The following announcement is paid for by the Russian Kremlin.

Welcome to the War for another week, I am of course, Chris Cooley, returning from his interrupted vacation, due to that iMPACT review I did a few weeks back. On today’s show… Dammit Joe, you changed the locks without telling me? Just because I wasn’t here, doesn’t mean I was dead. Looks like i’ll have to break into the BWF compound. Which means, there won’t be a column now. There could be one later in the week, if I can get back to my office, otherwise, it’s next week.


  1. Or maybe, just maybe, I had plans of coming back this week. But rather than just come back from nowhere, and be like 'fucking surprise', I thought i'd build the suspense, and give the three people who read the piece normally, something to look forward to.

  2. I look forward to it, as much as I look forward to winning the WWI pool. Brother. Dude. Brother. Dude. Brother. Dude. Brother. Dude. (The latter was brought to you by Hulk Hogan meets Ashton Kutcher, or Adam Sandler meets Hogan, you decide).

  3. Okay, brief thoughts now, longer response in Da Email: my previous points on product being subservient to bottom line still apply and more than ever. The WWE logic that storyline (not product) brings in fans is being borne out by the numbers. Their statement does not include a detailed market analysis and I may beg help for research on this. Phillips is a German and he have my pen.

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