March 25th 2009.. I named this show ‘Wednesday Night Delight’? Am I serious? What the fuck was I on when I came up with a name like that? The names didn’t get much better either.

W is for Wednesday, Wrestlemania and …
Wednesday, Wednesday, Happy Days. Wednesday, Wednesday, Happy Days.

and many more shockers. Until one day, a title came along, that with a slight modification, would become the title that would last..

August 5th 2009 – The War On Everything

From then on, The War On Everything, became The War On… and it became a staple of, until it stopped because I stopped watching. Wrestling that is. Not the website. I explain it all here, in my Three Year Anniversary special.

Anyways, as this is now Five Years since we started this shindig, I guess there’s only one thing to do..

Cue the Opening

October 8th, 2012.. DLC that wasn’t actually DLC and was actually a column that anyone could access without downloading anything extra.

That was the last time you heard from here on this very website, without the use of radio. So this must be some kind of special occasion. I mean, I was the special teams back in the day. I was the Martin Gramatica of BoredWrestlingFan. Nowadays, you can see me at the far superior, It’s the Dailymotion to BWF’s YouTube.

Five years ago, three people.. maybe more depending on who you ask, started a group called the Triumvirate of TN-Awesomeness, and promptly got traded to the San Jose Sharks for Christian Ehrhoff, because my GM skills make Joe Nieuwendyk look mediocre.. which isn’t hard, considering Nieuwendyk was a shit GM.. trading James Neal.. seriously. At least I traded for a decent D-man.

But in all seriousness, for those who like, or don’t like BWF.. blame iMPACT, and not because it’s TNA. It’s the actual reason this website exists.

For you see, all of it started when we were the only people in a certain forum that would punish ourselves by watching iMPACT. It was out of the sheer boredom of watching this tripe, that we became Bored Wrestling Fans, and thus, creating this website you see this column on today.

Five years of fun, excitement and dribble, and just like yesteryear.. a column written by me on here has made absolutely no sense to anyone or anything. It’s just full of random links leading to random things on the internet. What do you expect? An insightful wrestling column about wrestling that makes sense and wins awards? A wrestling column about how WWE use ‘smartphone technology’ far too much to the point nobody actually gives a fuck? A wrestling column about how there’s just far too much wrestling on TV, and it was a lot better when it was just Raw Is War and Sunday Night HeAT A wrestling column about how bringing back the Brawl For All tournament may not be the worst thing in the history of wrestling?

A wrestling column talking about lack of competition and how wrestling, as an entertainment aspect, needs a complete makeover to capture the imagination of fans once again. I mean, wrestling you could argue has gone through two golden ages so to speak, and to be honest, if it needs to compete in this day and age, it can’t just rely on name and a few guys that were around during the last golden age. Do you really want columns like that on a site such as this one? Coming from someone who hardly watched any wrestling from mid-2009? Do you really want that? Honestly..


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