As the title suggests, this is a look-back at wrestling past, and the era in which all of us here grew up with somewhere along the line. In tonight’s episode, we look back at 19th May 1997 edition of WWF RAW IS WAR from Mobile, Alabama, as we start.. Getting Down With The Classics

Cue the opening

We begin, with the crushing of an egg, otherwise known as Stone Cold Steve Austin. The arena is pitch black, until Austin starts walking down to the ring, when as we walks, the lights become more and more turned on. Austin brings the light. He’s being interviewed by JR, and Austin doesn’t like Michaels, as he saved him from being attacked by the Hart Foundation. Austin continues, only to be cut off by the entering of Shawn Michaels. Michaels doesn’t like Austin, Austin doesn’t like Michaels. Shawn used Austin’s catch phrase, which leads to fisticuffs and enter the usual suspects sent to break up fights.

What’s that? Owen, Anvil and Bulldog appear on the titantron, and issue a challenge for Austin and HBK for the Tag belts next week. Michaels doesn’t want Austin as a partner, Austin doesn’t want Michaels as a partner. Fisticuffs between the two again, and JR and King finally start commentating.

Enter the Nation of Domination’s Crush, followed by the rest of the Nation, he’s meant to face Vader in the King Of The Ring Tournament, but Vader’s nose is spread across his face, due to Shamrock at the Cold Day In Hell In Your House Pay-Per View. And what do ya know.. look who Vader’s replacement is..


Crush w/Nation of Domination vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/Chyna

Apparently, Helmsley was already knocked out last week by Ahmed Johnson. However, because of an error by referee Tim White, in which Hunter was told that he could only advance by Pinfall or Submission, and not by DQ, Helmsley was given Vader’s spot in the tournament. Thanks for telling us Gerald Brisco. Now, to be honest, I’m not going into full match detail with these things, you’ll just get how the result came to be.

Anyways, Vega’s up on the apron as distraction, which allows Helmsley to motion Chyna, however Crush fights out, and the referee turns his attention to Chyna up on the apron. This allowed Savio Vega to miss Hunter with his kick, and instead connect with Crush’s head, allowing Hunter Hearst Helmsley to win the match, and advance. I have good feelings about this Helmsley guy.. I see him destined for big things. Just a hunch. The Nation argue in the ring, as the Hart Foundation are to compete.. next!

MATCH#2: Two-Time Slammy Award Winner, WWF Intercontinental Champion and Co-Tag Team Champion Owen Hart w/Co-Tag Team Champion British Bulldog and Jim ‘the Anvil’ Neidhart vs. Bob ‘Spark Plugg’ Holly

The hometown hero takes on the man with double gold. Owen looks for the Sharpshooter, only for Holly to counter, wrapping him up in a pin, and getting the three.

An interview with the Undertaker is shown from the previous week, in regards to a secret Paul Bearer is threatening to reveal, if the Undertaker doesn’t return to Bearer.

Michaels and Shamrock get interviewed by JR.. looks like HBK has found his man to take on the Hart Foundation for the Tag Titles next week.

The lights aren’t shining as well as what they should be and the transmission isn’t behaving due to a thunderstorm in the area.

Now we see another interview.. this time it’s an interview with Mankind.. Part One! Highlights include Mankind saying he was always the Indian in the game of Cowboys and Indians, playing a game called ‘Kill The Guy With The Ball’, as a kid, how he loved pain, and how he wanted to a be a pro wrestler. The kids also picked on Mankind as a kid.. stay tuned for Part Two! (not in this episode, the 26th May 1997 edition).

MATCH#3: Leif Cassidy vs. Scott Taylor

Jerry Lawler just said that Rob Van Dam could be the Tiger Woods of the WWF, but he can’t due to Paul Heyman not allowing RVD back in the WWF.

These matches don’t go for very long. Cassidy connects with a sit-down front suplex, and as he attempts another, Taylor counters into a roll-up for the three. Leif Cassidy is now going nuts at JR. JR tells him to get help. Maybe he’ll start writing Help Me on his forehead?

Austin’s search for a tag partner leads him to Sable. A topless Sable, with only her breasticles covered up by an Austin t-shirt. Turns out Stone Cold doesn’t want her as a tag partner.

Apparently the Nutter Center in Dayton Ohio, is named after Jerry Lawler.

