That’s the one thing I thought I knew. The reason something is called what it is, is so people can identify with something.

Also a name isn’t meant to be misleading. The name is meant to describe what your product is about. This website’s name is Bored Wrestling Fan, because we are all bored, it’s about Wrestling (mostly), and we’re all fans of wrestling (mostly). So why is it, that the two mainstream wrestling companies have completely misleading names?

For instance. the NFL stands for National Football League, because it is National (it stays in America, although they wish the Europeans liked it), it’s Football, because that’s the sport they play, and it’s a League, because that’s how the teams are organized for the regular season, in a league format.

TNA stands for Total Nonstop Action. There has never been Nonstop Action. Ever. There’s always some pointless promo from someone about the other company or who they used to be, or about how they’re the biggest thing in the history of the business. If I wanted to watch old people talk and attempt to be entertaining for two hours, I’d watch four episodes of the Golden Girls, and with the Golden Girls I’d be assured of being entertained. If I wanted to watch old people talk about how good they think they were in the past, then I’d go to an old people’s home and listen to the crazy section. TNA should stand for There’s No Action, because it’s all become some massive joke. It’s the reject bin, the old folks home. A place where old people go to tell stories of their past and act like they did when people actually gave a fuck about who they were and what they said.

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. The World part suits, as it is a worldwide product, so that’s reasonable. But the rest? It is fact, that no-one on a WWE broadcast, is allowed to mention the words ‘Pro Wrestling’ or ‘Wrestler’ on TV, and yet the word ‘Wrestling’ is in the title of your product? Chewbacca living in an Ewok village makes more sense. Entertainment? The WWE have for years called themselves ‘Sports Entertainment’, which in itself is a joke, as all sport is entertaining in it’s own way, thus rendering the phrase ‘Sports Entertainment’ useless. The only reason they use that term, is because they want to be more like Saturday Night Live, Conan or the Daily Show, rather than a sport, so calling themselves a sport is a bit of a stretch. Sure, they have athletes who put their bodies through some very strenuous activity. But at the same time, they spend more time standing around talking, and supplying material that makes Dennis Miller of today funny, that they forget just what it is they’re actually meant to be supplying their fans.

Sure it amuses the eight year old. Anything can amuse an eight year old if you show enough of it to them, but what about the fans who grew up with some of the best wrestlers in the world? Guys like Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels? They say Ric Flair could have a 60 minute match with a broomstick and it would be entertaining. These days, the broomstick have more ability than 95% of those who compete in these mainstream companies. The one thing Jim Cornette is trying to bring back via Ring Of Honor is something called wrestling, with wrestling matches with actual wrestlers. I’m not saying I endorse ROH because I haven’t seen a show in a long time, so I can go on hearsay, but it’s got to be better than just creating a worldwide show, to a worldwide audience, with fans of all ages all around the world, so that you and your mates and have a laugh. Triple H admitted that every time they re-formed D-Generation X since it’s hey-dey, all he and Shawn Michaels did was try and make each other laugh. That’s it. Triple H is in charge of finding new talent for the WWE, and he creates product that is only funny to he and his best mate. This is the same company that admits that their writing staff includes people that used to write for Conan O’Brien. Just what the fuck are they trying to create here?

Triple H has said that when he gets in charge, he believes that it will be bigger and better than it was. Here’s the reality Helmsley, your mother and father-in-law’s company bought out or bullied out every piece of competition you had, and left everyone watching your product. Your chance to dominate, and put your stamp as wrestling in the world. Your chance to make sure that if anyone even thought about competing with you, then it would fall by the waste side quicker than a Bill Goldberg match. The NFL proved that with the XFL. There’s a reason that TNA and ROH are still going. It’s because the WWE think nothing about their own fans opinion’s on their product, that they’d rather spend their money entertaining themselves with crap jokes, and lame inside material that they think is edgy and a ‘shoot’, when in fact it’s just a lame attempt to try and impress everyone.

I’ve been a fan pretty much my entire life, and I can only speak for myself when I say I watch a wrestling program to see action, and a good storyline to support that action. An overall product where words build up to what turns out to be a great spectacle. Back in the days of the F, they had five main Pay-Per-Views that they based the year around. These days, one of them is gone, and the rest have just become names in regards to the gimmicks the rest of the PPVs have become. You shouldn’t need a gimmick to sell a PPV, you need good wrestlers, a good storyline, and a build-up to make you want to buy that PPV. Sure a gimmick can work on occasion, but these days, gimmick matches are becoming more regular than a standard one-on-one or tag match. Gimmick matches were to end feuds, not to be shown every week.

Maybe I just miss the good old days, where I could watch what looked like super-human beings entertain my young eyes with matches that you would remember for years. These days it’s watching one guy who thinks he’s Hulk Hogan, Hulk Hogan thinking he’s relevant, and two owners who’s too busy watching to see if their wife gets into the Senate, and another owner who has absolutely no idea about the wrestling business, and just throws daddy’s money to whomever she thinks known something, because fifteen years ago, they did something for a year that people liked. How many wrestlers did you create Bischoff? Two-move Goldberg? Your good mate DDP?

Anyways, why do either of these companies even pretend that they’re in the wrestling industry anymore? They don’t show any of it. It’s all gimmicks and has-beens and too many lame inside jokes that anyone with a lick of intelligence are walking away from a product they once loved. Either live up to your name, or get rid of it. Call yourself World Lame Circus Entertainment or something. The only thing missing is a clown. Oh wait.. that’s what John Cena is for.

I freelance write for both and So read their websites and enjoy their content. Especially the stuff I put there.. it’s awesome, and if it makes sense, the more power to you. For those who want to follow yours truly on Twitter for some unknown reason, it’s @ThatDamnDoubleC


  1. This is an awesome editorial, and I crossed linked it over here since the current WP will not allow me to change it to your account as the author. Shameless plug.

    • Two things. One) I can just C&P this over there because I'm not writing it out twice. Two) It currently leads to nothing at WP. There's no column, just the opening section.

      P.S. It's Damn.. not Damned. There's a difference. 🙂

  2. Nice post and I agree with most of it.
    Yeah the post over at WP does not link to anywhere, G man.
    " I can just C&P this over there because I'm not writing it out twice" -This works very easily between the 2 sites as I have done that many times myself.
    If you wish to copy/ paste on your own account go for it , we will then delete the one that does not work over there and its all good. = )

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