo, you know it.  Whatever that means.


    Finlay def. Zack Ryder

    The match is underway when we come back, and Finlay is in control.  As Matt Striker says, Finlay is looking to make Ryder’s Woo Woo Woo turn backwards into Ow Ow Ow.  Finlay attempts to wear down Ryder with submission holds and fierce strikes.  Ryder starts to battle back after he and Finlay inadvertantly cracked heads, which seemed to hurt Finlay’s injured eye.  Ryder starts to work over the Irishman with submission holds of his own.  Mr. Woo Woo Woo goes after the injured eye, wearing Finlay down.  Finlay starts to fight back with a barrage of strikes.  He hits the Finlay Roll but only gets a two count.  Ryder goes after the eye again, and exposes the steel turnbuckle as the referee checks on Finlay, but Finlay manages to catch Ryder with a surprise roll up for the victory!


    RAW REBOUND: Randy Orton and Triple H both failed to answer the referee’s ten count, thus allowing Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship.  Donald Trump sold RAW back to Mr. McMahon for twice what he paid for it.  Mr. McMahon then told Randy Orton he’s going to wrestle in Three Stages of Hell at The Bash, defending his title once again against Triple H, who assaulted him in the parking lot after the show.

    Josh Matthews and Matt Striker run down the card for The Bash.

    Striker gets in the ring and has a blackboard illustrating the ECW Championship Scramble match with him.  Your teacher teaches us the rules of the match.  He then welcomes Gregory Helms, who is standing by backstage with Mark Henry.  Henry starts to talk about tonight’s main event, when a large box falls on a production assistant.  When Henry turns back around, Helms is gone, and The Hurricane is saving the production assistant!  When Henry turns back around again, Helms is there and asks him again how he feels about his match tonight.


    Jack Swagger is the first man out for tonight’s main event, followed by his tag team partner for the evening, Mark Henry.  The ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer makes his way out first for his team.  Christian makes his way out and we’re set for our main event of the evening.

    Tommy Dreamer & Christian vs. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger

    Christian and Swagger start off with Christian taking early control.  He tags in Dreamer who doesn’t fare as well, until Swagger tags in Mark Henry.  Dreamer knocks Henry out of the ring and dumps an incoming Swagger out as well.  Dreamer hits the rolling senton from the apron on Henry and Christian hits a cross body from the top onto Swagger, and the “ECW” chants start up again as we head to a…


    Swagger is pounding away on Christian as we come back, but Christian starts to battle back.  Dreamer gets the tag in, and starts dominating.  Christian inadvertently causes distracts the referee, however, allowing Mark Henry to sneak in and attack Dreamer from behind, which gives Swagger the opportunity to take over and tag in the World’s Strongest Man.  Swagger and Henry make the ghost of Gorilla Monsoon proud by cutting the ring in half and using frequent tags to keep a fresh man in the ring, but Swagger finds himself caught with a Dreamer spinebuster.  Swagger gets to Henry first, but Dreamer gets to Christian soon after.  Captain Charisma takes Henry down with a missile dropkick from the top rope and gets a two count.  Christian goes for a sunset flip on Henry, but Swagger tags himself in.  Henry goes to sit on Christian, who moves, but Swagger, the legal man, goes for a Gutwrench Powerbomb, which Christian escapes before hitting the Killswitch.  Swagger was close enough to the ropes for Tony Atlas to pull his foot under the rope.  Henry squashes Christian on the outside, allowing Swagger to hit the Gutwrench on a second attempt to pick up the win.

    After the match, Henry drops Dreamer with a World’s Strongest Slam, and then gives one to Jack Swagger for good measure.

    My Thoughts: THE HURRICANE IS BACK!  This show is usually awesome enough, but to actually see The Hurricane on my television made it that much better for me.

    ECW is consistently one of the best shows every week.  There’s a reason for that – the talent.  Twice tonight, ECW chants broke out in the crowd.  It may not be the original, as I alluded to earlier in this post, but it’s still an extremely (no pun intended) enjoyable professional wrestling program.