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  1. The War On.. 2K, Not Two Thousand And Why Society These Days Is Completely Destroyed

    What’s this? WWE made another video game? Does it look like the last one? Well.. yeah, probably. You know, slight tweaks and the shizz, but it’s bascially the same thing. However, instead of arenas from the ‘Attitude Era’, WWE 2K14 is based around WrestleMania, as 2014 will celebrate WrestleMania 30, with 29 WrestleMania arenas that […]

  2. BWF’s Half-Time Show

    Here we are again, that one day of the year where that game called Gridiron or American Football as it’s sometimes known, is having it’s biggest day (I refuse to mention the particular name of said event, as I’m going to do the whole show without mentioning it. But, if you don’t know what it […]

  3. Getting Down With The Classics

    Welcome once again to Getting Down With The Classics, it is I, your once regular turned freelance writer for BWF, here with another classic from wrestling past. On this episode, we go back to 1999, the 31st of January to be exact, for a special edition of Sunday Night Heat. You see, this episode of […]

  4. Getting Down With The Classics

    As the title suggests, this is a look-back at wrestling past, and the era in which all of us here grew up with somewhere along the line. In tonight’s episode, we look back at 19th May 1997 edition of WWF RAW IS WAR from Mobile, Alabama, as we start.. Getting Down With The Classics Cue […]

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