One, Two.. Is This On? Yo Jimmy, hit me with that Triple H..

That’s not right. It’s Joe, not Jimmy. Anyways, I haven’t written a piece in awhile, and I had an idea about doing one based on how to get a job in the big two companies. But would mean some sort of seriousness on my part, and besides, how can I put random YouTube links in random words when I’m being serious?

Never Mind That Shit.. I mean..

Cue die Öffnung

Has anyone else noticed that the only way to get a job in the WWE, is if you’re a relative of a wrestler from wrestling’s past? Natalya is Jim Neidhart’s daughter, Ted DiBiase Jr. is the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase’s son, Cody Rhodes and Goldust are Dusty Rhodes’ boys. The list goes on. Infact, here is that list:

Alberto Del Rio, Epico, Michael McGillicutty, Primo, Husky Harris, Rey Mysterio, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Randy Orton, Natalya, Tamina Snuka.. just to name a few. Althugh, the Bella Twins are actually twins. Vickie Guerrero was married to Eddie Guerrero, John Laurinaitis is Road Warrior Animal’s brother, The Rock’s father is Rocky Johnson and Peter Maivia’s Grandson. There’s bound to be me more, I’m not listing them al, I’d be here for seven years, and that’s not including all the relations of wrestlers currently in developmental. My point is, if you want a job at the WWE, be a relative of someone associated with wrestling’s past. Or be involved in the TV show Gladiators (see Ryan, Mason)


I don’t remember this in Metal Gear Solid. I might have to play through it again.

I’ve had requests to talk about Zack Ryder’s new t-shirt based on the Statue of Liberty. Not only is it a bit derogatory toward one of the United States’ monuments, but it’s not a very good t-shirt. It’s has far too much orange to be a normal t-shirt. Then again, children these days probably like that kid of thing, so it will sell like hot cakes. What I don’t understand is, why bring out new merchandise, for someone’s who’s career they killed thanks to John Cena? They had Cena “feud” with Ryder, Cena stole his slut girlfriend whore, and all this will lead to absolutely nothing, as Cena already has a match at ‘Mania against the Rock in what only the E are saying is the biggest match of all time. So the point of all this was..

I knew it wasn’t Rikishi that ran down the Rattlesnake.

MUSIC BREAK: Adolf Hitler’s apparent sexual fetishes

Triple H vs. Undertaker w/Shawn Michaels as referee in Hell In A Cell at Wrestlemania. Hell In A Cell is Undertaker’s match. That’s what they say anyways. However, Triple H has won more Hell In A Cell matches than the Undertaker. So how is it Undertaker’s match? Anyways.. as if the Undertaker loses here. Who does Triple H think he is? Eli Manning? The Mountie? Kevin Nash?

Shawn Michaels forfeiting every title? Surely you can’t be serious..

MUSIC BREAK: Nickelback

And right now, I’ve purely ran out of ideas for things to write about. I’m not a fan anymore, I don’t watch their programming. I only bought WWE ’12, was so I could re-create the Attitude era. My game has the Corporate Ministry, the nWo Wolfpac and the Nation Of Domination among other things, including Captain Planet in the Four Horsemen. So what I will do, is leave you with a match. This match in particular is from Unforgiven 1999, and the Main Event from that PPV. The Six-Pack challenge between the Big Show, British Bulldog, Mankind, Kane, Triple H and The Rock for the vacant WWF Championship. Oh, did I mention that there’s a Special Referee?


Don’t blame me for the quality. I can’t control that. Just be grateful.

New Jack was a member of Romanian parliament?

I freelance write for both and So read their websites and enjoy their content. Especially the stuff I put there.. it’s awesome, and if it makes sense, the more power to you. For those who want to follow yours truly on Twitter for some unknown reason, it’s @ThatDamnDoubleC



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  1. There were some good videos in this barrage, but I think Rebecca Black's vehicular homicide made me chortle the most.

    There's more nepotism in Pro Wrestling I think in part as a result of the kayfabe era, and that many of the kids growing up are eyeballing MMA over it.

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