The Hitman arrives, on crutches. The Hart Foundation in discussion, and rather than show us why the Hitman is on crutches presumably, they cut to something completely different.. like to more than half a million each week.. that thing.

Instead, Bret’s in a wheelchair (which means he’s already injured from a previous WWF event), and after he sends the rest of the Hart Foundation to the back, he calls out HBK. Bret starts abusing Michaels, which leads to Sweet Chin Music. Enter the Hart Foundation, who finally caught Michaels, and they decided to lay a beat down on him, only for Austin to play savior and rescue HBK.

Cue the opening

Cue the Hart Foundation. Cue Vince McMahon on commentary for the Warzone.

Bret has the mic, and starts bagging out Americans like he always does. His announcement is that he’s coming back at the King Of The Ring, and he’s challenging Shawn Michaels to a match, and if Bret can’t beat Shawn in ten minutes, then the Hitman will never, ever wrestle in the United States again. Michaels appears on the titantron to discuss the challenge. Shawn wants the other members of the Hart Foundation handcuffed to the ringposts, so they don’t interfere. HBK also mentions the infamous ‘Sunny Days’ comment during this promo. Bret agrees with the stipulations and it’s on for the King Of The Ring.

Goldust introduces Marlena and their daughter Dakota to the ring, and they all have a play and a muck around. Marlena and Dakota leave, and Goldust is ready to face his opponent.

MATCH#4: Goldust vs. Rockabilly w/Honky Tonk Man

Rockabilly gets tied up in the ropes, and as the referee tries to set him free, Honky enters with guitar in tow, but Goldust sees this, and smashes the guitar over Honky’s head instead, which leads to the referee ending the match, and awarding it to Rockabilly via DQ.

Ahmed Johnson interview with Vince, discussing Faarooq playing the race card in regards to their never being a black WWF Champion. Ahmed Johnson says he will be the first black WWF Champion. Funny, I thought you spelt it T-H-E-R-O-C-K.

Austin is trying to convince Harvey Wippleman to be his tag partner, then the Brooklyn Brawler appears wanting to be his partner. Stone Cold throws him into the barrels, then tells Wippleman that he has to be his partner, and just stand there as Austin whips ass.

Now we cut to a series of ads involving Sunny and the Super Soaker.

MATCH#5: Rocky Maivia vs. Faarooq w/Nation Of Domination

Oh no, we’re running long, so we won’t the Godwins compete. Oh darn. Enter the Nation Of Domination.

Maivia heads up top, Faarooq hits the ropes, causing Rocky to wishbone on the turnbuckle, allowing Faarooq to hit the Dominator for the win. Savio and Crush want to beat down Rocky, but Faarooq says NO!

We cut to the Hart Foundation beating up Bob Holly. That’s what happens when you beat Owen Hart in a match. It’s just fact.

Enter the Undertaker. The WWF Champion. He is being interviewed by Vince McMahon, and they first discuss the race card. The Undertaker isn’t the qhite saviour, as he doesn’t see colour. He’s not white, nor black, he’s the reaper of wayward souls. In regards to the secret, Undertaker says it isn’t the time, but then that screech is heard, and Paul Bearer says it is. Bearer is on the titantron, and looks like the mummy. Just because the Undertaker burned you Paul Bearer, doesn’t mean you need to look like a mummy.. maybe you want Brendan Fraser’s attention? Bearer wants Taker back, but the Deadman needs more time. Bearer gives him seven sunsets for the Undertaker to once again be at Bearer’s side, or the secret will be revealed.

MAIN EVENT: Jim ‘the Anvil’ Neidhart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin enters with a crutch, wary of the Hart Foundation, who enter ringside just after the match has started. Brian Pillman has also joined the commentary team, as it will be Pillman/Austin at the King Of The Ring. Austin goes after Pillman, which sends Pillman into the ring with the crutch Austin brought down, and hitting Austin with it. Hart Foundation come for a beat down, Shawn Michaels comes to play hero. Also, President Gorilla Monsoon has just informed the commentary team, that Austin and Michaels must tag team next week to face Owen and Bulldog for the tag titles. HBK says there’s no way he’s tagging with Austin, which leads to fisticuffs again between the two, and the usual batch of referees, Brisco and Patterson have trouble breaking them up, as it ends.

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