Welcome, it’s your once regular but could now only be described as freelance writer for BWF back again, with another random column. This time, I’ve been looking back to the past as I do, and it got me thinking.. what if someone got revenge on another, by doing the same thing, that the original person done in the first place, rather than just beating them in a match?

If that intro makes no sense, it’s because I could not word the intro. The idea was there, but when it came time to write a suitable intro the the piece.. nothing. So that was the best I could come up with.. anyways, to try and explain the intro.

Big Show gets revenge on the Big Bossman for towing Big Show’s daddy’s coffin away during the funeral.

As we all know, leading up to the Survivor Series PPV of 1999, the Big Show, lost his father. This allowed the number one contender, the Big Bossman, to take advantage of the situation. After reading out a poem degrading the Big Show’s father, he then persuaded the Big Show’s mother to admit that the Big Show was an illegitimate child or bastard. But the most memorable moment of this feud, occured on the 11/11/99 edition of WWF SmackDown!, in which the Big Bossman, interrupting the funeral of the Big Show’s father, towed the casket away in his police car, with the Big Show trying to stop it. Now, these two would compete at the Survivor Series, in which the Big Show defeated the Big Bossman, Prince Albert, Mideon and Viscera in a 4-1 Survivor Series. The feud would continue to Armageddon, in which the Big Show finally got his revenge on the Big Bossman, by defeating him in a one-on-one match, even though Prince Albert tried to intefere on the Bissman’s behalf, only to be treated to a trip through the Spanish Announce table, courtesy of the Big Show.

In 2004.. the Big Bossman passed away of a heart attack at age 41.

What if the storyline read.. the Big Show wanted the ultimate revenge. Five long years after the Big Bossman towed the Big Show’s father’s casket away from the burial site to god knows where (Where did the Big Bossman take that casket.. maybe that’s another column), the Big Show gets revenge by towing the Big Bossman’s casket away from his family, during the burial process, thus finally getting revenge on the man who ruined his life five years earlier. In 2004, the Big Show wasn’t really seen on WWE television, until Septembe, when he interfered in a Kurt Angle/Eddie Guerrero Lumberjack match.

Rumour has it, that if A-Train, Prince Albert’s new persona, was not injured on the June 21, 2004 edition of WWE Raw, that the Big Show and Albert would feud, and that the Big Show would in fact tow the casket of the Big Bossman, A-Train’s running buddy at the time. However, at the time, the Big Bossman had not passed, and the Big Show returned to feud with Kurt Angle. However, when the Bossman did pass away September 22 of that year, the WWE were so angry, that they fired A-Train on November 1, and the whole revenge feud was dropped.

And that my friends, is the reason why people get revenge by winning matches in the wrestling business, and not by other means.

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